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steven peled

When the left suggests that the wakf administer the wailing wall and all our holy sites, it will be too late.Yet the same scenario plays out among many other nations. Israel has become a light bulb among many to the nations. The jews are fighting amongst themselves. Perhaps this is why the nations also fight amoongst themselves.The light onto the nations.Soon the roads in Yesha will become impassable due to mining and rockets, only to tanks and armored carriers.Gush Katif will become a forward outpost for planning terror.At some point,Jerusalem will be put on the table and all hell will break loose.


there are legal threats, but we mustn't fear


There is another serious problem occuring at this time that no one has commented on. There are those who have in the past written many great and informative articles that enlighten and encourage those of us who love and support Israel. I've read their articles for many years and something I've noticed for some time now, is that they never comment on the threat that the Bush Road Map poses to Israel.
Immediatly after the Crawford Texas meeting of P.M. Sharon and President Bush an old rehashed article about Der Yassin appears.We hear more about those we don't want to hear about like Chomsky and Chamish or some other diversin from the imminent threatto Israel.
Huuum ?????
Other groups of once loud and staunch suporters of Israel are silent and or too fearful to comment on President Bush' trampling of Israel's sovereignty in
telling Jews where they are not permitted to live and build. The fact that the focus is taken off the present danger and threat to Israel and on to past rehashed stories is suspect to me. I smell a rat.
Does anyone else see the diversion.


Freund, you're wrong. First, you forget that B'tselem published a report which was concerned about the possibility of government limiting free speech in the period preceding the evacuation. Secondly, where was all this concern when the same thing, and worse, was being done to Palestinians in the Occupied Territories? Or were they all guilty? You can't expect to be surprised when what was sowed under the Occupation returns to Israel proper. I would also point out that these sorts of things have been happening to Left wing people in Israel as well. Moreover, how is it possible that ultra-Orthodox were simply in the vicinity of a protest on the Ayalon? Were they hanging out in the roadway? There is really no excuse for the right wing to hold the country hostage in this manner. If people want to break the law so flagrantly by blocking roads, they can expect to pay the consequences. Besides, if Israel is really in the state you claim, then how is it possible that your article has gotten released for publication?

Dennis Moran

Gaza has been targeted for 'ethnic cleansing' of Jews. And opponents of the Plan seem to be targeted for 'ethics cleansing' if they become outspoken...


dear michael
you worry about freedom of speach and our right to a demacratic country somtimes the time for speaking is over Remember the saying actions speak louder than words "they can silence us but they cant break our spirit" Am Yisroel Hai

yehudah pritt sehmi

Many times we’ve heard the sound of “Sinat Hinam, Sinat Hinam”and we believe that’s what it is.People hating without a reason,surely that must ring alarm bells
I saw a video of how the PA teach their young to hate.Surely any normal person can
understand that to teach a child to hate in the first years of his life has set the pattern
for his life.Later in life hate will have it’s roots and will show itself in every area,
as that is what the teachers have taught.Are we any different? Do we teach the
beauty of the Torah? Do we teach that the Torah truly gives man liberty and freedom
to know HaShem.
Or is another Torah taught?
The religious looks to man to save him, the non religious looks to man to save him from his troubles,leaving the Torah on the shelf gathering dust with the greatest theme in all history. Shmuel HaNavi anointed Shaul to be king.Why?Because that is
what the people wanted.Today it is no different,Why? The leaders our our choice and
being human make mistakes.Wrong choices, plans decisions that we do not agree
with, and wrong conclusions that we do not want. Where is HaShem in all this? Then
we get angry and flustered, teaching our children that the government is wrong the
nations are wrong, the neighbour is wrong because of the colour of his kipper.Where
is HaShem in all this? In frustration we get angry and picking up stones, clubs, guns, tanks, missiles, bombs chemical and atomic not satisfied with that we take all these problems to space. Gog and Magog!!! Where is the Torah in all this? Where it has always been, gathering dust on the shelf.
The years have gone and the generations have past and man has not learnt from his mistakes. The wise are caught up in their wisdom, and the simple, simply move on, and the two never meet. Yet both wait for the righteous to fall. Nehemiah
taught so that all understood from the simplest to the wisest. In the midst of all the turmoil the people were willing to put their lives in order. To put the wrong right.
May our leaders be men of outstanding character upright honest and true.
Teaching the truth and refusing to alter it for popularity.
When we see all the reasons that man hates man and always for a reason. To
Protect the unborn child will be the biggest change in any nation. Technology can be stolen it’s patents misused, like works of art, but to protect the unborn child ……
True Justice and Mercy.
True Love You can be blind, and still see a loving heart. You can be deaf and hear words of a tender touch. You can be paralysed and talk through a garden of flowers You can be mentally handicapped and know the meaning of love. But why can't you and I learn how to live? Why can't you and I learn how to give just a little bit. (used by permission) Copyright JMY MUSIC.
In memory of Mrs Schaivo

yehudah pritt sehmi

In memory of Mrs Schaivo


in a free society,we have accepted the limitations on free speech in so much as it is percieved to inhibit the freedom of others.The best shot that the arabs have at living a terror-free and productive life is if the jews stay right where they are.In fact, so-called settlement expansion is beneficial to the arab communities,providing jobs and services.regionally, the jewish residents and the closer arab population centers have a lot more political clout than they relize if the political structure was a little different.over 30 years ago i proposed that the arabs cease pursuing national goals and pursue israeli citizenship.i never expected the offer to be taken up,and besides that, weve never gotten around to writing a constitution, which has bore us weak political leadership.I believe that sharon is opting for international intervention in gaza shortly after the evacuation, or if it doesnt take place, in lieu of the build-up of troops around gaza.the prospect of israeli and large numbers of egyptian troops in close proximity of each other near the border is frightening.we have many alliances with egypt that our in our interest, but we musnt rely upon them for security because of our fundamental differences with them. In the arab world, we are but one asassains bullet away from pandemonium and jihad.So the resources for the internal troops in Gaza will come from another resource.There is a plan to re-occupy Gaza, but not by us.By whom then.they will also occupy a security belt along the southern border of Gaza.Under whose auspicies will the forces be introduced.

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