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"Sorry if we are boring you, Prime Minister Olmert, but isn't it time you did something about this?"

Nu, don't you know? Olmert sees his job as fighting Jewish "enemies" not Palestinian ones.

M. D'Souza.

Olmert is so self-absorbed in reinforcing his own 'superior' position in the Kadima, that he could hardly bother about any reinforcements for Israeli Jews living in the paths of Hamas terror attacks.

His impotent gestures of retaliation indicate that he will treat any deaths caused by Hamas Kassams as yet another case of roadkill.

It is hard for those, who love the Land of Israel, to cut through the fog of Olmert's colossal ignorance of Jewish history, as observed from his determination to evict more Jews from the historical settlements of Hevron, Judea and Samaria.

One cannot expect much from a guy who has already stated that he 'is tired of fighting and tired of winning.' It's time for Olmert to retire!


One of many.More inbound likley.So whats to be done?Well the PA and the like have no interest in stoping the spread of these realtivly cheap rockets.And its countinued folly to suggest or think otherwise.So the luanching distances has to be pushed back.But Isreal has decided to give Gaza to the PA and the like.Short of returning to Gaza and forming further lines for defense theres not much to be done to nutralize the rockets there launching distances or production knowledge.So i pray for ya.And keep looking up.


Over a year has passed since I was introduced to this colomn.We have seen people we know pass on we have heard of terrorist attacks in nearly every country,The pangs of sadness in all walks of life.
But where have the years gone.The hardest thing to retrieve are the years wasted.Where one could have told their own relatives just how much they mean,When someone close passes away,it comes as a shock,When ones mother passes away one thinks of all the times he could have visited her and never did.Of all the times he could have said "Mum I love You"but never said it enough times.To remember her face as always smiling,ready to cook a feast when one would walk in through the door.One would say "But Mum I've eaten,I'm not hungry"Before you could say anything else,you were sitting at the table with a meal fit for a King..
To remember the times that she always encouraged you,to do you best.The times that she would anoint you with oil and say a prayer that you will succeed at school,before you walked out the door.The times that she would say remember you are from the people of the Lion and King,and you would just say"Yes mum"and not give a thought.
The times that she dressed you in the finest new clothes say "look after them".One would go out,on returning home,the clothes would be muddy after playing football in the field.One could see she was not happy,but she still caressed you,and showered her love.
Only after your loved one passes away does one think of the times that have been wasted.Times that can never be retrieved.It is strange to see your loved one in a dream,smiling as you always remembered,and one could only cry saying" Mum I love you"time and again,until the dream fades away.Wanting her to stay,,the emptiness of her going away one wakes from the dream.Only to face the reality that she's gone....and one was not there when she passed away.
If only we as HaShems people could only realise the harm we do to each other.The cruelty of our actions,when we put money and objects before His creation.To value unjust gain above the feelings of a person.To value the brick to build the tower,more than the death of a fellow human.
The proof is the guns and rocktets etc.For a short time I wore a uniform and held a gun.I remember a soldier with an M16 boasting about the power of his gun,While looking at the carrabine that I was carrying.I asked him"Does your gun kill a person??"
He replied"yes"
I questioned further"Does the bullet from this gun kill People""
He replied"yes"
I said that I have nothing to boast about.The coversation ended...........


It saddens me to this day to know that the Jewish community at large wants the world to remember Yom Hashoah yet at the same time some in the community wish to repeat history by making other fair game. Some want so much to "go along with the programme" that eventually all of us become part of the progrom. That's why its incumbent upon every Jew in the diaspora to get as heavily involved as permissible in the Israeli political process and make enough "noise"
that world at large will know serious we are. Fat chance, one says eh? Maybe not. It's has become increasing clear to some that the pull out from Gaza was very wise after all. Needless to say that there were flagrant violations of Torah committed as well... I not sure what it will take to wake up the Knesset but, rest assured someone is going to take it on the chin, probably another (G-d forbid) Jewish victim.

George Boynton

It is now 77 years after the infamous "Arab Uprising" that massacred many of our loved ones, our fellow heirs of the Land - yet we returned, but are now being mistreated and uprooted once more - by whom? By our own government, in our own Land, our own State, by fellow Jews. But we know Who will take all into account, He Who says, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay says Adonai!" Just when Yerushalayim finally is captured by the world's armies, according to the prophecy of Z'Kharyah, and half the population taken captive, Moshiach will come riding on the heavens in our help, on the clouds in power and great glory, and render a swift recompence on the heads of the nations who sent their armies, and return the captives to T'zion! He will nourish His people, personally, seated on David's Throne, elevating them to the head, not the tail - and all nations will serve us! So - that's what this world is coming to (bottom line!). It won't be a whole lot longer: maybe less than a decade. Look up, lift up your heads: your Redeemer draws near!!

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