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Robert Gaskell, Jr

Well, isn't it Israel's fault those Palestinians are in Lebanon to begin with? I mean, you are, after all, occupying their ancient homeland, so where will these poor operatives go when they leave Lebanon? Excuse me while I puke. But unfortunately, the will be the 'world's' reaction to this news. I think that it is becoming more and more clear that those that are on His side must not fear death, and must realize we are already deeply entrenched in a war that will take billions of lives. But we can fight with the certainty that the story has already been written, the outcome already told, and we will stand victorious beside Him.

Reality Check

That was once a good fence an both sides for all peoples, until arafart and now hizbolla terrorists went there.

It won't be good again until they leave.

They won't go or demilitarize peacefully.

Where will this lead us in how long?

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