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Robert K.

For the upmteenth time. You are beating your head on the wall. Israel is a banana republic leftist dictatorship and all your pleas for Israeli policy policy "to stop being guided by wishful thinking and by the fantasies of the left, and to start facing the reality that our foes can not be appeased, only defeated" are pathetic.

Get your head out of the sand and say it is time we overthrew this government system and brought democracy to Israel.

Kristan Louisville

Truer words were never spoken!

Hirsch (N/A)

All I can say, is we better hope Netanyahu isn't the next leader (good luck to Landau and Feiglin)or things will probably not change too much for the better.... (see:http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9701/16/hebron.debate/)



M. Metcalf

August 28, 2005


Muhammad Deif, Hamas master-mind, on latest released video since the Withdrawal:

"The Hamas will not disarm and will continue the struggle against Israel until it is erased from the map,""You conquered our land. Today you are leaving Gaza, humiliated." For the Jews, he continued, "all of Palestine will become hell."


Is anyone paying attention?

Those who are able to dictate and determine the next moves in the Middle East, such as USA Presdent Bush and USA Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, and all their advisors, and Israel’s government leaders, are interpreting the Hamas statement entirely backwards. They are believing the claim that Israel conquered the land from the Palestinians, and disbelieving the Islamic terrorist threats. Israel did not take any land from a country called Palestine. There was no such sovereign country! And Palestinians? Anyone living in the Holy Land before 1967 could be classified as such, including Jews! To designate only Arabs as Palestinians is misleading at best, and definitely is sending out a false message to anyone not familiar with the history of the Middle East.

Besides, the land all belongs, by G_d’s Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to Israel. If they have overtaken the Land, it is their G_d-given right of inheritance to do so! Those refusing to understand the ramifications of the Abrahamic Covenant are placing themselves in opposition to G_d Himself! And, they fail to recognize the danger!

Israel’s reaction via the Foreign Ministry: “"Deif's statements threaten the chances to renew the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, as Israel continues to demand the disarming of such factions."

Who said the terrorists actually want peace? It appears Mahmaud Abbas is the only Palestinian leader even broaching the subject of sitting down to discuss picking up any pieces of the peace process, and even he does not sound convincing! He has not complied with any demands which were prerequisite to the peace process going forward. He has already stated he has no intention of taking steps toward disarming anyone in the terrorist camp.

Israel has unilaterally, without receiving even one concession or promise in return, become an international diplomatic laughing-stock. The Palestinians and their allies perceive Israel’s withdrawal and retreat from Gaza and the northern Shomron as capitulation in the face of the terrorist pressures. Their violent underhanded, and destructive tactics apparently have been so successful, they plan on increasing these activities in the West Bank and in Jerusalem, in order to hasten further Israeli withdrawals! “Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem” was Mahmaud Abbas’s statement at a Palestinian celebration pep-rally in Gaza City last week, partying as the withdrawal continued to uproot, displace, and dispossess honest law-abiding Jews. So, the well-dressed terrorist, Mr. Nice Guy, is showing his true colors! Is anyone listening? Peace? He has declared War!!

However, what is even more curious is President Bush’s radio address following the Withdrawal: "The Palestinians must show the world that they will fight terrorism and govern in a peaceful way. We demand an end to terrorism and violence in every form because we know that progress depends on ending terror. And we will continue working for the day when the map of the Middle East shows two democratic states - Israel and Palestine - living side by side in peace and security."

And, the USA is "fully committed to defending the security and well-being of our friend and ally Israel," "We will continue to help the Palestinians to prepare for self government and to defeat the terrorists who attack Israel and oppose the establishment of a peaceful Palestinian state."

Palestinians governing in a peaceful manner? Would someone please explain how Islamic idealism lends itself to peaceful democratic governance? I would assume President Bush has bought into the equation that democracy equals peace, and that all religions can operate effectively in an atmosphere of multi-cultural secular humanism. Says who? Democracy does not always guarantee peace! Besides, Islam does not lend itself to multi-culturalism, secular humanism, or democracy! Democracy and Islam in the same sentence is an oxymoron! Elections? Perhaps. But democracy? In his dreams!

Assisting the Palestinians in defeating terrorists who attack Israel? Hello!? According to Abbas’ and Hamas’ statements, the terrorists are planning to attack Israel relentlessly! The stabbings and suicide bombing of the past couple of days are just the opening rounds, and prove the terrorists actually do mean what they are saying! Their plan for Israel is to increase terrorism to pressure more withdrawals!

Israel and Palestine living side-by side in peace and security? Do the terrorists oppose the establishment of a peaceful Palestinian state, as Bush apparently believes? They don’t oppose the formation of a peaceful Palestinian state, as long such a state is Islamic, and Israel is permanently eliminated from the world map! The Palestinians have no intention of co-existing in peace and security with an Israeli state existing anywhere on the planet, let alone right next door! Sure, they will pursue peace and security, AFTER they have annihilated Israel, and won their proclaimed “Holy War!”

It certainly is comforting to know one is appreciated as a friend and ally when that friend vows to prove it by assisting the avowed enemy! With friends like Bush, who needs enemies?

So, President’s Bush has a dream. We all must ask, what did he eat for supper? Because, unfortunately, his indigestion is developing into a nasty nightmare! He’d best wake up now, and face the real world!

It has been stated that war in the mind of one is a state of war itself. The Palestinian terrorists and their Arab allies have declared WAR! World War III has officially begun!

steven peled

We deal with an enemy within,much more destructive than the one from without.You fault President Bush for looking after the interests of the people of the United States,likening him to an adversary status. Yet you continue to be lead by people that often look after their own narrow interests.One cannot butter his bread on both sides,choose new leaders.choose new realities.If they are not just,they will not stand.But most importantly,choose your battles wisely, for our enemy is a master at appealing most to our enemy own within, and their are many more battles to come.


It is quiat a growing phenomanon that as obvious as Isreals enemy's intent is for your desruction,the more Isreal's goverment as well as most all global government's ability to ignore the truly frightning reality of the current policies, there intent on implamenting.For some odd ideal of Land for peace.Why is this so clear to you and I?


It is quait a growing phenomanon, that as Isreals enemy's intent is obvious, that Isreal own govenmemt, as well as nearly all other governments, seem to be unable or unwilling by either ignorants or malice to recongnize the frieghting course set by there governing policie.For some odd ideal of Land for Peace.

steve peled

BIBI? Someone left the cake out in the rain,and it took so long to make it, and it took so long to bake it, and Ill never have that recipe again, oh noooooo.........


This "alternative approach to Israeli political commentary" is awfully conventional. In fairness, it's not Leftist, and that's different. But it is remarkable how few new ideas Freund offers.

Aaron Eitan Meyer

The key words to the whole article are 'wishful thinking.' Take away the pressure coming from the White House, take away the nonsensical international acclaim, and you end up with wishful thinking, which is what has doomed leaders since before Avraham left Ur.


To leave the land is not humiliation.Let us remember Yeremiyahu who warned the people to be ready to go into babylon.The wise ignored what he said.Our Prophet replied,"Only if we do tshuva shlema HaShem will change His decree.If we continue to rebel against Him we will have to visit Bavel against our will for seventy years"It is recorded we spent Seventy years in Bavel.
The enemies of Israel will only have the upper hand if we keep rejecting the teachings of the Torah.
Let us awake from our slumber in Israel and in the rest of the world.

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