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Robert Gaskell, Jr

Unfortunately, there is little chance of any US actions against Syria until we finish our mission in Iraq. The Marine Corps is stretched thin, with many of our Reservists being activated, which is quite evident here at Camp Lejeune, which is currently crawling with Reservists training for deployment. Perhaps as Iraq becomes less deadly, we will cross the border. But with current public opinion, I'm skeptical this will happen. I think what is more likely is that eventually an Israeli nuke will destroy Demascus, never to be rebuilt.

steve peled

the key to destabilizing syria lies to the north, in a reorginizing kurdistan,and in al-anbar province,which more closely resembles a part of aphghanistan than an international border under control and regulairly patroled.we may have to buy off warlords and strongmen in the region, but there is a lot of competition and the region is awash with arms and cash.the danger is the terrorists ability to establish logistical bases throughout the region,including gaza.it does not require but a few cells of hizbollah,or other jihadi type mass murderers to cause a major amount of damage.a mega attack, inevitable, will change the political landscape, as it has in lebanon.we face the same dilemma.


Syria will NEVER have punitive actions taken against it.
The reason lies with James Baker and his crooks.
We have had serious problems with Syria but Never have we taken action against them. Only window dressing by enacting laws against it but never enforced.

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