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Adina Kutnicki

It matters not a whit what ANYONE says about Israel wanting to regain control over its HOLIEST site. The perverse fact that a Jewish gov't ever allowed this travesty to happen is as they say "water under the bridge".

It is an open secret that Islamic doctrine does not tolerate any other religion aside from Islam. If Bush wants to live in a fantasy world stating that "Islam is a religion of peace" he effectively encourages their outrages. That shouldn't mean that Israel has to go along with this murderous ride.

The urgent question before Israel's leadership is - will they continue to be "guests" in their own country and held hostage to Islamic threats, or will they regain their holy site and let these jihadists know that Israel is prepared to take back their destiny? One way or another this confrontation is looming.

Remember, whoever controls the Temple Mount effectively controls Jerusalem, and in turn controls the country. This is a fact no matter how many people deny it. The demand to divide Jerusalem stems mostly from Israel's relinquishing of their holiest site in the first place.

The Islamists hold the Jews in utter contempt for their willingness and weakness in relinquishing their control. It is somewhat like a child holding a parent in disdain for allowing them to control the entire household.


The world leaders today, do not believe that G-d exists, so the Temple is meaningless to them. George Bush pretends to be a christian. *spit* And his followers fall on their knees before him.

How President Bush mush laugh at his Christian followers.


Howard Gaines


As an American receiving, this publication via email, I was interested in your comments (learning about The Temple Mount) and found it not difficult to understand your distress with wanting the Temple to be returned to its historic ownership.

However, the "spit" comment, I found to be an unfortunate remark to our country that has so long been a supporter and one of your closest friends in a very troubled world.


Anne Ball

As a Jewish person, I regret the less than desirable manners of the author of the "spit" comment and I apologize for the purveyor of that unfortunate comment. It was an American President Truman that spearheaded the vote in 1948 for Israeli Statehood. We are grateful.
To the main point, I believe firmly that now is the time, late as it is, that the intolerable to my Jewish soul ongoing desecration of Judaism's holiest site, by the Wakf, under the aegis of the terrorist PA, MUST CEASE. This holiest of Jewish holy sites MUST BE JEWISH CONTROLLED. Dayan's error in judgement of 1967 MUST NOW BE CORRECTED.

Thomas Adler

If Jews have any claim at all to the land of Israel than that claim is inseparable from our claim to the Temple Mount. We will continue to be viewed as illegitimate to our selves as well as the rest of the world as long as we continue to forsake our claim to our holiest site. There is absolutely no mention of this holy site in the entire Koran. Muslims only interest in the site, as its history attests, is to test our resolve. Let us not continue to fail in that test. To have permitted the Wakf to excavate tons of our priceless archeologic heritage and dump it as garbage with our full knowledge of these activities is criminal in inexcusable. It is time for this inexcusable debasement to stop!

Danny Mathis

Could not agree with you more.

It's insane that the Islamics
have any control at all of The Temple Mount.

President Bush is also wrong for pushing the
division of G-D's Land via the raod map to pieces.
It belongs to His children, end of discussion.

i'm not jewish but i know a snake when i see one.
i'm one american that has actually emailed the
President about his er on his road map plan
but have received no reply.
It basically said "your map is based on lies".

An aid for my congressman Patrick McHenery called
tonight and i echoed what i had emailed the President.

i truly regret my last presidential vote.

A simple note to Israel.

A lot of Americans are with you & not against you.
Our government does not reflect most of it's people's
position on many issues.
i honestly believe most of us reject the road map
but like i told Mr. McHenery's aid tonight
they don't care what we think.

G-D Bless Israel..we see your pain.
G-D speed! Go get your Temple back.

Sheila Rinde

Klal Yisrael and all in eretz Yisraael are invited to a very special Ochnases Sefer Torah with Hashem's help and mercy in honor of the Har Habayit by the Kohanim of the Mishpachah Rinde in Jerusalem as soon as possible this summer. Details to Follow. We will ask Hashem to bless all of klal Yisrael and eretz Yisrael with very spcial blessing for this very special Ochnases Sefer Torah. Look for details. Hatslachah Rabbah with freatest blessing in ruchneas and goshmeas Mishpachah Rinde Ha-Kohanim

Shalom Freedman

It is one thing to accuse the present Israeli Government for a situation that has persisted since 1967 and another to take an honest look at the situation. That situation is complicated by the Jewish religious position on the Temple Mount, one in which most of the major Rabbis forbid Jews from going up to the Mount. My own feeling is that if it were not for this prohibition Israeli Governments might have acted differently.
With all that it is clear that the policy initiated by Dayan of giving the Muslims exclusive religious control was a disastrous mistake. Rabbi Goren wanted to pray there and was planning to build a Shul on the part of the mountain which according to his measurements Jews could safely tread on with touching on the forbidden Beit Ha-Mikdash area. He was denied this. And we are now still paying the consequences.
As for now and what to do , it seems to me that there should be a policy something like the one now being undertaken of increasing Jewish visits, and presence on the Temple Mount. And this with the aim of establishing a ' permanent presence there'
One additional point. The incitement from the Mosques is often genocidal. That the Israeli Government does not apprehend all responsible and make sure that this does not recur is a major fault.

