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This is a very sad day. Although the blow was expected, it was still shocking when delivered. What is truly saddening is that there is a very strong suspicion that the motivation behind Sharon's plan is not pure. There were many that understood that Begin was wrong when he gave away Sinai and Yamit, but no one doubted that he sincerly believed that the treaty obtained was ultimately more beneficial to Israel. But now... the smell of corruption emanates strongly from this episode. Corruption of Sharon and corruption of all the Likud politicians that support him. How else can one explain such a dramatic reversal of positions that did not come about by any specific change in regional events. If anything has indeed changed, it is the arrival of the Kassams that should have convinced everyone that now it is even more important that the IDF be within the arab population to protect Jewish cities from bombardment.

The question now remains, what can be done. Is it possible to mobilize enough people for a long enough time to physically delay the expulsion until new elections are called? There needs to be a national leader with sufficient credibility and charisma that can pull together 50-80,000 people to stand up to the oncoming rush of police brutality that will be unleashed against anyone standing in the way of the expulsion. There is also the question of financing and the logistics of such a resistance.

Political peace must be declared between the National religious and Shas. If Shas instructs its people to help, then a pact can be made that in the next elections, the nationalistic parties will not join a government without Shas. Shas supporters can keep the police busy all over the country, while nationalistic supporters concentrate around Gaza.

We certainly must pray, but together with prayer, we must organize quickly and effectively to delay the expulsion until elections return the question back to the people.

Brana Lobel

Mr Freund, with all due respect I am surprised that you cannot believe the vote. This vote arises out of the nature of the Knesset.

Not only the government, but the system of government must be changed. Not only the system of government, but the government and its documents (laws, constitution) must reflect that Israel is a Jewish state, a Jewish government on the land that G-d gave us only if we kept the covenant.

Since we are bereft of prophets, we must seek the counsel of wise people and experts preferably with strong Jewish faith. We must also locate a leader to oppose Mr Sharon in an election.

Why must the government be changed? Professor Paul Eidelberg says it far better than I could, but in fact, any reasonable American who looks at the results of the Israeli governmental system, including the Knesset and the High Court, can see its many operational deficiencies when compared to the American system of government. In fact, the Israeli system of government must be changed to bring it more in line with Torah values. Decisions must not be reversible and malleable to the extent that a person cannot live on his or her own land in his or her own home.

It does not matter why Mr Sharon is doing what he is doing; his action must not only be stopped but a far better course plotted for Am Yisrael. This situation is too much like Judaea under Roman occupation for anything but concerted, informed effort by a huge majority of citizens, each doing what he or she can. The demagogues responsible only to their own self-interest must not overwhelm the good elements.


You shouldn't be surprised, upset, but unfortunately not surprised. We're in a dictatorship. Read http://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/2005/02/i-dont-want-to-say-this-but.html

Jerusalem Mandate

It should not have come as a surprise. And there is something more effective which can be done to immediately reverse the decision---http://jerusalemmandate.org

Brana Lobel

This is too important to leave alone.

I cannot speak to tactics; I am not on the ground in Israel. I can say this: now is the time to press on.
1) Unite. Learn the lesson of the destruction of the Second Temple and do not let ego and personal negative qualities lead your behavior.
2) Stop calling each other names. See 1). No sinat chinam.
3) Find a leader who will stick by his/her principles. These must be principles of strong Jewish faith.
4) Do it legally. If the law is bad, fight the law.
5) Don't look at opinions or analyses: look at actions.
6) Don't give up. G-d is watching.
7) Do not be held back by tactical disagreements. Do not allow tactical squabbles to deter or stop you from defending the integrity of the people and land of Israel.


“Extinguish the Blinding Light”

As Islamic terrorism has given birth to a cloudy enigmatic era, the leader of the United States of America has solemnly bound himself, and his people, to a most perilous and arduous mission. The goal in mind is to eradicate Islamic terror, before it can develop into an incurable infection, equipped with the power and force to engulf and vanquish all that desires peace and justice. With the “War on Terror” led by the Americans steadily gaining momentum, a clear line of allegiances has been drawn. The line divides leaders into two groups; those who will fight terror, and those who will cowardly slouch, and thus fuel the flames of the ravaging evil.

