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M. D'Souza

What a GREAT testimony of G-D's protecting His chosen people! He will always do it for the descendants of Abraham His friend. He has called them from the farthest regions of the world and will not cast them away.

In Isaiah 41:10 G-D said: 'Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your G-D. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.' That's exactly what He has done and will continue to do.

A. Lerner

The miracles will continue! We must not trust in man's promises- which are given for selfish motivations. G-d is faithful to watch over Israel... He never sleeps and He will continue to keep His promises regarding us! G-d is not a man that He should lie... we must not lose heart. No matter what we see around us, no matter how bad things may look, G-d is still in control and will bring about His plans in His time....


Coinsadence.Or a higher effort to focus attention.Either way there is a lesson.Basically the Lord will be done.Its the ideal of divine guidence and human weakness.If the students were to be in the class at the moment of the strike what would have they done as the sky was crashing in on them.Isreals history is loaded with such otherwordly events.In fact its built right into the fabric.It cant be removed replaced.Ya sure it can be ignored in hope of changing reality.But altametly its about divine care and human weakness.




It has now been almost a year since the government of Israel uprooted and dispersed 10,000 of it's citizens from their homes in Gush Katif. It has now been almost a year since Jewish homes, synagogues and yeshivas were demolished were in Gush Katif. And as we know, many former Gush Katif residents are now homeless and are struggling with dire poverty.

In the first half of the year 2005, we were told by the Sharon-Olmert government that this evacuation and demolition of Gush Katif would bring about "peace" with the "Palestinians" as they would now be on the trajectory toward independent statehood. We were told that this gesture of territorial compromise would be welcomed by the Arabs and would expedite the "Roadmap to Peace" that the Bush administration touted as the last great hope in the protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

As we witness the families of Gush Katif who have suffered severe psycholgical trauma, homelessness and daily destitution, we ask ourselves if this disengagement plan achieved it's desired results. We ask ourselves whether the relinquishing of G-d given Jewish land to our Arab enemies has brought about the "peace' that we sacrificed life and limb for.

It was recently reported by Arutz Sheva that Yuval Diskin, head of Israel's domestic intelligence agency, also known as the Shin Bet, told a Knesset committee that since the disengagement, "weapons smuggling into Gaza has reached unprecedented proportions." He also added that, "Arab terrorists have succeeded in smuggling 11 tons of TNT into Gaza", as well as, 'smuggling massive quantities of other weapons across the Egypt-Gaza border."
Among the new weapons at the terrorists' disposal were 10,000 rifles, 1600 pistols, RPGs, Katyushas, and shoulder-fired Strella missiles which are capable of downing civilian aircraft.

As new weapons and other armaments flow into the PA, Diskin said, groups such as Al Qaeda, which promote World Jihad, have been taking root in PA strongholds in Gaza and Judea and Samaria. In fact, Diskin told the committee, elements of the World Jihad in Sinai were responsible for intensifying the extent of weapons smuggling into Gaza. Egypt, he explained, was likewise ineffective in its efforts to curtail Al Qaeda, which has opened up a number of cells in the Sinai Peninsula. Overall, Diskin said, the Egyptians had a poor record in fighting terrorism.

These facts come as no surprise as Kassam rockets are fired on Jewish settlements on a daily basis from Gaza. These facts come as no surprise as we know that Arab terrorist bases now stand in the same place as the former Jewish settlement of Neve Dekalim in Gush Katif..

Whoever has eyes to see and ears that hear, knows that the "peace" that had been hoped for has never come to fruition and never will. Over the last year, in the aftermath of this painful and agonizing disengagement, the world saw the election of Hamas, as the sole representative of the Palestinian people. We know that this disengagement has only emboldened our enemies. It is also very clear, that our Arab enemies view any form of territorial compromise on the part of Israel as a sign of weakness and guilt and they respond to this gesture towards "peace" with even more contempt and hatred than before.

Subsequent to the disengagement from Gush Katif we watched the Arabs in Gaza and all over Israel celebrate with overwhelming joy and glee as Jews were being forcibly evacuated from their homes. We watched as Arabs burned down Jewish synagogues and other abandoned buildings. We watched ourselves being humiliated by our enemies. And to those who proclaimed that this disengagement would bring about the "peace" that they so desperately want, that they want now, we must let them know that there is no "peace' and their continued efforts to attain "peace" even in light of the fact that Hamas swears the destruction of Israel, are guilty of working hand in hand with the Arab terrorist enemy.

Yes, it is quite true that their is no significant difference between Peace Now, Hamas and Al Qaeda. They all have one common denominator that binds them together and that is the destruction of the State of Israel. It is true that those who swell the ranks of Peace Now are mainly Jewish leftists and those in Hamas and Al Qaeda are Arabs of Muslim and Christian descent, but other than that fact there are more similarities than differences.

