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מרגלית פנחס

If Egypt, the most important Arab country is unable to prevent terror, what can you expect from our leadership?.The only thing they are good in, is to lie.Don't believe the stories they keep on telling us. Not what they said to Mrs Rice, not what they say to this Palestian or to that Arab.For 100 years we were suffering from Arab terror, for ten years we are hearing stories, it is all in vain. Fight the terror and shut up. Mr Mofas keeps telling us stupid stories about retreat under fire, we shall retreat under fire which is not fire. If you were in our school you would get an insufficient mark in logic!

Robert Gaskell, Jr

I believe that there will come a day, perhaps within the next few years, that Israel will have backed itself into a narrow, indefensible corner. At the same time, I believe that all those united in the aim of destroying Israel will set out with that very intention. And just when the world looks on and says, this is the end of the Jews- that will be the time that Hashem will pay a visit, and it will be the end- the end of all those who would see the death of His chosen people. G-d willing, I will be standing beside my Brothers, staring down the face of the enemy on that day. -RLG, Camp Lejeune, NC

Robert Kriegsman

Michael Freund you are just spinning
your wheels. The masks have
already already been taken off the "so-called" Israeli democracy. What you have right now is the Israeli version of George Orwell's Animal Farm.

If you ever hope to have any logic -as in
your editorial- see the light of day, you will have to find a way to bring down this dictatorial system
of government. From your perspective as an American Oleh, you should honestly ask
yourself does Israel's "democracy" now more
closely reflect America or those of the
former "Iron Curtain countries" and the

If you find the latter to be true, then
the next step is to develop a strategy to
bring down the dictatorial regime. That
will demand much effort, perhaps blood,
sweat and tears, because dictatorial regimes never go down willingly.

My only hope is a critical mass of Jews,
will take up the ideas of people like Prof.
Eidelberg, Moshe Feiglin and the like,
and form a united front to bring this
madness to an end.

More than I fear the Arabs, I fear Jewish complacency and the lack of a coherent approach among even devoted people
like yourself.


ariel sharon will call
the gaza Disengagement
a mistake.
after the event takes place.

just like bibi natanyahu
called the withdrawal
from hevron a mistake
after that event took

i predict no one will
hold sharon to account
for this mistake
just like no one held
natanyaho to account
for his mistake in hebron.

i think "hefkaros"
a hebrew word would best describe the isreali goverment


I do believe we are seeing some very interesting events... i predict the withdrawl from the disputed lands is in fact a good thing, there is a war brewing and i see tactical advantage of "removing hostile population centers" from israel control.. once a "palestinian state" is formed, Hamas will certainly be elected "democratically" they will, of course, declare war on Israel and then the battle will start... thousands of arabs will flee gaza directly into the sinai as the gaza goes up in flames....

the moment hamas/islamic jihad has a parade (since they have declared themselves an army to defeat israel) they should be cluster bombed...

war is coming....

Billie Hull

Alarm Bells should have been ringing in Jerusalem and in DC years ago. Al Qaeda at Israel's door-step? Duh!!

This current government is so full of corruption and ill-advised schemes, I can't believe it has held on to power this long in a 'demcratic' society. But then, as another poster noted: "does Israel's "democracy" now more
closely reflect America or those of the
former "Iron Curtain countries" and the
USSR?" Tyrannical leaders have a way of getting what they want, by silencing the opposition, one way or another.


It is sad to see any terrorist attack succeed,in killing many innocent lives.Be it in Israel or abroad.Be it one person or many.As comments have stated that war is inevitable.Or is it?What are the criterias for war? and why do they occurr? Can war be avoided? Maybe the cost will be to high and who wants to pay a high price.
When we look around we see all manner of pesha (crime),Theft,violence,murder,lack of respect for authority(Parential or state), Drug abuse,arrogance,adultery prostitution, bribery and corruption and conspiracy the list is endless. Perkei avoth says if judgement and justice is pervertedTorah says that if the Torah is rejected
If the students of Torah do not abide by the Torah what hope have the gentiles.If the Beit Din can change the truth and give an unjust judgement.If the land is polluted????
Like cancer that slowly eats away at the body so does the rejection of the Torah. Ultimate rejection is in the destruction of the human being.Why? HaShem made us in their image(bereshit).These are just some reasons why war in coming.The price is too high to stop it!!It is a price not many are willing to pay not even the religious!! The pain of giving up the lies and deceit is too much.to have to do heshbon nefesh is only for Yom Kipper and phew!!!sigh of relief when that's over.(have something to eat and carry on with life ) right.
Nineve was an example of tsuva shlema , in the time of Jonah.Destruction was avoided.
Sedom was din sofit in the time of Avraham.(no comment.)


