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Aryeh Zelasko

The Government is neither confused nor suffering from cognitive dissidence. The confusion and dissidence is solely on the part of the public. It is a public that has been indoctrinated into believing in the divine right of the Government to rule in any manner they see fit. This is a result of the cultural roots of most Israelis and the political roots of Israel's founders.

The vast majority of Israelis emigrated from essentially feudal societies. This was true of Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. In all these areas there are rulers and the ruled. The rulers do as they wish and the ruled obey. Israel's founders were communists of one extreme of the other and structured Israel's political, educational and cultural institutions along Soviet lines. The fact that Israel did not become the Albania of the Middle East is one of those Purim like miracles that very few people see.

Israel's ruling elite (of which the Government is only one section) knows exactly what it wants. It wants to retain its power, privileges and wealth. The public who have been brainwashed into believing that the purpose of the Government is to take care and protect them is slowly beginning to understand this.

Adina Kutnicki

The above poster Aryeh Zelasko is exactly correct in his analysis. The only faction of Israeli society that is NOT confused is the government and their attendant lackeys. This includes much of the media and a portion of the academics. They are absolutely in sync with their malevolent designs for Israel to become the leading light in the "New Middle East".

This is all very apparent from the constantly bombarded "mixed" signals emanating from the government's mouthpieces. Why do you think that Olmert says one thing, Sharon denies it, and Weissglass tries to "explain" the inexplicable. These cohorts have the art of doublespeak down to a science. To be sure, the old timers learned these tactics from their early days in communist Russia. Their gaggle of younger supporters have numerous reasons for their collusion. Self hatred tops the list.

In any event, the question shouldn't be how to "unconfuse" the government. The urgent question should be how to truly unconfuse the populace from years of indoctrination by their wayward leaders.


Aryeh is right. Maybe he should have this headline blog. Most Israelis haven't the vaguest idea what democracy really is, not that it's perfect. At this point we have an elected dictatorship. King Solomon didn't think much of democracy. http://me-ander.blogspot.com/2005/05/may-3-thilim-psalms-kohelet.html
That makes me more nervous about all the praise Sharanskly got from Sharon and Olmert when resigning.
Listen to the Arutz 7 radio interview in English with him, especially the introduction, before he's on the air.
Remember that the other ministers, who are clearly anti-Disengagement and anti-withdrawl were fired.

Rev. John D. Shook

Aryeh and the above posters have it correct. Maybe it's time for the lady to sing "When will we ever learn"?

Bruce Alan

I'm confused. As a Christian, I am opposed to giving the PA a "state." Yet, the fence seems to be doing that. I understand the fence as a stop to terror. I am probably in the minority that believes the PA should be expelled from Israel's land. That includes Gaza, and that river with only one bank.

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