The nature of this war necessitates those who have declared themselves at war with terror, to initiate decisions and actions that verify their claim. Israel is a country that has been continuously targeted by the Islamic terror machine, long before it became an expanded global terror strategy against all peaceful people of the world. It would seem Israel’s spilt blood would be the strongest binding symbol of their obvious desire and commitment to obliterate terror. Yet, many leaders of the free world still find endless words of condemnation and rebuke against Israel. They use fictitious terms such as, “settlers” and “occupiers” with such outrageous consistency, that the feeble-minded media has adopted these libelous and slanderous expressions as fact.

Every Prime Minster of Israel, faces the burdensome and difficult task of ensuring peace and security for his people. The quandary that seems to repeatedly play out in every Prime Minister’s mind is, “How can I stay popular in the eyes of my people, and the world leaders at the same time?” Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, an ex-general and daring strategist, is no different. Mr. Sharon, using his cunning skills, has developed a plan that he’s certain will satisfy and please world leaders. Based on his enchanting certitude, Mr. Sharon has blinded himself of the capitol key of the equation, his people.

Having embarked on fulfilling his “Disengagement Plan,” like a general on the way to the front lines, the opposition to the plan are viewed as a picket fence blocking an advancing tank division. The problem is, those pickets are really the masses of the country who solidly stand on a foundation, made from their own sweat and blood. Mr. Sharon, failing to heed the words of his people, or even his own political party, has successfully laid the groundwork to complete his ghastly plan. By using unethical political threats and haggling, which was at one time used by his left-wing opponents against him, Mr. Sharon has succeeded in maintaining a stable government.

Mr. Sharon, you have proved yourself in cleverly developing a recipe to satisfy the world leaders. But, you have forgotten the main ingredient, your people. Dim the blinding light of desire to quench the unforgiving thirst of the world leaders. Utilize your outstanding military mind and vision for the assistance of your people, not for their destruction. Time will just allow the light’s intensity to grow and create an ever increasing false perspective. Now is the point when you must extinguish the false enticement. Now is the moment you must return to your despairing people.

Credit: Zvi Frankel
[email protected]


"...return to your despairing people"?

Sharon and Peres are the twin heads of the Erev Rav. He's going down not coming back and the only people "despairing" here are those like them who have glimpsed their fate.

Read "It's Definitely Coming" @ http://jerusalemmandate.blogspot.com/


"This is about the very essence of Israel itself – and when it comes to that, there can be no compromises."

I see. And exactly who are you refusing to compromise with? The majority of the population of this country, who want to see an end to the settlers' and other Biblical fantasists' strangehold over domestic and foreign policy? I'm afraid you will HAVE to compromise your unpopular ideologies. It's what the nation wants and whether you like it or not you live in a democracy.

The majority of the people of this country DON'T WANT to rule another nation and deny them basic human rights. They DON'T CARE about settling every corner of the Biblical land of Israel. They DO WANT good education, healthcare, transport, economic growth and to narrow the social gap. They DO WANT to see the vast financial and military resources used to benefit the settlers REALLOCATED to projects which benefit all.

This is a highly worthy goal. The nation has chosen a wise leader. I celebrate him pursuing his program.

Dennis Moran

Seeing a crisis like this beset Israel, tears the heart. But I am reminded that from the day G-d ordained the Jews as a special people to himself, Hell has worked overtime to try to destroy them, and has failed miserably.

Those whom G-d greatly loves, Hell greatly hates. Everyone that Hell could mobilize since the time of Abraham has joined league for the destruction of the Jews, including the Pharoahs, the Romans, the Popes, the Nazis, the Islamics, and any others who were willing. And a lot of the world has been. But Israel's enemies have routinely ended up on the dust heap of history, and those who have not yet, soon will. And all of this is to say that Israel cannot even be destroyed from within, as in a civil war. Hell is not smart enough to pull that one off, either. The nation is ordained by G-d to exist forever, and with the Diaspora at its end, Hell is getting desperate.

This seems to be another dark day for Israel, but G-d has assured His Chosen that they will yet live, and - soon - see darkness again only when it is visited upon their enemies forever.

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