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Rochel Leah Peterson

Nothing should come with a price tag in the Holy Land but it does and repeatedly all the government does is give in - giving all and expecting nothing in return - You are a very savvy commentator - is there no solution to this? Is the cabinet and Knesset all on the take?


Is someone surprised? When Israel's acting like the cheap girl on the block, why should anyone expect Jordan to act any differently?

Robert Gaskell, Jr

I see that A7 has decided to remove one of my comments from this blog, and has yet to publish my comments to a few articles I responded to Friday afternoon. I am disappointed by this, because I think that this just goes to show why the dictatorship has been so successful. Even those that oppose it will not speak up and say what needs to be said, nor will they allow others to. If you allow this land to be given away while you still live and breathe, you do not deserve the land.

Brana Lobel

"While it is certainly good news that Jordan’s embassy in Israel will now be manned by a senior diplomat again for the first time since November 2000...."

I don't know about that, Mr Freund. As the Jewish man said in the story, "I don't know if it's good news or bad news." The Arab countries generally have shown themselves to be very capricious in terms of keeping treaties. In fact, making treaties with no intent to keep them is a Muslim religiously-sanctioned tactic. From more than one Arab political or religious leader have we heard the call to eliminate Israel and make it entirely Arab. So I for one would not be sanguine about even a somewhat cooperative Arab country sending in a diplomat. I suggest that if anyone has to prove genuine peaceful intent, it is the Arabs.


Jordan is Israel's worst foe, and represents the antithesis of how she is hailed by Israel as a peace partner. Jordan is solely responsible for this conflict, and the deaths of 1000s of Israelis. Jordan can resolve this conflict within one week. Jordan is in violation of the only condition of its existence: to house the Arabs of Palestine. Jordan has barred the return of the 30% residual Arabs, thereby creating the impossible dilema for Israel for a deathly 3-State in what's left of Palestine, now falsely presented as a 2-State.

Israel should go to war with Jordan, and send that Dwarf to the Saudi swampland he came from, and Democratise that country same as Iraq: Jordan is NOT the personal and private property of Abdulla. Jordan should be attacked, and the 2-State treaty, executed via the UN in the midst of the International Community, be restored ammediately - else the Balfour becomes re-instated and Jordan reverts to the original Jewish homeland it was intended as:


Thus was 80% of the Jewish homeland carved away. Say NEVER AGAIN to Jordan - and NEVER AGAIN to a deathly 3-State solution to the Jewish problem. Jordan is Israel's worst foe - and must be confronted. If Israel has no way out of the terror she faces, and the potential destruction demanded of her - let her go to war - and this be for the right reasons.


Why not admit the obvious. It was us that came to Palestine and evicted innocent people from their homes and lands.The posters here want them to love us unconditionally, how utterly absurd. We will never find a true and just peace until we come to terms with the truth about the conflict. You can't just wish Jordan was Palestine. It doesn't work like this in a modern world. Why would a Palestinian from Haifa or Safad want to live in Amman or Irbid. Who are we to proclaim that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Israel. We can lie to world about the conflict but we can't lie to ourselves. A generation ago our parents came from Europe. How is it that we now have claims to lands that have been in Palestinan hands for a thousand years. Does anyone who has ever been to Israel really believe that martians left all the old mosques and houses? The Palestinians had a homeland and we took away most of it. It is time we give them their just due. We have 77% of Palestine, let them create their state on the remaining parts. We can all live together in peace. Put away the rhetoric about Eretz Israel. It is a sham. You all know it and I know it. I admit it while you lie to yourselves. Despicible if I dare say so.


It was the Jewish Palestinians - not the Pretend Pals - who were illegally robbed of their land. If one assumed your stolen car is theirs - it does not mean the owner has no rights any more - because they now have your car. Jordan is called Jordan because the name Palestine was hated by the Arabs - same as Zionist is today. Those who flaunt the first 2-State, itself a great attrocity upon the hapless post-Holocaust Jews, and which is the greatest land compensation in recorded history - will flaunt a 3-State also and demand a 4 and a 5 state. The Pretend Pals are NOT Palestinians - anymore than Arafat was not an Egyptian. the only compensation relevent today is not of the Arabs but of Jewish refugees from Arab lands - deemed by the UN as greater than all of the Pretend Pal claims. There was no reason to create Jordan other than to house the Arabs of Palestine there. Oslo is an attrocity - Oslo'ites do not take up any of the crimes of Israel's enemies, but rely on a world view antisemitism mindset as their only claim to fame.

If Jordan fails to abide by the only condition of its creation - the preceding status quo must subsist - that land becomes part of the Jewish homeland. Oslo proposes the death of Israel instead, citing the Pretend Pal displacements, instead of the displacement of Jews from their motherland. Dathan will not prevail.


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