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Steve Klein

We have come to learn that both Egypt and the US have urged Israel to transfer the money to the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority, at least during the period of a transitional government inside the PA. This in no way excuses the bad decision of Israel's cabinet.

After watching Secretary of State Rice's intense pressure on Israel's Defense Minister, to allow virtually unrestricted border crossing from Egypt into Gaza and back --- and who knows how much armaments have flowed into Gaza? --- one wonders how much pressure has been brought to bear from the administration in this instance.

Why would the Bush administration insist, "The United States is not prepared to fund an organization that advocates the destruction of Israel, that advocates violence and that refuses its obligations..." etc., and then ask that Israel fund it?

This makes the Bush administration look good and Israel look bad. Then later on, administration apologists will ask, "why should the U.S. be more Catholic than the pope?" Why, if Israel is determined to fund an organization that advocates the destruction of Israel, cannot America do the same?

The same rationale was made on the Gaza expulsion. "If Prime Minister Sharon is determined to expel thousands of Jews from their homes, who is the U.S. president to stop him?"

M. D'Souza

It's time for Israel to get rid of this unelected Kadima government run by political opportunists.

Olmert is not going to annihilate the Arab terrorists that want to destroy Israel and kill the Jews. He is good at sending police and their horses in riot gear to intimidate Jewish settlers and demolish their homes.

Israel has got a slick bulldozer this time, that selectively demolishes Jewish homes, and leaves illegal Arab and Bedouin settlements untouched.

Mark Walker

You have not taken into account that Olmert is EVIL. If you reread Orwell's Animal Farm after Napoleon takes over, you can better describe your acting PM, and perhaps find a way to stop him and his ilk.

Albert Cheng

Dear Mr Freund,

Wow! This column of yours really opened my eyes. I had no idea the present Israeli would even consider funding her terrorist enemies! I don't even think the European Union has gone that far! Well, keep up the good work exposing stories not covered by the mainstream media regarding Israel.

By the way I just sent you an e-mail message with some questions on it. Please get back to me when you can. I can be reached at: merrygo8@yahoo.ca. I hope to hear from you soon! Take care.

With best wishes,



I think that the response to this funding of the PA should to ban Israeli Bonds and any other source of funds to Israel. These lines of funding are indirectly funding terrorists.


The Whole Scenario Is Deja Vu; RePlay, RePlay, RePlay! Who Brought Arafat Back Only To Give Him And The Palestinians Funds, Guns, And More Funds? All He Had To Do Was Play The Game. Tell Yisrael, The US, EU, Quartet, And The World What They Want To Hear: Acknowledge Yisrael. Yet, Their Aims Remain The Same: Destroy Yisrael. In The Very Same Manner Hamas Is Now Being Given Directions On This To Receive A Green Light And All The Friendly Nations Of The World Will Continue To Play The Game Of Recognizing And Accepting Yisrael All The While BankRolling Its Aggressors, Hamas. There Must Be Some Kind Of World Power Brokers At Work Here, Don't You Think? Yanatan


The funding problem is just a part of the over all coundrum faced by Isreal, foremost and the rest concerd secound.What to do with such hostile groups and states with in such a short distanse.There is no good soulotion,franky the best earthly chance is for the states and groups so veretly hostile towerd Isreal to be presured to recongnize Isreal.Now.Not at some utopian peace plan sighning seramony,but NOW.No exuse or delay.Continued expetence of the mirad of hostile groups and states,till some peace plan is formulated is not expcetable.And funding PA groups with collected revanues is not helping the conflict.It only adds to the danger of the current course.


The decision of the Israeli government to hand over $55 million in tax dollars to the PA is so bizarre that it could headline in the theater of the absurd. It would appear that there are those who truly believe that Mr. Abbas will be more popular amongst his people and that Israel will be viewed in a more respected manner by the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians if we give them more money. There is no question that the only ones getting a good laugh out of this are our Arab enemy and not just the "Palestinians". They are laughing in Riyahd, Cairo, Amman, Baghdad and Teheran. The madman in Iran is in hysterics. As far as Mr. Olmert refusing to open up an investigation of police conduct during the riots at Amona, it is clear that this will be the downfall of this tyrannical and despotic leader. His fear and hatred for the settler movement will ultimately result in his political defeat. It would be wise for him to welcome such an investigation, so he can appear that he has no bias toward any group in Israel. Yesterday's demonstration in Jerusalem should be the first of many, many more. We must keep a proverbial "fire" underneath these scoundrels in the government. We must gird our loins and prepare for a protracted battle with the government to assure that the police involved in these brutal attacks be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

kim segar

The truth is , every nation including America is funding and appeasing Terror !!Bush talks with a fork tongue. Is basicly walking the US in the same direction as Israel, with open borders and over 25,000,000 ilegals who have come in and more each day, to say nothing of those on visa's.There is no doubt that the US and Israel will experience a deadly war that will make Hitler look like a nice guy so to speak. The scripture says ALL nations go against Israel, it also says those against their own brethern will have double punishment. We all know Islam wants to rule the world. Any idiot knows you don't appease and nation build for Hamas or any of them who are joined in the same plan. G-d's Fury is coming. If Israel and the American people do not expell the corupton and vote them out, will be destroyed along with the rest of us. It could be so easy really to have destroyed and rid our lands of all of them. Why didn't we? It's called greed, evil and money. PC is killing the world, and now , no surprise to me, Russia and China stand together, and will hit on Israel and the US as they will protect Iran, who even if taken to the UN among friends..will side with Iran.The leaders who all want the one world gov is in for a rude awakening. Those who fight for the land, even those in America who love her and her G-d, will rejoice in that day when its all over and our King rules from Jerusalem...Forever!! No one will have an excuse. It was the Catholic's who were the crusaders, not the real believer's. All those churches today who are uniting with the POPE, are not the church. the diversters..will have no excuse. Anyone for the roadmap..is not of G-d. Even the silent ones who do not bless Israel all the way, do not belong to my G-d. Scripture tells us they are against Almighty G-d, yet on they go, paving their way to hell.To many G-dless wimps going along to get along. Yet it says, the Lord will come and say He never knew them.They will have NO EXCUSE. soon Russia and all Persia will attack Israel, and Israel wil take them on.G-d will be with her. In the end..Israel will win and all Israel will be saved..The enemy destroyed.


Israel will never win this world, I tell why!! cause they are Murders, they kill to many messengers and prophets, do you really believe God will Forgive them that easy. I don't think so

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