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Adina Kutnicki

In a rational universe Saudi Arabia would have been cut off at its knees by now due to irrefutable evidence of their involvement in jihad terror from EVERY aspect.

The US and all peaceful countries have every moral right in the world to try and wrest control of the oilfields from their bloody hands.

However, their perfidy is mostly ignored/whitewashed because conspiring against the Jews is the more important imperative for many world leaders.
If every Jew and every person of conscience were to read John Loftus's stunning book, "The Secret War Against the Jews" their views on what is REALLY going on in the middle east would be chnaged forever.

The US Congress for the most part has been a steadfast ally toward Israel. The executive branch has a mixed record. However, the Arabist State Dept,(which really drives policy in a covert way) the FBI, and to a lesser extent the CIA have never stopped conspiring against "the Jews".

The FBI is relentless in their task of spying on Jews to check if they are getting too cozy with Israel/zionism. That is EXACTLY why they have targeted AIPAC. Please read this book it will explain alot about our bloodied history.

steven peled

we are financing our own funerals at the gas pump.this is not new.Nor is it within the saudis means to stop the steady decline now that it has started, even if they wish to .At some point they will have to enter into a security accord with israel in order to survive politically in the region.Sound far fetched?There have been stranger alliances,but regional strengths and realities will soon demand it.

Linda Rivera

'REPORT: SAUDIS SPREAD HATE THROUGH U.S. MOSQUES' WORLDNETDAILY.COM Jan 29 2005 89-page report by Freedom House "Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques." "Various Saudi government publications...assert it is a religious obligation for Muslims to hate Christians and Jews. The documents stress when Muslims are in the lands of the unbelievers, they must behave as if on a mission behind enemy lines. Either they are there to acquire new knowledge and make money to be later employed in the jihad against the infidels..." War is planned against us. Global jihad. But our leaders deceive us and tell us the Saudis are our "friends".


Bush Jr.'s Papa Bush Sr, James Baker III are all Arab oil
men. James Baker, an old Bush family friend, still has an insidious influence on US MidEast policy (see James A
Baker III Institute for Public Policy WebSite
see http://bakerinstitute.org

for the Baker White Paper on the Road Map and the
strangulation of the Jewish State.
Bush Jr. believes in his Papa Bush Sr., who
never met a Saudi tooches he wouldn't lick, more than
his Father in heaven.

yehudah pritt sehmi

They that seek the truth with all desire.Are as gold refined in the fire.Tears that flow in the halls of time.Are Pearls gently falling resounding like chimes .Each tear weighed and balanced, named and wanted.Every jewel precious & preserved waiting to be collected,by the Masters Hand. (yehudah pritt sehmi) Jerusalem Jerusalem is home the city of G-d
Jerusalem Jerusalem is home the city of G-d
Fly on eagles wings Fly on eagles wings
Come and fly

The road we're on it is a holy road
The road of Avraham
The road we're on it is a holy road
The road of Avraham
Boi Boi eti Boi Boi eti,L'Yerushalaim

Yerushalem bait sheli ir ir HaShem
Yerushalem bait sheli ir ir HaShalem
Boi Boi Eti Boi Boi Eti
All rights reserved JMY Music.Copyright.

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