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Pritt Sehmi

This subject has been much on my mind.As this crops up quite often.The british inaffect are only doing what we do.
Example:A person came to a yeshive about 6 years ago.He was hoping to learn the truth of the Torah.Instead he found a yeshiva with every form of depravity,a people from the NE India were nicnamed shevet Ishmael,because of their midot.These people are Burmese.They would get drunk and cause trouble until the early hours of the morning.The head of the yeshiva did nothing,his interest was money.Please read earlier editions of this column.
There was a person who would not say alot but listened,he heard the depravity of the teachers,and the students.It took him finally 3 years to agree that these people have the midot worse than the arabs..even though he had not encountered many arabs in his lifetime.
This person when he began to speak,people said "you can not change the world"His reply was "I do not want to change the world,I don't want to be influenced by your vulgar culture"Alas the rabies closed many a door for him to go forward.To find work or learn because he did not fit into their corrupt mold.The work he found,always had a change of staff,the new staff consisted of morrocan contingency.Even the work place called "Amin"without the Idi.This person gave all the information of what he could do,The clerk altered everything to make it look as if this person knew nothing.This person said that He is computer skilled in the music field.He had a group of children in England,singing ,dance and drama.That he was a coach driver,taxi and a truck driver in England.Much the clerk aptly forgot until he was reminded.All this has been a story from the dark ages.The same rabies had closed all doors to earn a wage.Only HaShem answered when things got tough.The times they are still not easy.This person Told "Amin"without the Idi.That if he has to deal with a morrocan it is better not to deal with them.They have not replied.....Aaand we speak about a British Boycott....
May I say this person is a musician,an artist,a sofer stum....
Why have all the problems arisen??,because certain people with a collar{sorry that's notzeri}with a black hat and a beard,wanted to exploit him for his talents.Right RabiD'azooli?The deception knew no bounderies.They all wanted to build their homes on the back of another.They did not care of his condition.To stop his progress they spread rumours that he is an Arab,and a poufta{for those that are unaware of this exterminology,it means a queer,a homo....Right RabiD'pillock....
They tried to brainwash him and used the whole community to do it.By changing his name..Every person,be he a rabi or not was involved....Right RabiD'samiion....The contingency that I have spoken off have done this for the past 6 years..Why???you may ask.To break the persons spirit.and that without mercy.The Christian community that he has encountered have been far more honest,upright and true than this contingency that he has met.Truely a story from Sedom.The base people they have sent have threatened to break his fingers.That would put a stop to his playing.In a banquet hall the Mashgia or kashrut rabi from the rabinute offered him liver dripping with blood.Needless to say he did not eat it.AAAANNND we talk about the Great British Boycott>And we say the arabs are the problem!!!!I think it is time to go back to the drawing board,and read what the Torah says,sorry!!!the Tanach..It teaches far more truth than any morrocan I have encountered,be he of the clergy or not...
Today this person has sent all his music to England and it is played daily on the radio..The Disc "Mashu Pashut" will be out shortly.It is a compilation from three discs."Something Simple"."From the Otherside"."End of Trilogy"It is sad to say that,the venture could have helped many a people.But! The because dishonesty encountered,his attention has turned to England to further his goal...He is against abortion,homosexuality,theft,lies,adultery. Everything that the Torah states do not do....
Maybe he will return and work with the community that he left..You're probably saying "Good Riddance"
The person this is about is the one who has written these articles for the past year. Final Word
There is still time to do Tshuva,Like Noahs Ark,HaShem will wait until the very last moment..When He closes the door No Rabi,religious person or non will be able to open it....The doors the rabies closed are really wide open.How???They can finally kill the person as they have tried,and that door only HaShem is in control off.That door is their final judgement.
Pritt in the Indian Language{not the shevet Ishmael language}means a rest between two notes on a stringed instruement.The stringed instruement being the sitar..My Father was far wiser than any of the wise men I have met in the yeshivos..
In Hebrew it simply means to strum a stringed instruement.A music lesson from my late father,who was a brilliant musician on the sitar,tabalas,organ and piano,and an amazing vocalist.I am sorry I did not give the honour to my father that he deserved.A man of upright judgement.Let us think about things before we condemn England,Everything that happens here finally shows itself outside the land of HaShem.
Good Luck

Ahser Anzel Duvid

When will the British vacate the Carribean and the Virgin Island? When will the British Museum repatriate the looted items that were stolen from the people of the former British Empire?
When will Australia and New Zealand remove the British Cross from their flags?
The only people more smug than the French are the British.

