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Emanuel David

Isn't it time the world understands the importance of this story. Everybody already knows that the media is completely unreliable. What people should start to understand is that muslims killed muslims over this story. If, chas veshalom, a Torah or christian bible were desecrated everyone knows there wouldn't be any reaction in which people were so brutally and needlessly killed. islam breeds hate and its time the world opens their closed eyes once and for all.

Billie Hull

Newsweek offered only crocodile tears. In their hurry to be the first with a scoop to discredit both the US and the US Military, they failed to vet the story properly and people died because of it. Of course, I believe the 'religion of peace' also has people waiting for moments like this, so as to have an excuse stir the pot of hate (and get media exposure)for all things non-Muslim.
It seems a rare thing any more that the media actually reports anything. They seem to all want the liberty to be pundits, but aren't willing or able to accept the responsibility for offering an opinion on a news page. I feel charges of sedition should be brought against Newsweek, and any other persons or agency that would put people in harms way, or heighten the danger they already enounter, by the need to sell the paper or pander to a certain sector of our society. If I had a subscription, I would hastily cancel it.
Shame on Newsweek.

Will it change how things are reported? Maybe in an alternate universe...

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