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steven peled

anyone who gas spent the night,or a shabbat evening amongst settlers,or religious people,whatever you want to call that segment of society, that stil reflects on things other than crash commercialism,knows that they are a peaceful bunch.rather than say, ha! i knew i wasnt the devil you say i was, i point to the fact that the left, or secularists, or globalists, or whatever you want to call that segment of society that wants to behave just like they are in moscow, or tokyo, or new york, all and at the same time, they have failed in their attempt to turn the organs of the state in a violent way against her citizens.the left has been wringing water from a rock this week in attempting to bring more images of a jewish army shooting its own citizens.this whole confrontation,wholly manufactured,was designed not only to attempt to create a rift between the nation, it was hoped that israel would behave like all the nations, especially in the region , in dealing with dissent.From africa to asia minor,there is a tacit understanding that most dissent results in bloodshed and that nation's troops being violently turned on its own people.It is that attempt at imposing the status quo that has failed here, and i see a much brighter and stronger future for israel in that fact that the attempted imposition, or reimposition if you feel cognisant that things have been changing for a while now, has failed.I dare not say, in this attempt, for there will be many more attempts, and trials, to impose upon us, what we are not.they shall ultimately fail, too.

Yehudit Yerushalmi

Violence and violent images were avoided at the cost of capitulation and defeat. I hope you all still think it is worth it once Hamas starts to deliver the promised "goods."

Sharon Musalem

I supported the settlers until I saw how they shouted and screamed at the soldiers. You can it dignity when a Jew accuses a fellow Jew of being a Nazi? There can be no comparison between what the Nazi did to the Jews, and the evacuation of people from their homes with a year's advance notice, alternative housing pre-arranged, and generous compensation. What about the settlers' cynical exploitation of children for their political views? Like I said I used to support the settlers but now I think they are an extreme element that must be watched carefully. Kol Hakavod to the army and police for keeping their cool in the face of such disgusting abuse.

Aaron Eitan Meyer

Honestly, the worst media bias has always been in regards to Israel vis a vis the Arabs. So it logically follows that the Gazans would be the target if there had to be a story of Israelis vs. Israelis. Ratings are indeed considered far more important than truth.




to yehudit yerushalmi:
First of all, try to understand the feelings of those who were uprooted completely against their will from land they built up from sand into flourishing communities for 30 years. Secondly you say, "with a year's advance notice, alternative housing pre-arranged, and generous compensation."--- In point of fact, the alternative housing has not been pre-arranged and in fact the few meager "caravillas" that were made (not even close to their beautiful houses) turned out to flood with sewage due to inadequate preparation and are not liveable. There is NO PLAN and never was for "generous compensation" and it still very much remains to be seen what the nature of any compensation will be. In the meantime many dispossessed people are relying on the kindness of their brothers for food and basics since the government has abandoned them. Not to mention the cases of people dumped in the middle of no particular place and left to find their own way.


Sharon Musalem, when the IDF comes to evict you from your home to give a victory to Hamas, let's see if you will keep your restraint in the face of such an abuse to your basic human and property rights. There is a reason why the 2nd amendment gives US citizens the right to bear arms-as a check on a tyrannical government that would try to use a large standing army (forbidden by article 1, section 8, point 11) as a tool to persecute its citizens. You see if this sort of thing were to happen against Americans, you can be sure they would put up a real fight.


Gaza belongs to the people of Israel. No one can take it away. No one has the right to give it away.


The situation is quite disasterous,for a number of reasons.To see the people leaving with the manorah,the Torahs.Even to see some of the posters in Jerusalem, of when Titus came and destroyed the city.We saw in our generation the same events that happened 2000 years ago.Without the massacres.
Why would HaShem allow such a thing?Maybe just maybe it is because we have not learnt the lessons of galut.AND what caused it.We blame everyone else and never look at our vineyard.We overlook the vines over run with all manner of weeds being choked.Let us clean up our vineyard before HaShem says enough it is time for the Great Din.In which no man can run away from.
I heard it once said do everything that the Rabbi says even if it is wrong,the judgement is on the Rabbi.A reply came,"That has already been done in Gan Eden. When Adam blamed his wife,she blamed the snake and the snake had no leg to stand on" Each one is responsible for his life.
Let us set the standard for upright living.Honesty and Truth being the banner.Our children being our jewels to HaShem."Create in me a clean heart and renew an upright spirit in me"

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