Perkei avoth says if judgement and justice is perverted HaShem will send war,Torah says that if the Torah is rejected HaShem will send all the curses of Egypt and more.
I would like to ask a serious question, are we now living in the generation where the Torah is rejected by the majority??
It is not enough to say "Ani Ma-amin"and live contrary to the LAW.
It is written "The wise mans eyes are in his head" Question. Where are the eyes of the fool?
It is written "The fool says there is no G-d" Question. The religious be he Rabbi or not,and his life does not show Torah values. What is he????
The Torah is not a joke,Does your clock say "It's time for Heshbon Nefesh"or Does it say "There's still time to mess around.
"Tov le Hodot HaShem"

A. Rationalist

This comments section seems to have become a magnet for messianic crazies. The End of the World is nigh! A great war is coming! The L-rd shall descend from the skies! It's going to be like Sodom!

Sorry guys but the State of Israel has to make real-world decisions based on what is going on now, not some fantasy about the end of days. And the real world requires political, military and strategic thinking, not a retreat into biblical prophecies.


""This comments section seems to have become a magnet for messianic crazies. The End of the World is nigh! A great war is coming! The L-rd shall descend from the skies! It's going to be like Sodom!""
This comment I have heard so many times by by people looking for an arguement,and really not taking into account what has been said.Every sentence Has not been written in any comment read so far.Rationaly speaking everything politcally has been tried to bring peace,without results.It is clear what the arabs want.With all good intentions of every nation including Israel,The situation is deteriorating.
Perkei Avoth which is read every Sabbath is a place to begin.A place better than perkei Avot is the Gemara,better still is the Tanach. The words of HaShem are are upright ,honest and true, and can be relied upon.Man's or woman's can not be he great or not.
It is clear, rationaly speaking war is an horrendous state to be in.No sane person likes to suffer injury no matter how just the cause.(suicide bombers excluded from sanity)
One would need to read the true account of Sedom,and not use Sedom as retoric.

Kim Segar

It doesn't matter what anyone thinks, because ...G-d's Word is TRUTH whether you want to believe it or not. We are stating into Ezekiel 38. Prohecy which has never been wrong is coming to fulfillment. When Israel calls on Messiah, not in fear, but in Love...He will answer. Soon as the time of the gentiles is over, He says He will turn His eyes to Israel, His Beloved. He promises to bring ALL Nations against her, and there he will judge and destroy all ememies of Israel. The Word of G-d is more up to date than todays newspaper, and has never been wrong. G-d has His own road map. Watch..the Holy Days are coming. Repent, Messiah is coming...all covenants stand to Israel, He is not a covenant breaker. Their sin is no differnt or worse than the worlds. Those who do not care what G-d has to say..it will BE JUST THE SAME, and more quickly than you all think..love kim

Brana Lobel


To my knowledge Hashem has saved the Jewish people even when there was no majority who kept the Torah. I do not know whether there is a majority now or not. I only know it is up to those who keep the Torah to press on and not give up.

A. Rationalist: You are too frightened to give your own name. You fabricate an opposition where actually there is an integration. You stir discord and are highly disrespectful. You diminish yourself by your own posting.

There is no question that Al Qaeda must be fought and countered militarily, spiritually, economically, socially, and in all others ways.

"Eleh varechev ve'eleh vasusim va'anachenu beshem adonai elohenu nazkir hema kareyu venafalu, va'anachenu kamenu vanitodod." Tehilla 20:8-9.

Belated Shabbat Shalom to those in Israel and countries in similar time zones from an American Jew.


Brana lobel
Thankyou for your comment
HaShem Yevarech otach

Dennis Moran

G-d spoke His intentioms clearly to Noah, and to Lot, and to this Generation. To this Generation, He spoke them not only through Daniel and Ezekiel and many other Prophets, but through the Apostles to the Gentiles as well. The words of the living G-d are now coming to life all around us, including "...in those days scoffers will come...". And He said that when we "...see these thing begin to come to pass, look up, for (our) redemption draws near." The Word of G-d will not be mocked, and impostoring God or adding to Scripture adds to the offender all of the plagues ever described by Scripture. The hallowed ground of G-d's Word will be defiled by neither unbelief or parody.


"Terrorists love a vacuum, and that is what an Israeli pullout from Gaza would create, providing groups such as Al-Qaeda with a foothold at the Jewish state’s doorstep."

Very true. As an American Jew I have, until recently, largely stayed out of the Disengagement debate. But the more I read about it, the less I like the idea. And it is the responsibility of all Jews to speak to the threats, extant and potential, that face Israel.