Ian Jones

What an utter load of misunderstood rubbish has been posted here regarding this issue

1) Northern Ireland has long been an issue, but it is consistantly one with a common theme. It is a relatively poor country and needs supporting by English Taxpayers Money. The vast majority of residents either do not care or insist they remain British. Only a very small % of people actually WANT to be part of a greater Irish solution. the IRA does not fight for freedom from the english, but for control of the very lucrative business of the drug and protection rackets that are prolific. What started out as a religious fight for freedom has become nothing more than a fight for dirty money of which the population of Ireland both protestant and catholic want nothing to do with.

2) Both the Falklands and Gibralter proudly fly the English flag and want to remain under the protection of the British, if they didnt they only have to ask and they will be granted Independance immediately. But the inhabitants dont want to be handed over to another power who has more sinister motives for wanting to take control and we will not allow British Citizens (which is what they want to be) to be handed over against their will.



M. D'Souza

Britain itself is now being colonized by Muslims from all over the world, who want to make it their own Londonistan.

Wherever the British expansionism took place, they always patronized the Muslim minority in preference to the natives. That was their divide and rule policy. This rule partitioned many of the nations and made place for individual Islamic states.

What went around in their 'occupied territories' now comes around to haunt the British. Yet, they have the nerve to point a finger at Israel, while their three other fingers point to themselves.

Pritt Sehmi

I have read the comments that have proceeded after the article.What I am about to say may not be popular but it is the truth,The assumption is not based on pent up feelings or anger or racism.But a down to earth view of things.
All that has been written is of personal experience.It is not a story but reality.To come out that the British are hypocrites,Is putting everyone under one umbrella.I am sad to say that is what many Rabies teach.That the best gentile is worse than the worst jew,and should be treated as such....When the gentile comes up with anything against us no matter how minor,we cry "anti sehmitism,anti sehmitism!!!If we would have made comments such as these at school,we would have been repremanded and also we had to visit the head.
I would like to stress the british the british are held in high regard in many parts if India,for the education received.You can ask shevet Ishmael{Burmese}.If you beleive them!!!!
England as a nation will finally come against Israel,To this there is no doubt.It clearly states in Zecharia that all the nations will come agaist Yerushalaim,Including the Tribe of the Lion and King.Today there is a people that go by the name of the Lion and King,Approx 10,000,000 in the world.They too will come agaist Yerushalaim.These people are not Islamic,nor Hindu Nor Buddist nor jain,nor catholic.nor protestant.They are a people known for their kingship.Kirpal Kaur Sehmi the daughter,the princess of these people died April 27 2006.
It is written when the nations come against yerushalaim two thirds of the people of this land shall perish.Until the seige begins at Yerushalaim.The seige of yerushalaim is the final battle.......
We will become the slaves of truth to HaShem....AAAnnd servants to the world,All that come and inquire of HaShem,it will be our work to teach without lying,or hiding anything..What we failed to do in these 2,000 years,the gentiles did,and England played a very strong part in translating the scriptures into every language,so that every person had the opportunity to study for themselves....We failed to be priests to the world like Avraham aveinu,We cursed them ran them down,and drove away anyone who wanted to know the truth of the Torah..as we do until this day...And then we boast "Look at them heathens they have no G-d,only idols"
The prophet whom we killed stated that 2 thirds of the people will perish in the land.Question!!!!Will you be there at the coming of the Meshiach????Will I be there????The land is going to know bloodshed,even our army will be helpless!!!The innocent blood that we have shed will have to be paid for.As in the days of the Temple,Titus had the brains to do tshuva,He had enough upstairs to realise he was wrong.It means he was not a bungalow..
Once again,the enemies will only be given the upper hand if we continue on a downward slope.Coming our with things like the British are hypocrites does not help anyone,but!!!Adds to the problem.When the british get angry it will be hard to subdue them..right Winston!!
There is a holocaust coming,wake up,wise up,while you can...before the light at the end of the tunnel is switched off,due to the current financial restraint.R.F.I.D.T.


This piece is humbug.
NATFHE is not England. It's an independent orgznization that certainly doesn't represent the people or the government.
And if only we cared 1/10 as much about the holiest land in the world as the British government cared about the Falklands!

A brit

At least we don't live on someone else's land... no wonder the palestinians are pisse d off at you.


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