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M. D'Souza

If the Israeli government does not bother to maintain the sites of Jewish heritage and antiquities, how can Israel expect the liberal world to ever support the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel? No other nation has millinnia-old holy sites that they can be proud of.

The Arab Muslims will be the first to vandalize these places to erase all Jewish claim to the land.

See how the Arabs desecrated Joseph's tomb by painting its dome with their Islamic green and destroying the prayer books therein. Joseph's bones were brought to Israel all the way from Egypt at the time of the Jewish exodus. Whereas, the statue of Joseph's head is revered in Egypt even to this day.

Tony Trenton

There are several places in the Koran, where it states that Allah gave this land to the Israelites, not to the Arabs & certainly not to the Palestinians. Disobedience to the Koran & to the word of Allah is punishable by death. We should all be reading the Koran, because there is plenty there we could use against Islam. We should use the system to beat the system.
Check out www.islamundressed.com & Google for General Chong.
Let me know what you think.


"The government is ... doing virtually nothing to preserve these national and historical monuments or to make them more accessible to the public."

Any idea why?

I think it is because from the beginning of the state, the Leftists in charge have been trying to eliminate Judaism (cutting off of peyot; join the 1 union and work Shabbat or no job for you and no school for your children; 'recalcitrant' religious families have their children taken from them to be reeducated or worse...), Torah (2hrs/week Biblical history was cut for being too extreme; a rabbi imprisoned for giving a Torah commentary is told by the high court to edit out any war/violent bits in the book of Joshua while serving his sentence...), and G-d.

A minute number of Leftists have got a stranglehold on the People Israel in every estate: government, media, courts, armed forces. They have joined and armed our enemies against us.

Any ideas on how Am Israel can overcome this?


If the government wont do anything to repair the disintegrating tombs of our forefathers and respected leader of Judaism, then why don't the people get together and do it as a sign of respect? What are they waiting for?

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