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This is encouraging, however, The numbers needed to stop the disengagement will need to be one million at least. sharon can have enternment camps large enought to hold thousands of arrested protesters. They will be concendtration style camps with barb wire. Do not kid yourselves into think 200,000 protesters will have the effect desired. You will need many more than that. May G-d supply the million needed.

Olleta Smith

Re your article How to Stop the Gaza Withdrawal

Before I reached the end of your article I had a thought I've had many times in the past regarding the

Palestinian problem: God gave that land to the Jews so what exactly is the problem with the Palestinians

living in Israel as Israeli citizens or simply moving away? If they can't afford to move, there are all those

Arab countries who can certainly afford to have them moved. If the Palestinian Christians are true

Christians, they KNOW the land was given to the Jews and should have no problem with remaining in

Israel as Israeli citizens or moving.

And how absurd it is for the Palestinians to have control of the Temple Mount built by the Jews!!

At this time, I can't afford to travel to Israel, but I do hope all Christians who can will be there to, in fact,

"stand arm-in-arm with Israeli Jews" to show the world what REAL Christians believe. I will, however, be joining you in mind, soul and prayer.

May God mightily bless you all at this crucial time in history.

Olleta Smith

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