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Adina Kutnicki

In Israel today the authorities work to subvert Jewish national interests on many levels.

The Education Ministry works to erase zionist ethos from their school children. Aloni & now Tamir are prime believers in this 'school of thought'.

Another subversion tactic (or rather perversion)is precisely why Olmert armed ! Fatah, why the Supreme Court protects Arabs at the expense of Jews, why Jewish nationalists are detained, indicted or otherwise charged with 'crimes' that no other sector of society is found guilty of.

At the end of the day being a Jewish nationalist in Israel is dangerous to your health. Without any remorse or guile, the Courts of (in)Justice in Israel work to promote the Arab interest.

'Disengagement, and now 'convergence' are supposed to separate the PA people from the Israelis. Therefore, why would such a heart wrenching move by a Jewish ? regime compound the agony by pursuing PA Arab interests? After all, the fence is being built precisely because the PA Arabs are murdering Jews. Logic would dictate that such a situation would not warrant the protection of PA rights.

The lunatics are surely running the asylum in Israel.


The commenter above has it pretty close to bullseye.The fence is not a soulotion its a stop gap.The issue is the same for these many years.Isreal is illagtamete to the surronding states.In varying degrees to be sure.A Palistinian State is unworkable.So a fence is an attempt to do somthing.To block such hostile forces.But no matter where its route goes the same problems exsist.Non ecxpetence of Isreal in varying degrees.Vicious propaganda.And monvering untill and for some kinda final battle to settle the claim.The peace plans havnt and cant address these fundamental issues.And a fence does nothing to address such forces.

Rachel Ann

The problem is Israel has no sense of pride or self-worth. Why do we need to placate anyone?

Terrorist, and those who allow them to reign from their midst, do not deserve sympathy. It is quite simple really; if the "Palestinians" want to live freely and easily they need to destroy the evil in their neighborhoods. Arrest the terrorist, don't give them a haven in their homes.

We need to operate on the principal that Isarel is Jewish country, set up to protect Jews, and we as Jews are entitled to protection and security...after that we can worry about the "rights" of others.

M. D'Souza

DM Peretz' concern about 'the everyday needs of the Palestinian population'?!

Doesn't he not know that one does not let harmful parasites invade the body to weaken the system? Does he think Israel is strong enough to fight these quickly multiplying parasites that will one day take over to destroy Israel?

Islamists are noted to gnaw at the host's territories, inch by inch without any synch. People like Peretz will wake up when they have lost everything to their enemies.

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