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as least olmert is honest about his intentions.

the chutzpa of this guy to think he can give away what hashem gave us.

may a great rabbi curse this evil man and is left leaning family!

Adina Kutnicki

Oh my God! I thought I was seeing double when I read what Olmert had to say. This even tops, "we are tired of winning, tired of fighting..." speech. I truly believe that he is infected with the diseased mindset of his extreme left wife, daughter and sons. His religion is that of radical leftism. Period. Zionism is the antithesis of leftism.

It it no wonder that he actually defended his 'Danala' when she marched lockstep with those calling "Long Live the Intifada". Nadia Matar is on trial for 'insulting a public offcial'. 'Danala', her lesbian lover and her comrads can call Halutz a murderer, yet papa thinks she is entitled to her opinion. No such freedoms for Nadia.

It is unfathomable that a collective group of the most talented Jews in the world would not rise up en masse after reading about his prostrations and abandonment of their country while in Europe.

He is hell bent on giving over the Jewish patrimony to our genocidal enemies. He is so morally repugnant that he does not even flinch when he states his intentions.

At the end of the day it will be the besieged Jewish citizens who will need to retake their country from its madman leader.

M. D'Souza

Olmert's favorite negotiating stance looks more like him searching his lost marbles!!!

All this time we've seen him juggling marbles with one hand. Soon we'll see him on his knees, face to the ground kissing the feet of Israel's enemies - the Palestinian terrorists.

Rafael V Rabinovich

Just as when Hamas won the elections: the evil does no longer hide behind a mask, it is now out there in the open:
Hamas speaks for the Arabs who want to destroy Israel, period.
Olmert speaks for the Israeli lemings who want to take a leap off the cliff, period.
Now there is no place for confusion.

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