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Mendel podhowitz

Maybe Michael could be an example and leave his castle in Rannana and move to kedumim or some other place in the Shomron. It's easy to write from your perch from your safe home and advise others to move to dangerous areas. Get a real job.

Yishai Kohen

Jews don't only have to live in YeShA (and I live in YeShA on a Gush Emunim yishuv). In fact, it is vital that articulate and intelligent people such as Michael DAVKA live in cities where they can make an impact on others. This is exactly why the yeshivas of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Dimona, and elsewhere were established; to strengthen the people in these place.

That having been said, a fundamental problem that exists is that the YeShA Council is so inept. Everyone talks about it, but nobody does anything about it. Kfar Maimon was a microcosm of just how lacking they are; both strategically, as well as tactically. The masses came, and then Moetzet YeShA basically killed the whole momentum by letting everyone get "trapped" inside the gates of the community. Easily contained, it was over before it even began. In fact, it seems to me that the whole manner in which they dealt with the ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the Northern Shomron was just empty bluster.

We need leadership that can think strategically as well as tactically; leadership that is effective and forward-thinking. What we have now certainly isn't.

Shy Guy

In Michael's article, it states:

HERE IN Israel, the Right could initiate a "No New Withdrawals" oath which would require politicians to solemnly declare that they will never agree to yield territory or uproot Jewish communities.

This has already been dismissed by Netanyahu in his press conference yesterday, announcing his candidacy.

He stated that there will be no more unilateral withdrawals, where there is no reciprocation from the Palestinian side.

In other words, if the Pals were ever to fool (again and again and again) the Israeli politicians, Netanyahu would concede more land for peace.

Moshe Feiglin wouldn't.

A putsch within the Likud is highly needed.

Yishai Kohen

Feiglin is a non-starter. He may have the right idea, but is the wrong man to implement it.

Adina Kutnicki

All of the ideas in this article can be implemented via Professor Paul Eidelberg's clearly laid out plans.

I doubt there is any credible Jewish nationalist or Christian zionist supporter who is not familiar with Eidelberg's doctrine.

Tune into the Tamar Yonah Show for the Eidelberg Report, and look him up via NATIV online.

His plans are the ONLY ones that will save Israel from its suicidal "leaders". The fractured parties and their attendant corrupt party lists have led Israel from one disaster to another.

Unless the people take his plan/vision seriously, the country will disintegrate slowly before everyone's eyes. This is a fact.


Clearly, The attacks of a lion or a bear are thwarted well, but it there a cure for the venom from the viper once it has started taking effect? I happen to like the book of Amos.

Brana Lobel

The goal: a strengthened (in Torah and land) even expanded Israel.
The strategy: first, a leader who will keep this goal.
Question: who?
Possibly, each candidate should be approached for his own views and commitments:

Possibly a coalition will win. This may (or may not) have to be a process that goes in stages. Depends on gut reaction of majority of Israelis.

In short, a laundry list of goals and objectives needs to be developed (culling from Eidelberg and others) and a reading gotten from the potential candidates.

I suggest that this be done very quickly, using whatever pull people have to talk to these gentlemen.

Anthony Rose

Jonathan Pollard gave up his freedom for Israel.
Ariel Sharon gave up Israel for his freedom.

Once you understand that,then you understand that in order for Sharon to keep his freedom, he has to continue giving away parts of Eretz Yisroel.

Victor Passenheim

Mr. Freund says, "Only if we move assertively and confidently forward, following a clear game-plan and with faith in the justness of our cause, can we prevent the next round of retreat, withdrawals and defeat."

But that alone won't do it. Nothing short of civil war will. You can not reason with traitors in a country that more resembles a fascist state than it does a democracy.


The head line The road Map to the Right is very much like a mirror image of the Road to the left.Bothe are fill with with promises,but in the end politics are politics and may the best man win.Or is it May the best propaganda team win.
There is the Road that neither swerves to the right nor to the left.It is the road of Avraham Avinu.No propaganda is needed just honesty truth and utmost trust in HaShem. Those who think that they are in charge can close all doors block avenues use all manner of tricks to suppress a person but HaShem will have the final say.
Mida Cneged Mida.
If we reject HaShem and His Torah
If we do not keep Shmittah what will HaShem do?If we use the excuse the it is not in the juridiction of Israel or Torah,What will HaShem do?They have brought the judgement of Torah upon themselves,Their own words will entrapped them.The Sabbath is the day of rest even in the seventh year.It is sad that lessons are not learnt until it's too late.
The Rachamim HaShem showed is that there were no deaths in the disengagement.Which is more than the mercy we show to the infant in the womb.The killing still goes on.In the Right and in the Left.And propaganda covers it up.Right!or is it Left!

Dov Gordon

Hi Michael,

In this op-ed carried by the Jewish Press this week, I believe I've shown why your roadmap is dead-end wrong.

"How Not to Fight Future Disengagements."

Otherwise, keep up the good work. ;-)


Jonathan Abbett

Dov's article is very compelling, and I think his critiques of the "Roadmap for the Right" are accurate. However, in my opinion, what's still missing from either article is a clear view of the Right's political endgame.

During the disengagement fiasco, those opposed came off as merely supporting the status quo (maintain Gaza and continue to deflect rocket attacks), whereas Sharon was offering change, albeit an unfortunate one. Sharon figuratively said, "I'm going to take action and try to establish a politically and militarily defensible international border between Gaza and Israel proper," and people bought it -- not because it was the best move, but because it was the only move.

Those of us who care about Eretz Yisrael need to put our heads together and define a clear-cut destination. Is it Alon's transfer plan? Is it the annexation of Judea and Samaria? Is it the completion of the anti-terror barrier and the annexation of the lands within it? Will it involve the reclaiming of holy sites that Mr. Freund suggests in his latest JPost piece?

No more interim agreements, no more half-assedness. It's time to put forth a plan that ends with normalcy and spells out every step along the way.


This pledge will not work - for the simple reason that Israeli politicians are shielded from voters' wrath by the system of party voting, rather than district voting.

The pledges work in the US because the politicians know that if they stray from what the voters IN THEIR DISTRICT want, a relatively small and active band of voters can end their political careers.

Here in Israel we vote for parties. There is no such pressure or accountability. People can build political careers by working the system.

Look at how difficult it is to unseat the political hacks in the Likud. The only tools available are indirect and it takes a lot of focus to pinpoint particular pols.

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