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To me the most loaded word is the one that you didn't put in quotation marks -- "territories".

To this American, at least, the word "territories" conjures up an image of vast African wilds attached to a small, civlilzed Western outpost and under its control. The image ties in -- directly -- to failed European colonialism more closely than any of the other words that you highlight.

Until that word is changed, all of the accusations of apartheid, colonialism, oppression of the indigenous people and racism will resonate because they fit the template.


So stop using Muslim Arabic terrorist lingo then...


yehudah pritt sehmi

Words on war + War on Words,
As we see the battle lines being drawn.By a race in
their charter they have sworn.To put an ancient nation
to their fate. Like the hoards of Haman boasting and
fixing a date.The fools they boast The mindless they
rage , not seeing the hand that gathers them in To the
valley. (It's clean up time. J Lennon.)
I have heard it said that every word we utter will
have to be accounted for.That is a big responsibility.
The propaganda machine can work quite powerfully in the
wrong hands,to that we all have been witnesses.In this war
on words.Balaam tried it,without success. But he gave
the enemy advice that demoralised the people.
To listen to wrong advice can be devastating.
The most powerful tool we have is the Torah.It is
not a propaganda tool anyone who misuses it,do so at
their own expense. This is what will lift Israel to
the heights of David and Shlomo Ha Melech.
When our war is fought to live in the Torah values
Our battle is to subdue our inclination to do wrong
(Sefer Tanya) Tanya was written for the benoni.
The parshat shvua and the haftarah kedoshim. Spoke
volumes, just on this subject.but with fewer words.
Quote.”You shall be Holy,for I am Holy””Keep the Sabbath”
Do not make images for idolatry”Parhat Emor carries
On to live the life,to be the people set apart, (not
Set aside)for HaShem.May we Truly be the People
Set apart for holy service……

Arnold Millan

the problem is that no matter how good a government's PR dept. happens to be, it will follow the party line. In the case of Israel, it is a leftest party line with leftist understandings of words.

Shraga Feivel Neeroth

Certainly there are purely neutral alternatives like Judea and Samaria, but "occupied territories" is, in the final analysis, accurate. I don't believe that any nation has recognized Israel's annexation of Yerushalayim or the Golan. What can one expect, therefore, regarding land that Israel hasn't annexed? (This isn't just the doing of left-wing gov'ts either; Begin didn't annex Yesha, nor did Shamir, nor Bibi) And "territory" connotes the essentially stateless status of the land fairly well, I think. Think of Canada, which consists of 10 provinces + the Northwest and Yukon Territories.

And it could be worse: Mainstream media could follow the anti-Israel mindset to its extreme by calling Yesha "occupied Palestine," the settlers "colonists" and Israel "the Zionist entity."


>>Certainly there are purely neutral alternatives like Judea and Samaria>>

Look, that does not sound like Arabia and therefore it's not never ever used in European media. The closest you will get is the recent previous invading Arabic re-name to "west-bank".

>>And it could be worse: Mainstream media could follow the anti-Israel mindset to its extreme by calling Yesha "occupied Palestine," the settlers "colonists" and Israel "the Zionist entity.">>

That’s how European news agency daily brainwashes their readers. In fact in the Nordic region the largest paper are quoting Hamas straight, and daily news snippets with pure Arabic place names served by the huge local news agency TT are shoveled down the throats of the news-consumers. They do not write for instance the Hebrew (since time's of David) Har ha-Bayit or in plain English "temple mount", but almost always "Haram al-Sharif".

For Israelis and Jews that as starters might be a minor problem, until they start to grasp what kind of financial funding multi billion revenue industry, and yet even worse, moral support this produces for the terrorists movements that then can continue to slaughters innocent Jews.


Uh okay. On my blogg (links above, and in my signature) you will find plenty of examples of what I just stated. However, instead of doing shameless PR ;) for my own blogg, I suggest you tune in to the former conservative leader Swedish PM Carl Bildt own blogg (the equivalent of Netanyahu on the political scale) to see our discussions.


What was once Judea-Samaria for millenniums, then recently became "West-Bank" and today is viewed upon as "Palestine" by supposedly allied politicians. Try then and grasp what the governing leftist mainstream politicians think....


Of course you are right. Perhaps we need to look at *why* Israel is so bad at choosing the right words. It certainly isn't a matter of language difficulties. Rather, I think, the problem lies in attitude. Israelis seem to believe that "public relations" is synonymous with "weakness." When we can get over that, we will make some progress in this area.



Israel can negate the Iranian declaration of an Israeli Holocaust without the loss of a single life. Here's how:

As a means of negating Israel's potential destruction, if Iran's oil wells are threatened, first by destroying 20% of her wells so they are not an assett anymore, and it becomes clear Israel is serious about her existence, then no one will supply Nukes to Iran - it will mean they won't get paid. If Israel infact destroys ALL of Iran's wells, it will be a great chagrin to the world - but it is better than facing the destruction of Israel.

The same formular should be used with other oil nations which foster Israel's demise. While this will concern America greatly - it is better that America works on the Regimes to avoid this issue than with Israel. America will understand that Israel cannot pay in blood for oil. The rest of the world will also have to do more than blaming Israel for such consequences. Hey, at least Israel will then be trying to do something - other than just complaining? Israeh holds Aces here - what is she waiting for when the Nazi-Iranian Regime has already declared its goals of Israel's anihilation?


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