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Keith David


Brana Lobel

Did Al Qaeda set Zarkawi up?

Some sources and commenters on blogs (check out Raw Truth) have suggested that the inside source in Zarkawi's organization who gave the American military information on tracking him may have been a plant by bin Laden and others at a high level to get rid of Zarkawi because he was a liability or loose cannon. It's something to consider as we look at the level of criminality we are dealing with in many dimensions.


Mourning Zarkawi is indeed a big mistake and unacceptable. Zarkawi was a mass murder who has deserved what he got.
But on the other side I think the palestinians should get an independant state, free of any israeli settlement, alonside Israel as soon as possible. This will bring peace for both israelis and palestinians.

Robert Reti

Yes these men deserve what they got. I beleve the palestinians should get their own state. We would wash our hands of their economic strife and get to see the true love of the arabic states for their fellow muslims. The reality is no arabic countries give a damn about the palestinian people. They are using the struggle as an excuse to try and convince others to hate the jews.
A Palestinian state would not improve their conditions as their will alway be a power struggle between the factions. The militants are barbaric and there will never be peace internally for they hate each other as much as they hate the jews. Look at Al-Qaeda or any of the conquering countries of the past. It about power NOT islam.

M. D'Souza

Perhaps boxes of Kleenex need to be exported to Gaza...the Palestinians are in mourning! They do put up a great show with their mourners, inorder to impress the world media.

Palestinians need to send in the 144 virgins post-haste to allah's harem for these two thugs - al Zarqawi and Samhadana. Their 'heaven' in running short of virgins!!!


i really hate the fact that yall damn jews or others would think that us palestinians would fack sufferage and death of our people for no reason. In fact i hate all jews and yall better not let me ever find out who you are cuz i'll really fuck your ass so hard your gonna go crying to your damn fake god. palestinians are the best if you got shit to say say it to my face stupid jews. FUCK ALL OF YALL!!!!!!


all yall gay jews should be ashamed of yall selves. yall nedd to get out of our country talking bout it's yall holy land. palestine is mostly muslims and yall jews need to get ya asses out. when da 1% of jewish population die you gonna know who did it. palestinians die every single day in their own country cuz yall say its yall holy land. go fuckn sit sit in a corner dummasses. go suck ya dick stupid jews

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