Victor Passenheim

The outrage here is not what the Arabs (stop calling them Palestinians) are doing, but rather what Jews are doing to themselves. Of all people in the world who should be the head and not the tail, Israel consistently chooses to be the tail that is wagged by the dog (insert here name of nation - Palestinians, Arabs, the EU, Russia, the United States, etc. ad nauseam).

Victor Passenheim

Gabriel and Howard,

Clearly President Bush is not a Christian, but merely a well-polished con-artist. I don't "fall on my knees before him", but rather prefer exposing him for who he really is. There is no doubt that he laughs at the Christian constituency that was largely responsible for putting him in office. However, keep in mind that as much as he laughs at us, he has Sharon laughing with him at you. Needless to say, he will one day get his just reward. He won't be laughing last.

And Howard, I just have to say that America is the closes thing to a friend that Israel has ever had. But in the final analysis, America has been neutral at best toward Israel. Friends don't pressure friends to commit suicide. Friends don't praise murderers and terrorists. Friends ... are you beginning to get the picture.

r gutierrez

May G D bless Israel forever!
There is no doubt in my mind that the current holder of the seat at the "White House" is neither Christian nor is he even a friend of Israel's. I held my nose and voted for him and I have been regreting it ever since--he's sold out his own country, my beloved USA-- so it is nothing for this fake to stab Israel in the back, repeatedly.
May G D have mercy on us poor DUMB Americans.
G D WILL bless Jerusalem forever, in spite of the bum Sharon.

ps- I -spit- TOO!

steven peled

oh, i would love to see the eyesore removed from the mount, and the new beit hamikdash built in its place.Sorry, but it is not in hashems plan to make it that simple for us.Perhaps, all males should be checked to see if they are circumcised before tredding on the mount.Perhaps all shoes should require special covering so as not to desecrate the site with unclean pathogens.It could go on and on,and as far as the present constellation of jewish political alignments, our control would only lead to fratuious infighting. We already have enough of that . I have proposed a different path, for now,one in which a new moslem authority, mixrd with religious jews on the council, will establish a new set of relations and guidelines concrning not only the mount area but future development as well.The holy sites,should not be a battleground but a well developed area with stable infrastructure that promotes stability.It will take money, and patience.we are also short on both, also for the moment.Short of a natural disaster,which is at hashems discretion,the mosques will remain and be in use.It is only of late that a government that discriminates against jews in the religious sphere would invest so heavily in the moslem religious sector, but they are by name Laborites and in all fairness the arabs do work and pay taxes and are entitled to use their mosque, even if temporairly,again hashems domain.

Dennis Moran

Because the Jews were chosen by G-d to be a class of Priests for Himself to the entire world, Hell has declared a war against not only the People Israel, but against their possession of the Promised Land. And the war is especially against the part from where G-d has - and will again soon and forever - hold permanent, personal Office. This is a war against G-d, and everything that is His, and everything that represents Him. Historically, everyone who has ever elevated himself, or some idol - including political ideals - above G-d, has been destroyed. Islam, Humanism, and now some Apostate Christianity (which eventually helped generate the Fundamental 'backlash' of Christian Zionism), and all the rest may believe their combine is winning, but Scripture has recorded otherwise. G-d will soon claim all that is His. Present events may trouble us with uncertainties and try to shake our faith, but the ultimate future is in G-d's Word and is therefore secure. But we must still be pragmatic on a daily basis - terrorists need to be dealt with extremely aggressively, for instance, and this includes their political sponsors - because Jews still bleed in every bombing. And the assertion that the Temple mount has been ordained by G-d to Jewish hands, needs to be without compromise. Pray daily for the peace of Jerusalem, and thank G-d for His promise to someday soon grant that peace forever.