Brana Lobel

So Mark, speak up.

As for me, this is my point of view:
The Jews are primarily a spiritual people; this is the heritage of the Jews. As such, our problems are always inherently and primarily spiritual, no matter how they may appear on the surface. The solution is always primarily spiritual, and goes back to adherence to the Torah, no matter how it is acted out in the material world. Our adherence to the Torah needs to be made not blindly, but with discrimination and discernment. The solutions of Dovid Hamelech were primarily spiritual, even though he implemented them tactically through military means.

We need an elected government leader in Israel who will truly respect Torah values.

That being said, note the low jabs Al Qaeda is taking (in Arabic) against Israel and the Jews, per Debkafile:
Al Qaeda’s New Publication: “The Jews” Are Unworthy of the Promised Land

DEBKAfile’s Exclusive Report

August 1, 2005, 10:10 PM (GMT+02:00)

Shown above is the cover of al Qaeda’s new print-Internet magazine Zerwat al Sanam, - Tip of the Camel’s Hump. A lavishly produced, professionally-edited publication, it reads as though Iraq commander Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was dictating his operational creed - yet another indication of his high rank in al Qaeda’s hierarchy.

A five-page essay appearing under the transparent alias of Abu Zubeida al-Baghdadi is titled: How should Islam relate to the Jews? This is the first time this question has been discussed in theological terms in any al Qaeda publication. The writer’s choice of name – a nom de guerre rather than a nom to plume - and the cover, both bespeak violence rather than polemic. From the first week of July, the terror group’s releases have included “Israel”, the “Jews” and “Zionists” in the same threatening context as “infidels”, “Crusaders” and “sons of Satan”, the epithets reserved for the Americans and their allies. This heightened focus on Israel and Jews dates from the internal directive Zarqawi passed to his adherents, which said: “Israel is on our list of targets… and very soon.”

DEBKAfile’s Islamist experts have translated passages from this article as it appeared in the new Tip of the Camel’s Hump . [Editorial comment appears in brackets]

Al Baghdadi divides Muslim lore on the Jewish people into two stages.

Stage One: Allah decided to test the Jews when they were still an oppressed people. [Ed. In Pharaohs’ Egypt]. He seeks to lead them to the path of faith and victory and therefore urges them to conquer the Land of Israel [acknowledging that Allah caused the Jews to return to and conquer the Land of Israel]. But the Jewish people’s main weakness emerges at this early stage. Its shoulders are too feeble to carry the heavy burden; the Jews always aspire to victory, but they are not willing to devote the necessary effort, sacrifice or sweat to achieve this end.

The Jews have learned and must still learn, says al Baghdadi, that there is no victory without sacrifice. [Al Qaeda’s followers, in contrast, are ready at all times to make personal sacrifices].

To this day, the Jews have not discovered that which heaven imparted to us [the Muslims], that Allah grants victory only to he who dares cross the threshold and face danger alone. But the sons of Israel want God to go before them and win their victory for them.

The writer here differentiates between God’s authentic representatives and Jews who, he says, make cynical use of the divinity.

Stage Two: Throughout the generations it transpired that Jews, unlike Muslims, do not fear Allah and are incapable of understanding that the world’s moving force is fear of Allah, not of people. For example, they are even more afraid to fight for the Promised Land than they are of God. [Ed. This argument attempts to portray the Jews as cowards who are scared to fight for their paramount value, the Promised Land, and willing to give away parts in order to shirk war.)

For this reason, says the al Qaeda essayist, the Jewish people does not find it hard to break the covenant between God and Abram, which awarded the Land of Israel to the Jewish people for all generations. [Ed.The writer is referring to Brith Habetarim, Genesis 15: 18. In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates.]

That is why Allah has despaired of the Jews, in the view of the al Qaeda essayist. After bequeathing them every possible means for securing victory and independence, God found his effort had been in vain. Therefore the time has come to get rid of the Jews, because that is Allah’s wish, al Baghdadi concludes.

He then discusses the best timing for a strike against the Jews. He warns that if it delivered too early, it could miss its objective.

In another article in the same magazine, President George W. Bush is challenged as a religious Christian. If he believes in the apocalyptical Gogmagog final battle against the “people of God”, says the writer sarcastically, why not let him have that final battle?

Much of the Camel’s content delves into the Scriptures to fabricate theological weapons for the radical Islamic war against Christians and Jews, thereby also supporting al Qaeda’s territorial ambitions. The voices behind the articles bluntly place the conflict between Islam and the West in the religious-territorial arena rather than the moral-social sphere.

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