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You underestimate the evil nature of the British government. Successive British governments for many years conducted secret discussions with the IRA while they were murdering British citizens in N.Ireland. I am Protestant who lives in N.Ireland our experience of terrorism is much the same as yours. The more weakness you show to terrorsts the more they will attack you.


The whole war on terror is full of this ridiculous hypocrisy when it comes to Israel. The US invaded two countries but the world expects Israel to allow the filthy palestinians to keep attacking them. It's time Israel stops worrying about world opinion because the world will always be against us. We must be strong and destroy the enemy, and then maybe the world will realize they can't roll over us and perhaps even respect us.


you say "Can you imagine the uproar that would ensue if Israel were to open a dialogue with the Irish Republican Army (IRA)?"
Actually, there wouldn't be an uproar at all: the British government talks to Sinn Fein, the elected representatives of the IRA's political wing.
Israel should do - and let's face it, does - the same. Do you really think there are no contacts between Israel and Hamas? That Hamas mayors don't deal with Israeli authorities on a daily basis?
(Oh, and by the way: Emanuel - calling Palestinians "filthy" demeans you, not them.)
The problem with elections is that sometimes people you don't like get elected. But that doesn't mean you can ignore the results. It's called living in the real world, something I would urge you to start doing.

EJ Passeos

If I may, how can "acknowledging" terrorist groups like Hamas square with GW's "with us or the terrorists" line? Moreover, with all due respect to my beloved president, why would he invite Road Map violating Mazen to the White House. It's one thing to be excited about a nice, new face on the PA, but it's neither new nor nice. Mazen was part of the Oslo/Arafat "phased" deception. Does GW recall Mazen riding the shoulders of terrorists during campaign swings? Does he not see the statements from Islamic Jihad (truce is over) and realize that Mazen's plan to "engage" rather than disarm the terror groups was doomed from the start.

Thank you.
EJ Passeos
Cuyahoga Falls, OH


The Road Map (a misguided political attempt at appeasing such long lived Hate), the talks with Hamas (disdainful), The giving away of 'God' given land (not going to happen), The whole lack of planning (with regard to the outcome and events that will be determined by it) on the US side of the Roadmap as well as Mr Sharon's lack of a plan and his lack of legitimate security reasons for doing this is so completely nebulous that even commenting on these issues seems preposterous ....? Yet, because of who we are, and the passion of having Israel as a whole again and remaining that way, we have done just that!

federal court cases

I cant imagine what will happen.

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