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Adam Klein

Can you say Spanish Inquisition? Can you say coward?

These Europeans are so intimidated. It is so reminiscent of Nazi Germany. This Spanish punk is SO willing to sell the Jews out to save his own hyde. Here's the problem Ricky Ricardo - This time we have a Jewish Army! Gad I love that.

Hay Mr. Tortilla "takeiteasy!"

I wish that Israel would have the guts that Freund shows in exposing the violent, sadistic, bloodthirsty goons called Arabs and their sick and demented supporters like this Spanish immitator of his 16th century Roman Catholic Breathen.

May you find yourself in a bullrink with a 10 ton beast sticking a horn up your arse! O'lay!

I. Joan Pinilla

Mr Freund,

Sad zionist fundamentalism I see here... just a sea of killing hate... despite Patricia true effort to show the sincere emotions Israel people are feeling, very respectable, and that I really want to thank her...

Opinion comments are, by nature, partial. But that doesn't implies to give yourself license to do concatenate of lies gathered with the purpose of manipulating; facts you know. Is not Zapatero, nor Spanish Inquisition and nor vatican Rome Borjias. Not german nazis, nor stalinist comunist party. Most of spaniards are very sad of Israel's actions now even if they support terrorist acts. We defend international rights and justice till dead, and so we act even loosing spanish lives. We are not scared by terrorism. Even thought our population got up to 10% of mostly Moroccoan and african people living here in peace. Latin american, europeans, pakistanians, and so other countries. And yes, our government is socialist, that is not comunist and even, you must show respect for a real democracy. More when all international community are not very sure of the same status for Israel as all the crimes we are seeing from your part. You seem to be annoyed by your enemies, but you are just making new ones and giving wings to the existent. You must use the law if you want to be respected and have honour, declare war in war matters, defend yourself in your territory and judge the crimes to its whitnesses. Zapatero could be concerned about re-election, but you only see the instantaneous, the pictures you want a see. You just see that picture of a second in a different context of Zapatero wearing a "kufiya", but don't mention Moratinos (present foreign affairs minister) wearing "kippa" and having worked for peace as a special personality in the area during more that ten years (and that is just an example). You could say that our efforts to help Israel are efforts but too innocent, but can't blame Europe when has just not done YOUR job and without taking into account all the internal disturbances may produce to us.
In Spain we leave in peace, we are a democracy. We have to deal with fundamentalists sometimes. Lots of police actions. Not just Al-Qaeda north-african factions but even regional Basque terrorism. And even though we live in peace and considerable happyness.
I hope you are not just beeing cinist about 11M Madrid bombings...just because you'll have a bad future under so irrational bad feelings driving yourself. Think Mr. Bush failed to avoid 11S with his aggressive policies, worst after 11S and Irak. Think that Aznar was mostly quited from governement for war tendency, and think that Zapatero is not truly pro-palestinian as are not majority of spanish people; just loving justice, peace and democracy and whatever it makes it possible -even the army when it's necessary-. One of the things it does is to say thinks clearly, face to face as Zapatero did. Lots of people are in the streets to condemn the way Israel is doing, and not just in Spain, but more in Germany, and France, ...
You think Zapatero is pro-palestinian? what a silly joke! The first thing Zapatero did after 2 weeks in the government is order the troops back from Irak, cause it was an aggression out of international laws. Saddam was a dictator and a criminal, so was Franco, until 30 years ago in Spain. Should this give the right to US to kill my parents?
I recommend you try to understand what democracy is. I can tell you that whatever the stereotypes you use at your convenience, it really produce peace. Try it.
Whatever you do, hope you the best.

I. Joan Pinilla Col. Infantry. Spanish Army.

M. D'Souza

Zapatero was the al Qaeda candidate for the Spanish elections in 2004. He was the outcome of Spain's 3/11 attack.

Zapatero sure looks like a lame-brained idiot in that kaffiyeh!!!

It's better to hand him a muleta (the red rag) and let him into a bull-ring. Dressed as a torero he can take on a Spanish bull (Toro Bravo) and let the brave Israeli forces deal with their Hiz-bull-ahs.

Israel does not require the two cents worth of opinion spewed from this socialist kook of Spain.


