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Amen, Amen on your last sentence...!!! The sooner the better.

Yitzy Nisenbaum

police all over the world will see this as an example and they too will say that if "jewish" police can hurt and beat on the jewish people then for sure we can. if the jews can exile jews then for sure e can. if the jews can't get along with eachother, must we get along with them. tell sharon that an unthoughtful jew-hater can't take charge of a jewish nation.

Dennis Moran

Of all of the countries which have been destroyed throughout history, the ones most easily destroyed have been the ones which suffered a leadership vacuum. Even without being militarily attacked, vacillation in leadership on all of the domestic aspects and issues leads to incohesiveness, then fragmentation, and then the dissolution of society. Israel's back is more and more to the wall (again) and what is sorely needed in this time of mounting crisis is a Golda, or a Churchill, or a Selassie, or a Red Cloud, to generate unity in direction and effort. It is clear that the PA is immediately out to spend - in advance - their G-8 money, on bombs. If the Israeli leadership doesn't real soon get a grip and start representing the interests of the Nation of Israel, they may find themselves on the sidewalk with the contents of their desk in a bag.

agree with Mr. Nisenbaum

I personally agree to the statements and train of thought of Mr. Nisenbaum and I feel that his point and message should be sent out by all to people all over the country, to jews all over the world, and yes, even to the Prime Minister himself. Be it via news-radio, newspapers, or even by word of mouth. Mr. sharon must understand that he is setting an example for the world at large, and he is not doing a very good job of it. If he feels pressure from the U.S., and they are so blind to see that this disengagement will just worsen the situation since we are dealing with terrorists, not human beings, the he should resign. Going through with it is not the answer. We have been living in this land thousands of years. It's our present from g-d. Does Sharon hold of himself as being greater than g-d to take g-ds present away from us. We have a love for OUR land. Trying to remove this love from us won't happen. Sharon is trying to divorce us from the land, not just to disengage us.


How many times have you heard some one say.If I was in his shoes I would do it different,If Mr Sharon was thrown out.Who would take his place?Mr Netanyahu?Was he not thrown out because people had lost confidence. Or Peretz?Sorry!same Story!
It shows that it is not the government, there is a deeper problem that problem my friend is Torah and us. The internal chaos is only brought about because everyone has his own idea of what the Torah says.Ask a hundred rabbi,s.You will get a hundred answers, all on one pasuk "you will not steal" How about "Do not covet your neighbours wife or anything that he has" Do these sentences hurt?Let us go a bit deeper! "You will not lie" What about a little teeny weeny itsy bitsy white lie. It ain't gonna hurt no one. WRONG!
Ya ain't seen nufin yet!!
"You shall have no other gods before me" says HaShem. Do you let your pride and arrogance get in the way of learning the simplest of pasuks like "Be holy because I am Holy" says HaShem.
Or does that mean?that since the Torah was given to us we do not have to abide by its teachings.You know what I mean? HaShem Knows me!He knows what I am like!He understands my failings. He knows my thoughts. EMBARRESSED yet,
I knew a man he went to the mikva every day(stum sofer)one day he collapsed coming out of the mikva, when he awoke his pillow was a pool of blood. The chachamim had vanished except for one person, who said nothing, a person entered and shouted "what's that?"pointing to the pool of blood. The person replied."That's mine" Trying to clean it the best he could. Where was the mercy? Where was the teaching of Hillel? Where was the Torah?
The problem is not Mr Sharon nor the government alone........nuf said

Dennis Moran

Those who seek to represent the Jewish People, also represent the Covenants that G-d has with the Jewish People. The two cannot be separated.

That is why the State of Israel exists today. And the position of leadership effectively makes Sharon a Moses. The reluctant Moses was appointed by G-d, but Sharon actively sought the position. In upholding his responsibilities to the Nation and the People, then, he may need to inquire of the Scriptures as to what he should do, rather than of the U.N. edicts and the Palestinian Manifesto. One cannot serve both G-d and the World.

Most of us don't believe that Sharon is lacking skill, but direction; and lack of direction produces vacillation; and vacillation is ready prey for political pressures which ill-serve the Jews.

Israel's political situation is the most longstanding difficulty the world has seen since the Hundred-years War, and none of it was precipitated by Israel. Sharon may have, or may have not, underestimated what he was getting into. But give him credit for trying it on. Now, however, the divisive conditions in Israel - which have reached an apex during his administration - need his immediate and effective redress - or that of a successor.

For a person with a heart - and I'm thinking of Sharon, and of Bush and Blair, as well - , aspiring to high political office takes courage. Their decisions will involve not how to avoid getting Jews, or Americans, or Britons killed, but in today's world will mean finding a way in which the least number of them will get killed. And when any such leader has done their best, there is nothing wrong with finally passing that weighty scepter...


Mr D Moran
Those who seek to represent the Jewish People, also represent the Covenants that G-d has with the Jewish People. The two cannot be separated.
These words are music to my ears.Why? Because every JEW in the world is here to represent the jewish people. To Glorify the name of HaShem.
How? To live the life that will not bring shame upon himself nor on the name of HaShem.By Keeping the covenant(Sabbath). Living according to the Ten commandments.Keeping the covenant(The circumcision).

מרגלית פנחס

The opinion of the world bank has been unanimosly adopted by almost all Israelis.The world bank said that the Israeli government is among the most corrupt and mafious organization of the world/ Hence ,whatever they try to sell us in decisions of the so called majority or the remarks of the high court or the administration of the Zahal army , all these are a big Kishkush, whatever they do or declare is absolutely illegal according to the rules in the world effort against corruption. The only thing they can do legally is to get out and prepare for new elections. Margalith,Haifa

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