Sasha Keith Lauren

I agree with Dennis Moran. He is right to call for Jewish ownership and control of the Temple Mount. We are commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. God said "I will bless those who bless Jerusalem and I will curse those who curse her". Dennis is also right about the declaration of war by the devil and his cohorts. We must remember that we have a choice, but God does not. God must do what He has said He would do. He says that at the end of the age (age of the gentiles)never again will the feet of the gentile fall upon the inner-court. He will cause the Jewish people to once again occupy and control the Temple Mount and rebuild the Temple. However, as He has done throughout history, He may choose you and I to help make this happen, as we are His hands and feet upon this earth. If we do not stand with God and His "chosen people", we will lie with the devil. What happens in Israel will ultimately happen to the rest of God's people. I challange all who have the Spirit of the living God in their hearts to rise up. Be unafraid to speak the truth. Speak the words of God to all and fear not that war will be the result of righting a wrong, for the devil cannot stand in the light of truth, as he is the father of all lies. Call for control and ownership of the Temple Mount to be returned to Israel. We have a Temple to build, that our Lord would have residence in which to abide following His glorious return.

Paul Martin

It wasn't just the Jews who were chosen by G_d, it was the twelve tribes of Israel. All are not back in Israel yet.

G_d also said: Zec 12:2 "Behold, I will make Yerushalayim a cup of reeling to all the surrounding peoples, and on Yehudah also will it be in the siege against Yerushalayim.

We are at that point in time. I am not called to go there yet but I do pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the safety of it rightful people, Israel.



How long will the Nation of Israel tolerate the infidel dwelling amongst them???How long will they accomodate the defiling of their Holiest of Sites by the occupying palestinians and their abonimation of a mosque???

When will you the chosen of Gd take what has been given to you ???

When will you rise up in YHVH name, and expel them from the land.......

Or wil you calmly, like sheep go once again to your extermination like in the Holocaust???

Baruch Ha Shem!

Desmond Slade

By no stretch of the imagination can Islam be "the religion of peace". By no stretch of the imagination can alah by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As a Christian Zionist, I stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel and its right to dwell and worship in ALL of Israel. Yes, this is spiritual warfare, and satan is using the arabs and the Bush administration to do his dirty work. He is also using Bush to support financially, the terrorist groups posing as political parties in "palestine". Agreed, Bush is not a true Christian. No born-again follower of Yeshua would side with His enemies against the Jewish people. Israel, take back your land, every square meter of it! But most of all, get on your knees before your Adonai and plead for His help in retaining what He gave you. Stop relying on only military might and pointless arguments with the US or the arabs. Only Truth can win and Truth is found only in our God. Baruch haShem!

Phillip Hinderlie

I voted for Bush because I see what the liberal leaders will do in power. Then I learned what I already knew inside, it's all a ruse and you can't really trust anyone anymore. I despise the roadmap because it goes against all God has written. I am truly sorry for my country's involvement in this and the apparent inability to see the truth by the leaders, or their blatant disregard for that truth. When the ark is again recovered, I believe the mandate will have been made and God's chosen people will rise to the occasion unafraid, determined, and resolved. I love you all and appreciate the Truth found here and elsewhere outshining the darkness of today's world. Remember in all the ridiculous news and crazy people today, there is still hope in God and His promises for Israel and His believers!

Sasha Keith Lauren

God has told us that He "places people in positions of power and authority". We cannot always see or understand the purposes of God's workings, but we must have faith that He is in control. When Clinton was elected president, it was one of the darkest eras for the U.S. and the world. I could not see why God wanted him to lead our nation. However, during his impeachment hearings, it all became clear to me. Various polls taken at that time revealed that the majority of the people (70%) were more concerned about the economy than about the morality of our leaders. Money had become their god. While we are dismayed by some of his decisions, Bush was still a better choice than Kerry. I shudder to think what would have happened if Kerry were in office following 9-11. We should purpose ourselves to pray for Bush and all the world leaders that they will make decisions that will glorify God and be consistant with His will for us. Remember that in the last days (now), the entire world (including the U.S.) will come against Israel. However, God has promised that He will "smite the enemies of Israel". The truth is, we have come to the end of ourselves. We live in a world in the thros of death. All of the world systems are failing and our faith is being tested. God says after we have prayed, "stand" (on His Word). I promise you if you stand with God, you cannot fail! Selah!!


I too regret my vote but again, Kerry would not have been my choice either. I just don't think Bush has any idea what he has done or said and what the implications are for standing against Israel and the Land of G-d and His People. It has been given to them and won't be taken away... in spite of the world "and then they will know that I am G-d"

Stanley Clark

The Ancient Temple had a court of the Gentiles as well as the Court of Israel. Whatever is standing there now if it lacks a court for Israel as well as a court for the vast community of faith that believes in the God of Abraham, then it is no longer an adornment to the One True God, but a political abomination. SEC Canada.

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