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It was 5 May 1994 (The day after the signing) that Hamas published the first edition of their newspaper in Jerusalem.
The headline read:
"We look upon these accords with our eyes on Haifa".

M. D'Souza

On May 4, 1994, it was Arafat in his acting gear, who behaved like a political hack.

On May 4, 2006, it is Olmert in his scare-crow gear, whose Kadima priorities for Israel are 180 degrees out of whack.

There have been a number of ominous omens to portend the demise of Kadima. Israel is G-D's Land. He will protect it and His people from Kadima.

Sharon started this new party and soon thereafter slipped into a coma.

Then came the elections. On the day/hour Kadima won with its razor-thin margin of victory, even the sun felt ashamed and failed to shine in Israel. The sun was eclipsed by the 'moon god' of Islam.

Now again, on the 'memorable infamous anniversary' of May 4, 1994 of the Gaza-Jericho Accord, comes another fiasco of Olmert and his cabinet of political opportunists.


The sighns are everywere.Flashing red,yellow, orange,beware,slowdown,stop,look,listen etc.But nun the less Olmet and his fellow leaders plan the course ahead.One would think are they oblivious to the wrecks of the not so distant past.The danger of further withdrawl.The PA has a fine Terro state in the making.Not a peacefull one.Not even close.The PA and the like have been fairly clear in there objectives for many years.Indeed they use crafty diplomatic tones but the outcome of the numerous meetings,Accords,photo-ops,peace deals,negoteagtion sessions,land withdrawls have been sadly the same outcome.This outcome has been shouted as obvious by few who wont buy the sinester nature of it all,in some vague hopes of peace.So one can look at any number of days harelded as some breakthrew in the push for peace.Sadly the few who recongnize the obvious dont need the history lessons we just hope it may help the rest get a clue and heed those warning sighns that just keep flashing.But that seems to be unachaviable.

Pritt Sehmi

There are many victims everyday,and no one gives a thought.I have often wondered,if Eliyahu the Prophet were here today and Hanoch the only two people that never died in history,beckoning us to do tshuva,would we listen to them?If they came with signs and wonders would we take them as being crack pots.If they talked in public places like the Cotil,would we hate them for disturbing our prayer time??calling the guards or police or even the army to stop them,for being a nusance.If they resisted the officials would they try to kill them as they did Zechariah,Yerimiyahu and the other prophets???Would the Rabies muster all their hatred against them until someone rose up against them and kill them??What is harder still who would bury them???where would their graves be????That is if someone has the courage to bury them..These are the two olive trees that stand on each side of the menorah,before the creator of the world..
It is hard to see the hatred that is already so prevalent and taught,and the students in awe say What a wise man!!!We have created in 58 years,what took England nearly 500 years.And that is a state that is against Torah values.
It is a good time that HaShem took those that are close,Why??They will not have to live through the days that are coming...as written in the book of Zechariah..HaShem in His mercy has taken them....
Let us look at every leader carefully Religious and non,every person Religious and non and weigh their words carefully in the balance....Why??Because the Torah is here to teach every individual Jew and Gentile..No one will be able to stand befoer HaShem on that day and say"He taught and I only did what he said"Again the garden proves that that line does not work...Every individual is accountable for his life...The Tanach makes it very clear.
Good Luck!!!!!!

Shmuel Goldstein

Albert Einstein once said insanity was doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. For 58 years, Israel has repeatedly tried to appease the terrorists, hoping for a miracle, but to no avail. Let’s try something different. Let’s try true separation. Move the Arabs out of Israel.

Paul L

Transfer Arabs Now

Rabin: This little piggy committed Oslo

Bibi: This little piggy relinquished Hebron

Barak: This little piggy ran from Lebanon

Sharon: And because of this little piggy, Gush Katif is gone

Olmert: But this little piggy is the worst little piggy, he won’t stop until there is no more Jewish home.

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