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This is the problem with what people are calling the "erev ra" The Politico's in Israel are pretending that they are like other nations, and in fact they are trying to pretend they are a super power like the US and their cockeyness in regards to the enemy is psychotic. If Mexico was a hostile force sending bombers on to the US soil there wouldn't be an attitude like the leaders of our holy land. Our enemies call for our destruction and we are taking a very lax and lathargic response. I unfoutunately feel that if we don't wake up our enemies will make sure that we will, may Hashem protect us.

M. D'Souza

Olmert seems to have borrowed John F.Kerry's (failed presidential candidate of 2004 US election) flip-flops. They were not the one-size-fits-for-all type. It's no wonder that Olmert's gait is zigs and zags on Hamas. It's time for Israeli voters to trip this guy in the forth-coming election.


Mr. Olmert's decision to permit international funding of Hamas, will only send a signal to the world that if Israel can legitimize Hamas, then the rest of the world can do so as well. In the case of the United States, I imagine there will be legal difficulties, as Hamas is listed as a foreign terorist organization on the State Department List and it is illegal for any US citizen to make a financial contribution to Hamas. Besides Russia, Venezuela and other non-Muslim countries who have already voices their support for Hamas and their willingness to recognize them as a legitimate government and representative of the "Palestinian" people, there will no doubt be other European countries who would be more than willing to jump on the Hamas bandwagon. It is apparent that Mr. Olmert possesses a self destructive predeliction. Supporting blood thirsty terrorists who seek the annihilation of Israel cannot be accepted or tolerated by the civilized world. Shame on Mr. Olmert.

Lowell Blackman

Who is Ehud Olmert?
Ehud Olmert was never elected to be prime minister, and merely heads an interim caretaker government. Always a political opportunist, he jumped the Likud ship when he understood that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon viewed him first and foremost as a Sharon loyalist without any real political ideals or ideology. The party to which he had belonged his whole political life, Likud, placed him 27th on the party list. (In Israel, one chooses a party, not individual candidates by constituencies, and so the more votes a party receives, the more members of its party list serve in the Knesset.)
Ehud Olmert is, in essence, an accidental prime minister, thrust into the role by the untimely demise of Ariel Sharon.
Ehud Olmert, in a speech before an appeasement-minded American audience, amazingly addressed the Arab enemies of Israel as follows: "We are tired of fighting. We are tired of being courageous. We are tired of winning. We are tired of defeating our enemies."
His wife, Aliza, is a Charter Member of "Women in Black", an organization of Arabs and Jews whose loyalty to the State of Israel is questionable.
His son, Shaul, belongs to the extreme left group, "Yesh G'vul". He was arrested as a deserter from the Israeli Army. He now lives in New York.
His son, Ariel, never even served in the Israeli Army. He lives in Paris.
His daughter, Donna, a self-professed lesbian, is a member of the Machsom Watch. This is a group of women who endanger the lives of Israeli soldiers by deliberately interfering with their work to prevent Arab terrorists from entering Israel at various checkpoints.
Ehud Olmert is not responsible for the behavior, choices, or beliefs of his adult children, yet given their own world views and their hostility to Israel, one wonders about his own parenting, his personal judgment, his stewardship, and his ability to lead a nation in one of its most trying times. One wonders about the extent to which the spirit of Zionism was nurtured in his household to make his children belittle the core ideology of our nation and to scoff at our ideals.

H Tobin

I was unaware of Mr Olermert`s family. What`s going on here. The Trojan horse story seems to play a part. As a dedicated Israel supporter I`m fearful of what the rest of the world will think. The next thing he will invite the Hammas leaders for lunch. I know you must talk to your enemies, but they have to know the ground rules. We will have the usual Israel giving with no return.

Fern Sidman



The gang that kidnapped, tortured and brutally murdered Ilan Halimi, 23, had threatened several prominent businessmen, lawyers and a well-known humanitarian activist, a French newspaper reported Saturday. The daily Liberation reported that the group behind the murder, which authorities have linked to anti-Semitism, tried to extort money from a founder of Medecins Sans Frontieres, or Doctors Without Borders. Also targeted were the director of the Arte TV channel, a Paris lawyer and the head of a supermarket chain, the newspaper reported, citing police officials.

Police investigating the murder of Halimi earlier this month have made several arrests. The suspected gang leader, was arrested Wednesday in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and France is seeking his extradition. Fourteen people have been placed under investigation - a step short of being charged - in the case, and two more people were detained Friday for questioning.

Ilan Halimi was abducted on January 21 after a woman came into the mobile phone store where he worked and charmed him into a dinner date. The first break in the case came after the police released an Identikit image of the woman suspected of "baiting" Halimi. After turning herself in our of fears that neighbors would identify her, the woman claimed that she was indeed asked to seduce a number of young men, but was unaware of the act's purpose. She identified the apartment where Halimi had been kept.

Halimi was found on February 13, tied to a tree, naked, wounded, handcuffed, gagged and covered with burn and cut marks on 80 percent of his body. Authorities found Halimi near railroad tracks in the Essonne region south of Paris a few days after the kidnappers ended contact with Halimmi's family. He died en route to a hospital.

"They acted with indescribable cruelty," the judiciary police chief leading the investigation said. "They kept him naked and tied up for weeks. They cut him and in the end poured flammable liquid on him and set him alight."

Halimi's family received a series of ransom demands - starting with one for nearly $537,000. Ilan Halimi's mother revealed to the Haaretz newspaper that the police told the family to ignore the gang's attempts to contact them for five critical days, after which Ilan was found near death outside the city. "Five days before Ilan was found, the police told us, 'Don't answer the phone, don't repond to text messages.' We saw dozens of calls and ignored them. On Thursday they found Ilan dead."

"We think there is anti-Semitism in this affair," Rafi Halimi, Ilan's uncle, told the press.

"First, because the killers tried to kidnap at least two other Jews, and second, because of what they said on the phone," Rafi Halimi added. "When we said we didn't have 500,000 euros to give them they told us to go to the synagogue and get it," Rafi said. "They also recited verses from the Koran."

Under questioning by investigators, one of the suspects "made it clear that he had attacked Ilan Halimi 'because he was Jewish, and Jews are rich".

"If Ilan hadn't been Jewish, he wouldn't have been murdered," Ilan's mom said. She accuses the police of ignoring the anti-Semitic motivation in the case in order not to alienate Muslims, Haaretz reported.

According to a recent article on this subject by Caroline Glick, she states, "It appears that Ilan Halimi's murderers had some connection to Hamas. Tuesday, French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said that police found propaganda published by the Palestinian Charity Committee or the CBSP at the home of one of the suspects. The European Jewish Press reported this week that Israel has alleged that the organization is a front group for Palestinian terrorists and that in August 2003 the US government froze the organization's US bank accounts, accusing it of links with Hamas."

It is clear that the French authorities remain callous and indifferent when it comes to Jews being murdered on their soil or anywhere else. This attitude was evidenced in their initial denial that anti-Semitism played a role in this murder and their expressed policy of ignoring any evidence of anti-Semitism.

This may be the first act of Hamas terrorism directed against a Jew outside of Israel, but clearly it won't be the last. Everyday, we are being saturated with the anti-Semitic diatribes of an Iranian President named Ahmadnajed, of Hamas leaders and leading intellectuals. We can no longer deny it. Anti-Semitism is in full swing. It can only get worse.

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