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Aaron Eitan Meyer

It is past time for Sharon to remember who he once was. He was the golden general of Zahal, who instilled fear in his enemies, and unswerving loyalty from his men. He was the one who cried out to Bush that "Israel will not be Czecheslovakia!" Israel needs the leader of the antiterrorist 101 unit, not the man who embraces the ideologies of failed doves and kowtowers.


What about Sharon? Where does he belong!!

Robert Kriegsman

"Sharon and Sons" don't want to go jail either.
Why do else you think he do you think he is
doing all this?

kim segar

Bush is no different than the left. His remarks thru Rice that the Saudi's are our closest friends makes me pretty angry. I am sure G-d is too. His remarks to the Saudi Muslim kids, here for a education, called our G-d of Israel the same as Allah again. Said He works thru all religions. Israel is our ONLY friend that we don't deserve. Many in America are realizing how the left and right in our government are no different. Soon, Israel will act, and I think the next move will be Damacus blowing up , never to be rebuilt. It is Written.....Israel is my heart, and G-d's too, and soon we will see G-d's hand come and cut to pieces those who are burdening themselves with the land called by HIS NAME...Love Kim

Ariel Natan Pasko

Some good points, but I beat you by over 2 years. He's still the same guy...

See my article, "Try Arafat and Abbas Like Eichmann," at:


Keep up thegood work....Ariel

Anthony Rose

The solution to stopping the expulsion plan is simple.Making it happen is
not so simple.
He was the PM when Jonathan Pollard was betrayed.
In Yitzhak Rabin's 1979 book, Rabin described him as "an unrelenting
conniver" and claimed that he had devoted his life to ruining Rabin.
He signed the Oslo Accords that he had pushed Rabin to agree to.
He has been accused by at least two authors of organising the murder of
Yitschak Rabin and yet hasn't sued them.
He was the Foreign Minister at the time of the Oslo Accords and so all the
flak for betraying the country went to Rabin.
He has percentage stake in Arafat's PalTel,the PLO telephone and
communications cartel
Today he is the Vice Prime Minister,despite being rejected time and again by
the public and so today, all the flak for betraying the country goes to
Yes,Sharon did dispatch his "disengagement" plan to stop himself and his
sons going to prison.
But the questions remain "Who put pressure on him to make sure that he did
what he was told?" and "Who is putting pressure on the Justice System and
media to make sure that they toe the line too?".


Michael A. Shoemaker

Sharon is Irrelevant.

Why arrest Abu Mazen? Out of jail, he has no authority; in jail, all sorts of mischief will be done in his name.

In talking with Abu Mazen, Sharon is like someone talking to a department-store mannequin. It's all PR baloney. Ignore Sharon -- He's become irrelevant. His government has ceased being able to do anything significant -- either for good or for evil. Just think of it: The major things he will have accomplished in his term in office, are tying up traffic, tying up the police tying up the IDF, nullifying his party's platform, alienating all his friends, and making Jews enemies of one another. Any moron could have done that.

Dennis Moran

More murders, a hospital bombing narrowly avoided, and the Israeli and American administrations still remain convinced that dealing with Yassir Mazen is different than dealing with Abu Arafat.


Abu Mazen really does belong in a jail cell But with company.
Tony Blair, Geo.W.Bush,Ariel Sharon, Peres,James Baker, U.S. State Dept. then carpet bomb Saudia Arabia= problem solved.

Cosmic X

I all of those politicians that belong in jail are in fact incarcerated, there won't be any room left for the anti-disengagement protesters! :)


I do not believe that it is Abu Mazen that needs to spend time in the clink but rather the self rightious Arik himself


Yerimiyahu the prophet so much has been said against him.That he had nothing good to say,a prophet of doom,and yet he was the most caring,how?he wept for the people,he wept for jerusalem,admonishing the people to return to the ways of HaShem.Resolution:the people hated him.Final Result Galut to Babylon.
Our prophet followed the people weeping,Picking up the fingers of the players of the istruments in the Temple.Hindsight:if only we would have listened.
Mr Sharon is not the problem,Nor Mr Netenyahu,but those that should uphold the Torah in honesty,Truth and integrity.HaShem sees all the deceit and deception even if it covered up with halachah.
The enemies of Israel will only have the upper hand if we as a nation keep going against Torah values. Mr Sharon fears civil war,Perkei Avoth says if there is not justice if law is perverted HaShem will send war.

מרגלית פנחס

הוי אוגנדה!!!

איזה שטות עשינו! לו החלטנו אז ללכת לאוגננדה במקום לציון התמונה היום הייתה אחרת לגמרי. היינו בונים מדינה לתפארת באוגננדה, היינו לשם דבר בכל אפריקה, ואולי היינו אף מושיטים יד לשכנות שלנו! ואז היה בא מין רוצח כמו מוגבה והיה מגרש אותנו מאוגנדה. דבר טבעי בהחלט, ככה העולם הנאור כבר נוהג אלפיים שנה.אבל דבר אחד היינו חוסכים לעצמנו: מנוול יהודי לא היה מגרש אותנו. איך פספסנו הזדמנות פז?!!!

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