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Aaron Eitan Meyer

Apparently the way that terrorism is to be 'fought' is by surrendering to it. Very Zen of Sharon, and it is to be hoped he finds enlightenment. However, he would be better served in his apparent quest for Nirvana by means that do not result in the destruction of the nation he spent most of his life defending. He has now done what King Fahd, King Saud, King Hussein, Gamal Abd el-Nasser, Anwar Sadat, Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeinei, Bashir el-Assad, Yassir Arafat, Abu Nidal, Hajj Amin el-Husseini, and all the other enemies of the Jews have not been able to accomplish since the Roman era - the eradication of Jewish presence in part of Israel.

And for what? More promises that have as much credibility as an Al Sharpton discourse on racism? Disaster looms, and Sharon is fueling the flames. I now fear for Israel in a way no war nor intifada could instill.

Keith David



Let us come to grips with a few facts.Mr Sharon is not Titus and reincarnation is a myth.
Over 2,000 years ago HaShem paid a visit to Ceasar in Rome.So the Gemara says.He said to Ceasar"Go to Jerusalem and erase the Temple" Ceasar was not happy at idea and declined the offer,Again he was told to go to Jerusalem.Ceasar replied "Do I have to?,I know what you did with Babylon and the other kings,and I don't want to be punished."
He again was told to go.The brave Ceasar really had no desire to go to Jerusalem and tried do do what Jonah did,(im shinui)with a difference.He got some arrows flung them into the air to see in which direction they would land.With this sorcery they did not do what he wanted,All the arrows landed towards Jerusalem,not satisfied he asked a child (lo cachum velo tipesh)what does this all mean.
Outcome.He sent Titus,when he arrived he was taken on a sight seeing tour,The height of the tour was the Temple.In the temple was some fresh blood on the floor. Titus aked"whose blood is this?"The Cohenim answered " sacrifices"Naturally Titus wanted to play,and requested do do abit of sacrificing.The blood of all his sacrifices dried up,but this particular blob of blood remained fresh.He asked again"whose is this blood?"he could see that there was something unnatural.After alot of umming and ahhhhing. They admitted it was the blood of Zecharia the prophet and they had killed him.Why because Zecharia had told the people to return to HaShem(sounds familiar doesn't it) They did not want to do tshuva,Sooo they killed him.His blood was on the floor from that day.......HASHEM GAVE 400 YEARS FOR THE PEOPLE TO DO TSHUVA....Until Titus came. Ceasar passed the buck or is it dinar?People were killed by the thousands it is written the streets ran with blood.Finally Titus cried out.ZECHARIA!ZECHARIA!MUST I KILL EVERYONE TO GIVE YOUR BLOOD REST!With that the blood rested.Titus asked that if it took so many poeple to die to give the blood of Zecharia rest,how many would it take for him.He did Tshuva.He did not chicken out.
I am sad that this generation will not do what Titus did.Tshuva.To see the mistakes. This does not excuse all the deaths it does not excuse all the abortions before the 9 months or after.After?Yes after the baby is born.If the parents are not satisfied with the product.
Mr Bush (USA),Mr Sharon(Israel)both countries are guilty of abortion .From heads of state To the layman all who agree to the slaughter and do nothing.
Lip service is that democracy exists.
Reality is the baby has no rights. More emphasis is placed on the Expulsion from Gush Katif.And not a thing on the EXPULSION of the baby from the womb.
Maybe just maybe in alittle while the light at the end of the tunnel will be switched off.And for many the chance to do Tshuva will be over.

Brad J

PM Sharon is neither a coward nor a re-incarnated Titus.

I will not forget the good that Ariel Sharon did in the defense of Israel his entire life.

That being said, I do believe PM Sharon is wrong in implementing the pullout. That is all.

Time will tell (if the expulsion goes forward as it appears it will) whether or not this disengagement was a success or a collassal blunder.


Reincarnation is not a myth. (I'm not saying any thing about Sharon) Read Derch H'

Arkansas Bushwhacker

Amazing how Bush can see things one way when it comes to Iraq, and then turn around and expect that placating terrorists will somehow work differently in Israel's case. I wonder if Bush can even see the hypocrisy of what he has pushed Sharon to do.

Well, he keeps telling us here in the U.S. that Islam is really a "religion of peace." So I guess we know where things stand!

The worst thing about the Gaza withdrawal, aside from all the people losing their homes and property (as if that were not bad enough!), is that the withdrawal will not bring ANY real advancement in the peace process. The jihadists will not rest until there IS no state of Israel, and all the Jews are driven out, or dead. They have said it so often that one wonders how politicians can continue to ignore such a blatant fact when they are busy hatching their latest scheme for 'peace.'

And as if the Moslems themselves are not impossible enough to deal with, both in the United States and in Israel you have all the hate-America, hate-Israel leftists, the whole 'give peace a chance' flower-power crowd, and assorted other varieties of dangerous and deranged moonbats, who only embolden the terrorists and undermine any serious efforts on the home front to realistically deal with the enemy.

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