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Robert Gaskell, Jr

Those of you in Yesha that came from America, could you imagine what would happen if rockets came flying from Mexico into New Mexico or Texas? The Rio Grande would be running red, before the police or the military arrived. Nothing against Mexico, just a geographic example.


Dear Mr. Freund:

Do you think Israelis have the courage and the belief in democracy that Ukrainians do? Clearly Sharon is out of control, and clearly polite behavior is not working because the post-Zionist socialist elite is so bloodthirsty. In a situation like this, it seems to me that two different prongs of attack would be appropropriate, with one goal.

1) Direct Action. Jefferson argued (to paraphrase) that "a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as natural in the political world as rain in the physical world." It seems that he was not only speaking metaphorically when he recognized the need to "water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants." He was pointing out that even with a separation of powers, government can gradually acrue more power and gradually snuff out democratic liberty ("until it revives or expires in a convulsion"). But one need not hang Sharon and Peres: opposition can be nonviolent and be very effective, as it was in India against the British. Where are the protestors who have chained themselves to the doors of Parliament? When Haaretz publishes its typical anti-Semitic fare, why is there no street theater blocking the doors of the newspaper? The idea here is to force elites to start paying attention--to prevent the bureacratic machine from steamrolling you.

2) Persuasion. I do not know what percentage of Israelis would support Sharon's expulsion plan if they understood it. My guess is that well below 50% would, judging by what happened to Labor in the last election. Why is there no door-to-door anti-expulsion persuasion going on? Ideally this should be done by those who do not do the direct action.

3) (the goal):

A) going to new elections. In passing, of course, the "disengagement" would await the new Knesset and government. Clearly, Likud needs to be defeated just as Labor was. Clearly, the blog media need to highlight who was an unprincipled slime and who wasn't. I don't doubt that to preserve his power, Sharon is willing to kill Jews, but he cannot kill enough, any more than Gorbachov could.

B) making the system more responsive. Why not just clone the American system, bit by bit? It isn't perfect, but it's a whole better than your system. Start with direct election of legislators for defined geographical districts, and make sure that in each district only one representative of one party will win ("single member districts").

I apologize if I seem to be sounding preachy, but you guys (including you, Mr. Freund) must do something more than mutter about how explulsion is unbelievable. I don't really believe my post on a blog can make a difference, but as this is all I can do right now, I thought I'd give it a try.


Mr Freund Sir: - Nobody (including yourself) will come out and say openly, that it is President Bush who is pressuring PM Sharon to do these horrible things. I can understand that, only as fear of US reprisals on the economic front: We are a "beggar" nation ! As an humble student of ME Affairs (and as one studying to convert to Judaism) allow me to be very politically incorrect! I have faith only in G_d - and the moral courage of right-thinking people in Israel and elsewhere to stop this nonsense.

Unless we do something now, immediately, the situation will only become worse. We will loose even that 7-8% of land that PM Sharon wishes to retain. I say this because it is widely understood in US governing circles that it is Back To The 1967 border, including the line in Jerusalem.

And then what! Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi) met Arafat a couple of weeks before Arafat took ill; and laid down the plan to re-occupy Israel. Arafat endorsed it: and I am certain Abu Mazen will act upon it.

The plan is simple. Vast numbers of arabs, muslim and even non-muslims will be asked to storm the Wall simultaneosly on several fronts. The IDF will have no option but to shoot: and Mr. Gandhi envisages about 10,000 deaths in few days! The world will be shocked - and calls will come for a Right Of Return to be allowed. Which will end Isarel as we conceive of her.

I am sure that as a knowledgeable person, you know more about this plan than I do. It is horrible even to think about it. But the first step is obvious. We Must Tell The USA to stop meddling in our affairs - and ask the World Jewry to make up for US Aid at least in part. Bibi always said he thought this was a feasible step: come let him (and Mrs. Livnat) organize it. Otherwise, let him shut up!

David wesley Runyon

I am kingDavid the massiah most people reading this know that its true the U.S and its alies are afraed of me because of the ark its the only power that can stop them the Israelie conflict is being munipulated by the U.S this is all part of the big lie this lie gos back to the time of the so cald crist.this is all a set up but it semse some people cant see it do you ever wonder why U.S warships are so close have you ever herd of saying one thing and doing a n other

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