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I have read such impressive things about this beautiful neshama. May his neshamah be bound in the living. AND may HaShem avenge his death and all the others who died all Kiddush HaShem. Finally. may the Rachaman infuse the Jewish leadership with a sense of Yiddishkeit so they will finally leave this death-ridden path of appeasement and surrender before the enemy.

Pritt Sehmi

It is hard to see the death of any person.It is harder when they are your kin.It is harder still when the anguish is caused by those that you should be trusting.It is harder still when when they are people in authority and they command you to respect them.Even when they have blatantly given false information as you stand before them.
David the King wrote"That if they were my enemies,then I would know what to do.But!They are my equals they are my aquaintances."They are hard sentences,If the enemy commits the atrocites there is a clear action what to do.But to have a companion a friend destroy ones life????
Even on The Kings death bed ,he told his son what to do.He did not forget those that stood against him.His son gave each one his just reward.
May we not be guilty of saying the same sentences and justifing them through Halacah.In prayer we say that the death of a Jew will never be forgiven,These are very harsh words.For we have cast judgement upon ourselves.Why???We have allowed our daughters to sleep around,get pregnant.and then have the baby quietly disposed off.May I say?That the death of that baby will never be forgiven.Until we weep before HaShem for forgiveness,this is not a drama just for Yom Kippur.To see blood stained sheets where a child should have been in the coming months.Is no different to seeing bloodstained streets.It is sad to hear of the two people that died.Because of a terrorist act.
It is sadder to know that we by our own hands have killed approx. 50 babies today.and accepted it as being normal.
A person wanted to be by his mothers side,and was stopped.A person wants to hear from his son,even to go and look for him,and can't.Because those in authority assist in extorting as much as they can,so much so as to lie.Not caring about the hardship,they have put on a person.But HaShem will repay mida cneged mida.
The death of a daughter of the family of The Lion and King will take a long time to forgive.
The enemy will have his just reward.So too will all the wicked who pervert all truth.It is comforting to know that HaShem is the Shepherd and that He is in charge.
Good Luck!!

Komi Kuku

What is terrorist?
What is jehad?
Why people are detouring around the truth?
What is the objective of the islam?
The very very clear objective of arab islamic world is to clearout what is called Christians or Jews in the universe, but they make it smart by calling it fundamentalists, while all arab states contribute for this system. All arab states including any moslem in the earth know that the objective of Islam is to kill all Jews and Christians and clear them out of the earth, which I think some of them see it as impossible because, of the strengh of some Jews and Christian states.The question is only what is the reaction of the Jews and Christians towards this planned crime against inocent people?


I had been hearing bits of this ongoing storie since it happened.And sadly when he died i felt touched.The PA terrorists impact carried threw to the day he finally gave in.But what can we expect from such a sinester group.Id like to buy into the global dreams of peace and the numerous and ongoing peace plans.But im to informed to have such hopes.If things were different well maybe.But ive seen little from the PA and the like to even suggest even the slightest that peace is in the agenda.

Pritt Sehmi

The biggest enemy to our own people is our own people.We ourselves have become a byeword in the nations by our own dealings.We have created a name of dishonesty where ever we have gone,and that is what the gentiles see.Even jews dealing with jews?I'm afraid so.The brick of the tower matters more than the human.
To whip up a story about a jihad etc.now is just retoric.Because it has always been on the muslim,islam agenda.
The greater threat is us to ourselves,a lawyer said that the cruelty a jew shows to a jew and without mercy has ceased to surprise him.This is what we are dealing with.So much so the The brotherhood between THe Tribe of the Lion and King and Israel will be broken.When Judah comes to dwell in the land,there will be so many people that there will not be enough room to contain them.Out of the tribe of the lion and King,comes the cornerstone,the peg,the warrior and every ruler that will rule this land with justice and truth.
In the Tanach is tells us to speak the truth,to show mercy,to be upright in all our dealings to jew and gentile alike.You have probably heard it said that in the time of the meshiach,every jew will have 1000 or 2000 slaves at their beck and call.
I do not want to disapoint these people,but their teachers have deluded them.Why?Because we will be slaves of truth to HaShem,and every pot in Yerushalaim will be Holy to HaShem.AAAANNND we shall be servants to the world,to teach the Torah in truth,in love and in mercy in humility.When the gentiles will say come let us go to the city of HaShem for we know the truth abides there.They will come to learn of HaShem.
Each person will dwell under his own vine,and nuture his family.This is a far cry from the oppressive regime of slavery.
The Glory Shekinah of HaShem will be all over the Globe,and every man shall know His will,Jew and Gentile.And what is exciting we all will have to keep the Sabbath.The day of rest that HaShem Himself ordained from the creation of the world.The Tanach is the most exciting book around.
Hanoch the gentile who never died and Eliyahu thre prophet who never died,I have often wondered what they think of the stories we have spun about them.Maybe they will come soon,to tell us what they think about it themselves before they die like every man.Who Knows??????
And the Rabies????are another story.That HaShem will judge..............

Komi Kuku

I would like again to tell all the Christians and Jews,that, we Jews and Christians, we are looked by moslems as pagans.
these people will never feel sorry if kill any Christian or Jew, because, it is direct order from their Alah. I think people are still misunderstanding what is Islam.
The order of Alah in koran is direct to kill any Jew or Christian. The only problem facing us we Jews and Christian is that, how can we defend our selves? these people are not playing they are very serious! they assume they get rewarded from their Alah when they kill a Jew or Christian regardless of age or sex. thta is why most of the people in some states become converted to Islam because, they preach them that, moslems are not going to leave Jews or Christians, they are going to kill them all.


What a relief it is to read rational thought concerning the land of Israel. I am an American, and we rarely read or hear these expressions of common sense coming out of Israel.

We hear and read of appeasement and why Israel must give up land for peace. What is strange is that for any other nation, for any other person, that would be called extortion.

How horrific it is to hear of the death of any Jew. Here in the United States we supposedly fight a "War on Terrorism" yet there has been little if any outcry over the death of an American at the hand of the Palestinians. No, and there has not been a loud outcry over the Palestinians' decision to declare their entire people terrorists by installing Hamas as their government. In the U.S., only Evangelical Christians and several Conservative Republicans speak up for the Jews of Israel. Even many of the Jews here in the U.S. are seemingly unconcerned.

Please, for the nation of Israel, for the Jews, educate the Jewish people of the United States about what is going on. I can understand their reluctance to trust me as a Christian, but they must understand they live in a dream world, thinking they will be untouched. They allow Israel to be attacked and ultimately refuse to defend themselves. We pray for the Jews of Israel, as well as the Jews in the United States, that they fully realize the blessings of Abraham and that the nation of Israel's boundries expand to those promised to the Jews. We pray for the Peace of all Israel.


It is indispensable,once and for all,to recognize the absolute lack of credibility and substance of any short-term ¨peace plans¨...palestinians are consistently being dis-educated,for hate, grudge,suicide,and murder, from kinder garden through university, including radio t.v., and newspapers, and last but not least, the speeches from their Kadis (their so called ¨spiritual leaders¨).
they are a highly poisoned and contaminated generation, and the only realistic solution (excluding naive and totally unrealistic, if not plainly stupid, peace dreams) is a total segregation, until such time as they commence educating for peace...which may take quite a few generations, if any.

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