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Ofcourse,but theres only so much a society can do.Whats the ideal of a PA state about.If not helping the Arabs.Its certenly not much help to Isreal.The essense of the War remains the same.folks like Mr dumb ignore fact and instead find it easyer to live in a lalaland of if onlyies.The naighbors of Isreal can not except the Isrealie state.The reasons are many.But mostly hisrorical and in large degree self inforced illussions of lost land and oppression.Bassically its the story of Ishmail and Jacob.There never was a Arab state in the land now claimed Isreal.Not ever no Palstiniean state no muslum state nope.So then what is going to solve this ongoing War.Reality.No Mr. dumb ideals of if only you do this or if only we do that.Then maybe.nope not gonna happen.Eventually the hole mess is bound to explode.Even that is obvious to the Mr.dumbs.But ya sure helping are fellow humans is of prierety.

M. D'Souza

If France is not an anti-semitic country as Dr. Dumb states, then Israel should suggest him to frenchify the Muslim citizenry in France, instead of letting them live as Bedouins of that country.

The Dumb Baron being a wealthy person himself needs his philanthropy to be directed towards the down-trodden Islamists of France. Charity, afterall, first begins at home.

Or the better solution still is if Dr.Dumb suggests the French government to partition France into - France for fools and France for Islamists. He may get a Nobel Peace Prize for it.

Debbie S

What a great idea, I'll make a donation to a fund for arab men who con Jewish women into marrying them and then proceed to beat and humiliate these midguided unfortunate women.
Ovbiously a large bank account is no prerequisite for brains (especiallly if it is inherited)


There's no fool like an old fool an d being a delusianary Rothschild doesn't make one immune from the symptoms of early dementia.

David Rothschild

Hey that's not a nice thing to say about my cousin, even though he is "Dr Dumb."

yuck yuck

Too bad for Israel, that I wasn't blessed with the "dumb" Baron's money.


Is this out-and-out naiveté on Dr. Dumb’s part? Sadly, it isn’t, as his ilk is a dime-a-dozen. Besides, Israel has always bent over backwards and got nothing for it, but death and destruction. Arabs only know one thing, to bite the hand that feeds them. As well, they, the Arabs, believe and possess a vast sense of self-entitlement. Too bad, billions of dollars have been poured into their coffers and then, using it to purchase weaponry to murder Israelis and to prop up the ‘murderous vermin’ they so adore. Perhaps the poor doctor is in desperate need of a brain scan, as it seems to be running on empty.

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