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Thanks for your article - I believe the solution to terrorism lies elswhere. Although a strong arm against terorism certainly helps, the solution is for Israel to have a JEWISH BELIEF BASED GOVERNMENT. A Torah abiding leadership knows and understands that 'dealing' or 'negotiating' with terrorists is forbidden. This only emboldens terrorists, and causes more Jewish deaths. In addition, such a government should immediately lay claim to all of the land as stated in the Torah.
Then and only then will we be on the road to sanity.

Cathy Richmond

Responding to the first comment, I must say that a Torah-based government would be nice, but Torah knowledge is not needed to see thru the fallicies of the Disengagement Plan. Other countries of the world understand that when an emeny fires 5,000+ mortar shells and rockets at you, you don't respond by giving them territory and guns.

To lick terrorism, all that is needed is common sense. There are tremendous pressures on Israel to destroy it from within and from without. Cannot a secular Israel government understand simple logic?

Adina Kutnicki

Let all who love Israel and its people refrain from being deluded any longer and believe that this gov't will protect them - the ISRAELI GOV'T AS IT STANDS WILL DO NOTHING TO ERADICATE THE TERROR.

This has been demonstrated repeatedly no matter how many Jews are slaughtered. After a certain number of dead Jews they are sometimes forced (through public outrage) to enter PA hotbeds (Jenin for ex) and to demonstrate force.

However, inevitably they pull back and have no INTENTION to declare victory. Hence the IDF doctrine of "limited conflict". The Arab enemy is in a war of death till the finish, their goal being their "final solution". The political "leaders" in Israel who give the IDF their orders have other goals - to create an atmosphere where the average citizen will see no other alternative than to turn Israel into the "New Middle East" vision. This is exactly what the goal is, and why all things attached to religion are slowly being eradicated. Ask yourselves - Why after 35 ! years is a road open to traffic on Shabbat?

If Israel is no longer "attached" to its religion, they think in their deluded frames of mind that they will no longer be targets of Jew hatred.
Dr. Levin's profound book, "The Oslo Syndrome;Delusions of a People Under Siege" sets this deadly delusion straight.

In the meanwhile, the ONLY response to the latest massacres is to topple Israel's own dangerous gov't. Once this is done the Jewish nationalists will be able to protect everyone - religious, secular, left, right and even Arab Israelis who are sometimes caught in the crossfire. By the way, the Druse community doesn't need any convincing of what I wrote. They do not appear deluded like the Israeli left pathetically still are.

R. Kriegsman

I pray that the Jewish people gain its sanity
and realize that the Government of Israel (GOI) is
not a democracy but a corrupt oligarchy.

In short:
1) The Knesset is controlled by party-lists where
seats are apportioned accorded priority by
being high in the party-list as determined
by the party-bosses, like Ariel Sharon, Peres
et. al.
2)The Supreme-Court gets a majority vote input
in appointing its own successors. Thus,
becoming a self-perpetuating (in this case, extreme
left-wing) oligarchy. Note: The American legal scholar, Robert Bork scours Israel's Supreme Court as the worst
abuser of justice in the democractic world.

To begin to remedy these and other problems , there must be district elections for each knesset member like every other democracy around the world.
This will make Knesset members individually
accountable to their voters and not to
party bosses. Further reforms will follow afterwards.

To bring down the current oligarchy there needs
to be a revolution.
As a first step:
1)Jews and Christian Zionist in the Diaspora have to verbally accost every Israeli offficial they
meet on this issue. There must be demonstrations
at every (Bagels-and-Lox) meeting of Israeli
leaders and the Diaspora Jewish Establishment.
Do not let them get away anymore with nice platitudes.
2)In Israel, there must be civil-disobedience not only against the disengagement but against the GOI,
until the system is changed.

These two steps will at least raise
an awareness of the problem to Jews in
America and to those of Middle-Eastern and East-European
backgrounds in Israel who are not familiar with what
real democracies are and get the ball rolling.

This issue must be front-and-center
for every Jew who cares about the future existence of
Israel. (By the way, this is not my own idea, see Prof. Paul Eidleberg at http://www.foundation1.org/.
I'm just adding a few of my own ideas of how to
promote his plan. )

Dennis Moran

History is the Witness: Jews are killed, not because of WHERE they are, but because of WHO they are. Trading land for peace is an illusion; most of the Jews that were killed in history were killed when they had no land at all. The reconcentration of Jews in Israel has meant only a change in the surrounding scenery for those determined to make Jews bleed. Such people have never differentiated between 'religious' and 'non-religious' Jews, and so compromising with the world on G-d's covenants will save no one's life. It will just bring the wrath of G-d. Conversely, standing on the Word of G-d will - and always has - brought His blessings. This is a point that the Left has missed entirely. The one Nation that G-d created expressly for Himself needs to rally behind its origins and not forsake, out of fear or political correctness, the use of a righteous sword in its own defense.


Re: "I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here again: the only way to eliminate terrorism is to eliminate the terrorists."

That statement makes no sense. It does not identify who the terrorists are. It is pointless to go after a swarm of locusts and look for ones with a green mark on their bellies. It is equally useless to fight terror without first taking out the terror Heads. This is the same insane plight of Bush: aiming his gun at peasant holes in the deserts of Afghanistan - while winking at the Regimes in Saudi Arabia. The real Terrorists are the Regimes - and they are not bothered by statements such as the one quoted above. Back to the drawing board for the seriously inclined?

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