It was recently reported that Peace Now has gone to the Supreme Court of Israel demanding that six outposts in Yesha be immediately evacuated and demolished as the organization claims that the demolition orders are about to expire at the end of the month. As we know, Peace Now has fought a no-holds-barred war against the Jewish presence in Judea, Samaria and Gaza for over 25 years.

The Supreme Court rejected Peace Now's demand and ruled that the suit is basically irrelevant, as Defense Minister Amir Peretz recently signed a document extending the validity of the demolition orders. The Court essentially accepted the State's request to be allowed to formulate its policies on the issue according to its own timetable and security considerations.

The six outposts in question are Givat Assaf, Givat HaRoeh, Ramat Gilad, Mitzpeh Yitzhar, Mitzpeh Lachish and Maaleh Rehavam.

We must send a bold and clear message to our enemies from within and without that we know that you are united in your goal to seek the annihilation of the State of Israel. We know that you are both kindred spirits in your quest to vanquish the Jewish presence from the land of Israel. We know that you are both aided in your goal by the morally and spiritually bankrupt leaders of Israel.

We must also let you know, that as long as we have mouths to speak and feet to march with, we will never desist in speaking the truth and we will never desist from opposing your insidious efforts to destroy the Jewish nation. We must make you aware that you can never destroy the Jewish nation, because as we say in our daily prayers, the Almighty G-d of Israel is our "King, Helper, Savior and Shield". Our faith in G-d will never be diminshed. To quote the words of the sweet singer of Israel, Dovid HaMelech, "I will not fear the myriads of people that have set themsleves around me. Arise, Hashem, deliver me my G-d, for you have smitten all of my enemies, upon the jawbone, the teeth of the wicked, You have broken. To Hashem belongs deliverance, upon Your people is Your blessing." (Psalms, chapter 3)

May these words penetrate our hearts and minds and may Hashem give us the strength, power and wisdom to defend the Jewish nation against those within and without who seek our destruction.

Pritt Sehmi

The most learning time I had,was when I worked with a group of children.There were about 25 children rangeing from the age of 5-14 years.We did drama,singing dance etc.What I learnt was the sheer innocence of a child,the laughter and happiness they gave to me words cannot express.We involved the parents so that we worked as a family.Most of the children were from gentile homes and children are children.Every child wants attention and wants to know that he or she is wanted.Be they a baby in the womb to the age of 120.
One can allow a child to be a child to give the child room to develop,allowing his creativity to expand within the borders of the 10 commandments,with loving discipline to be taught the values of life.......
That Mankind is the Most Important,the most expensive item on the face of this earth.More important than the brick of the tower of Bavel{materialism}.HaShem will always answer the prayers of those that truely love Him,when they pray with a heart of a child,innocent,as David the King when he stood against Goliath....
But!!!!!will HaShem always hear the prayer or the cries of the children,or does there come a time that even HaShem says enough in enough.What happens when we teach the children the Torah in a slant that makes them pray for what we want.
I'll try to explain..I was in a city in modiin illit,In a home a child of 4-5 years played on the floor with his farm of plastic animals.He had built fences around with Lions and tigers and and other wild animals.As I spoke to him he proudly said that this is to keep the gentiles away.I wanted to pick him up gently take him outside and ask "Where are they???"The only people allowed in were the philipinoes that did the general clean up jobs or Arabs that always had a guard.Apart from that I couldnot see any others.Maybe his prayer worked????
What happens when the innocence of a child is taken away????Did HaShem hear the cries of Sedom??Did HaShem hear the cries of the children in the destruction of the first or second Temple???How many thousands died because nobody listened???Is it truely any different today???
The person before wrote that 10,000 people were evacuated a year ago from Gush Kativ>>>As they marched out carrying the Menorah..May I say that more than 50,000 people have died by our own hands and we say that they are not humans!!!!!!The general public here as well as among the gentiles are made to believe that the baby is just a bit of flesh that can be disposed off..
Hello 10,000 people of Gush Kativ,will you stand up for the rights of the baby in the womb?????
I heard once that the child of today has mentally experienced everything from sex to violence through the TV and video games etc..He is an adult in a childs body.AS he gets older he just needs to put his fantasies{His reality} into action.Which is what we see today..He didn't like mondays.right Bob.
When we take the Tanach seriously as a nation,we the adults will see for ourselves how we have destroyed our children.The Tanach itself will judge our every action..
Could it be that HaShem heard the prayers of the children?But!at the same time warn us that His judgements are coming.Did the Locusts just happen to take a holiday in Eilat?,or the hailstones of Teveria.Were the malachim just having a game of tennis and some of the hailstones were hit out of the court..?The list is larger still.The stray locusts reached as far as modiin illit.
The words of the prophets ring out through the centries..
certain people would say to me don't hate Israel..If I may say some words to those that speak words like these to people I will emphasise ISRAEL is The land of HaShem,HaShem protects His land>He preserves it and He gives it to those that keep His ways.When His judgements come please do not hate HaShem.
There is still time to do tshuva,not just us here in Israel but the rest of mankind.
Shabbat Shalom

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