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yehudah pritt sehmi

With the words of Shakespeare Autobiography. “The actors are coming the actors are coming” Shakespeare cried the words over and over again……
Where are the actors?
They take the stage where ever you go, with smiles and looks that would charm your grandmother . With motives far from good.Hiding the truth changing it slightly, if not altogether. How far will they go?Until they have totally demoralized the innocent. Is there a nationthat does not do that? Belittling a person for there own interests! I knowthere is. Where? I don’t know, but in the world that HaShem has created
everything is possible, in His time.
To begin at the beginning,” The words of Dylan Thomas
Who?Which beginning?
Bob, Once upon a time … …millions of years ago,
Something happened somewhere, chaos began the process of evolution.The big bang brought about all the chaos that we live in. In this story we have nothing to worry about no one is accountable for anything
or to anyone, lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, it’s all a part of life and war and terrorism is just adding to the evolutionary process.
Creating new universes, or are they? Times are changin’ Pelegrini ?????
When we look at creation, we see so much law and order. The animals, fishes, flowers, birds, bees and
the monkees even humans have their distinct characteristics. The most priceless creation is man himself. All the wealth in the world can not create man, but a 30 cent bullet can wipe out his existence.
HaShem made man with the ability to create. With a little bit of learning and care we too can put order where there is chaos, we can create music, paint and many other things to express the beauty of creation, maybe, just maybe teach our children that HaShem cares for His world . In all this it does not mean that we teach our children to be
Pansies or fairies. David Ha Melech acknowledged the beauty of HaShems creation and was more than ready to defend HaShems name.(against Goliath) and against the enemies of Israel .HaShem said of David, that he is a servant after my own heart. The macho image is all
Hevel n’ recq and means nothing, pride and arrogance negativity and compromise go with it. True Yahadut is the most positive contructive
force this world can ever know only in HaShem and in His Torah. Itbuilds honesty, truth and integrity and most of all Ahavat HaShem.
Comment: True Love You can be blind,and still see a loving heart. You can be deaf and hear words of a tender touch. You can be paralysed and talk through a garden of flowers You can be mentally handicapped and know the meaning of love. But why can't you and I learn how to live? Why can't you and I learn how to give just a little bit. (used by permission) CopyrightJMY MUSIC. __whenwe see all the reasons that man hates man,and always for a reason.To protect the unborn will be the biggest change in any nation.In this Israel will be a leader protecting the unborn, law justice

Adina Kutnicki

I would go even a step further than Michael Freund. The most virulent antisemitic writings on the internet- from the neo nazi sites to the Arab nazi sites- feature prominently the writings of self hating Jewish academics and journalists. Chomsky and Finklestein lead the pack in their anti semitic vitriol, however, there are hundreds (perhaps thousands) more in between.

The damage that these self hating Jews do to Israel, and by extension all Jews, is incalculable. Go to any of these anti semitic sites or books, and you will see them listed prominently. These self haters are often cited as their main source of information and inspiration!
The website Masada2000.org speaks to this phenomenon. It lists an alphabetical self hating "shit list" of all these miscreants. For the life of me, I cannot understand why other Jews are loathe to indict these collaborators- for this is exactly what they are.

There are many reasons for their psychosis. I suspect at the top of their agenda is the belief that if they identify with their haters, then somehow they will be saved. However, our collective Jewish survival is at stake, and we do not have the luxury of dissecting their inner demons.

Memo to all the self haters - to antisemites, be they of the Arab nazi variety or from the skinhead variety, we are ALL dirty Jews who need to be eliminated at all costs. You can grovel, fawn or even fundraise for their jihad. It won't matter a whit or save your sorry butts.
As for the rest of us Jews, the biggest sanctification we can do is to OUT these collaborators,

Laura Hagans

At last, [and so simple] a label for these self-hating Jews: collaborators, collaborators, COLLABORATORS!!! Expose them at every opportunity. Don't shy from their terrible words, expose them at every opportunity! Don't hang our heads in abject dispair over their traitorous blatherings, expose them at every opportunity! Expose them, Fight them, castrate their power over the printed word, expose them at every opportunity. If they are truly Jews HaShem will judge their sorry souls. Expose them! EXPOSE THEM!!

steven peled

They create a false sense of hopelessness to weaken our resolve.By the arabs is created a false sense of anarchy that both creates terrorism and despair.The arabs hatred of us is what greases the wheels on the trainride to hell.regardless of events, we must stay with torah values if we truly want the results that everybody will desire.we should not buy into the psychological warfare being waged against us, we should not despair.those that make immoral plots against us will be exposed for what they are. end of story.

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