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Why is it that amongst suggested courses of action, crying out to Hashem is dead last?

מרגלית פנחס

לא חשבתי :
לא חשבתי אף פעם כי מנהיגינו כ"כ לא ייזהרו בלשונם :

1)לא תהיה התנתקות תחת אש!
2)הגיהאד לא יפגע בהתנתקות

3)ההתנתקות היא יעד אסטראטגי(למה?) ולא ניתן להם להפריע (בעדנו.

בתומי חשבתי כי רק יפתח השופט היה הגנראל היחיד
שלא היה חכם גדול!

מרגלית ,חיפה

Ann C.

Setting the Scene: Two terrorists watching the sun rise on a morning soon to come.

"Hey Abdul, why are you so glum?"

"Well, Ahmed, it's like this. I've been hating and fighting the Jews all my life, and they're still here. When do we finally push them into the sea? These bombings are dull. I'm bored with body parts flying. I wanna see the death of every Jew."

"But Abdul, we are just about to see our victory, don't dispair. Our friend Arik is having his SOLDIERS ARRESTED and thrown in PRISON! What a miracle for us, eh?! And then, at the height of confusion we will attack with everything we've got. They will be powerless to do anything because their IDF will be BEATING JEWS or ROTTING IN PRISON instead of going after us, LOL. What could be better for us Ahmed?"

"You're right Abdul. How proud Arafat would be. Well, I'd best go get ready to see the slaughter! Finally, this land will be red with Jewish blood just like Nasser said so long ago."

Blue and white

I see that this forum is quite one sided, so I would like to present the following argument: the disengagement plan is going to happen. The government needs it to be done fast and safe - with minimal violence. One of the clearest ways to minimize violence is to minimize the number of civilians and need to be displaced in Gush Katif. Closing the area off to non-residents was obvious. We all knew it was going to happen. So taking in these facts, I think that the government made the right decision to close it off early – minimizing the possibility of inter-fighting between the IDF and civilians. This is nothing to do with whether you agree with the disengagement or not. We all want to see a non-violent solution. We may think that it will not happen, but judging from the activities in this country the past number of months, nothing seems to be standing in this plan’s way. So I, for one, and completely against the disengagement for a number of reasons, but I am in favor of the government’s decision today.

A. Kabalist

Hod is orange. Orange means determination. Orange jews can be squeezed but can never be crushed.

Michael Freund

Blogger's Note:

I have had to remove two comments that were posted to this section because they were offensive and inflammatory. Any comparisons made between Israel and the Nazis, or between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and some of Israel's worst enemies are simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated on this blog. Feel free to criticize or praise the current government and its policies, but please do so in a civil manner.


Michael Freund
"Fundamentally Freund"


Democratic governments regularly remove people from their homes around the world, for road-building, redevelopment, and many other reasons. The unfortunate homeowners take the generous compensation they are offered, and then move on with their lives.

The disengagement plan is only an "explusion" for the settlers who refuse to abide by a law passed by a clear majority in the Knesset. It is the fault of these settlers that we will see images of IDF soldiers dragging Israelis citizens out of their homes. They believe that their ideological beliefs override the will of the people and their elected leaders.

I live inside the Green Line, and I like my home and town very much. But if the government passed a law that I had to leave, and offered me compensation for the value of my home, I would pack my belongings and quietly leave. The same is true for the vast majority of citizens of this country. It is only the ideologues who selfishly think that their views permit them to rise above the law.

Mr Freund, whatever you think of it, it is nonsense to say that the disengagement plan is an assault to the fundamental principles of Zionism. If the plan fails however, it will indeed be the end of the Zionist dream - a modern, democratic Jewish state in the Middle East, not ruled by fanatics.

Keith David



I have not wrote much on the expulsion,and for a good reason.As this concerns every person. It is a situation that does effect all Israel. Every person has his views for and against,Sad views angry and mixed. To see people uprooted thrown out of there homes with state compensation. 2 billion dollar grant from the US.+ Charity organisations that have sprung up asking for assistance.Where does it end?
There are people in Israel that have nobody to speak for them.They have no compensation,grants or charity.They have no lawyer for defence.They have no army,or police nor terror organization.No houmos, no PA ,bombs or tanks.
Yet these people are evicted from their homes daily. Nearly every city, town and village is invovled .You know what? No one gives a damn!No protest no banners no marches. No TV or news paper coverage. Yet it is said that nearly 4.000,000 have been evicted in 50 years.
Who are they?They are jews that nobody wanted, not even the jews. Who are they?
They are children that should have been born healthy but were evicted from the womb.


Just a little food for thought.Hom many women on the march have evicted their own children from the womb with all the blood and gore and guts it entails,or a baby whole but dead,and will argue that it is OK, Why? because it is her right and she has a choice. Or the rabbi has said it is OK. What choice did the baby have?????
Let us be real and honest Abortion is murder. First Degree.
Unlike the protest marches etc. "Two people go in for an abortion,only one comes out alive"

מרגלית פנחס

How come, nobody seems to remember.Yom Kipur 1946, still under British rule, 11(eleven settlements) were constructed in the Negev in a clandestine manner.Most of them are still there(eg:Nirim, Tekuma,Kfar Darom etc). This was an illegal undertaking by the Zionist authorities, which eventually determined the shape of our country. Did it occur to the British to send police and army in order to throw them out from the new settlements right away not after 30 years?.May be the British were more Human beings than our own?? Margalith


it is about time the world recognized the fact that secular zionism is no different then any other political move, it had it's time and it's place, both are over at this time.

the only raison d'etre of israel today is because it is land given to the jews by g-d. not because of political zionism.

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