I am an American. I'm not Jewish. I have to tell you Colonel, despite the length of your defense of your socialist master, it still adds up to one thing, appeasment, capitulation, and hypocrisy. You have conveniently forgotten to mention your beloved French, German, and other euro friends, including I believe, Spain, passed a resolution 6 YEARS AGO, in the farce called the United Nations, that it was agreed Lebannon would rid itself of Hizbollah and Israel would pull out of the security zone. Well, being a military kind of guy, you should know that under international law, Lebannon is responsible for the actions taken by Hizbollah on it's territory. Israel upheld it's part of the agreement. But like all other U.N. resolutions, it has to end up being enforced by other countries willing to stand up in the face of terror and hypocrisy and kick someone's ass. No need to worry though Colonel, enjoy your happiness, justice, and what appears to be some kind of dementia you are suffering. The U.S. together with our Israeli allies will rid the world of the regimes in Iran, Syria, North Korea, and any others that have world domination or our destruction in mind. Stay on the sidelines in your peaceful little country and piss, whine and moan all you like. Mr. D'souza is correct. Israel or the United States don't need permission from anyone, let alone, a circle of petty terrorist dictators and socialists in the U.N. to protect our common interests. In the end, we will simply do what has to be done.

Second star general in the bs army of one


I'm also in the army, and why not, no one will ever know? right???

I saw the best way to describe this war the other day. It was explained that hizbollah entered the country illigally, Killed soldiers of the israely army, captured it's citizens, and then runs to its hole and demands israel negotiate. Are they really that crazy? Can anyone in there right mind, enter a foreign country illigally, carry out a terrorist act, murder innocent people, capture some citizens(don't forget the daily terrorist bombing attempts and rockets fired into israel) and waltz back to their country...and..oh You want these people back??? Well come and get them, or free our brothers. But...it happened to israel, and what do you know, israel considered it a act of war. An act of war you say? Thats outragious! They didn't do much! All they did was was waltz into a neibering country. kill a few people, capture a few more, and go back! C'mon, it's not so bad!

Anyway, The pont of having a security councel in the U.N. is fear. Fear of 1st world power. Its not diplomacy that scares extreme relegious fanatics back into their Mosques. It's the threat of war, and of powerfull weapons that back the diplomacy. Diplomacy without weapons is an empty threat.

And the killer, is this; Fanatics are not called normal for a reaon. Extremist's aren't left right or center. We can almost never understand people with the mind-set of a terrorist. To kill yourself, to hurt innocent civilians?(the fact)How can one do that??!! To stare a baby in the eye down the scope of a sniper scope, and pull the trigger?! Can you imagine it? Can you imagine doing it? Can you imagine anyone you know doing it?

That's the reason why terrorists can't be stopped with diplomacy. You see elephant, they see pear! Two completely different worlds, with completely different perspectives. For them diplomacy is catapulation, withdrawal is surrender, life is meaningless and they have the burning sword of truth.




What the writer can not understand is support for Palestine does not mean direct or indirect support for terrorism. The only point which the writer seems to be right the timing of the Spanish prime minister is "a little bit" strange while the innocent are being killed at both sides of the front.


I really hope that no-one believes a word you are saying, for the good of Israel and for the good of the displaced palestinians and lebanese. It is truly a shame when a nation of people themselves who went through so much in the last century can put another race of people through some of the same suffering in the name of "counter terrorism". I have the utmost hope in those brave people in Israel and Palestine and the surrounding countries who see that peace only comes from dialog, addmission of guilt and compensation and a true recollection of history, instead of violence, deception, occupation and racism. We have the geneva convention for a reason, im sure I dont have to go into its history, so how can you support a government that blatently disreguards it? Heed Nelson Mandela's words on palestine, there is no anti-semetism there:

"Apartheid is a crime against humanity. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and inequality. It has systematically incarcerated and tortured thousands of Palestinians, contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in particular, waged a war against a civilian population, in particular children"

What is happening in lebanon is not counter-terrorism, it is state-sponsered terrorism. You complain about the bias against Israel, when the true fact is that the vast majority of coverage is blatently pro-israel, in europe and to a greater extent the US. I really hope you can listen to Uri Avnery, and especially Rami Elhanan. These are your martin luther king, your nelson mandella, and these are some of the few who have truly shown curage in the face of terrorism (from both sides), hopefully the future of your country will be influenced by them. That is the only way to peace

Pritt Sehmi

Saddened by the events of the past 8-9 days when all hell broke loose,in the North.With deaths mounting,and the injured in a far greater number.Most of the dead ,dying and injured are innocent victims on both sides.
But! What really started it all?We hear it was the abduction of the three soldiers,one in the Gaza and the other in two in the north.Quite rightly so there should be some action taken,The other side have stated that their people were abducted,in English we call it Tit for tat.
What other reasons were there that had escalated the scenario to go totally out of proportion,with a constant barrage from the media that the other side is to blame.We have seen Levanon totally levelled,with many refugees with no where to go,and a growing crisis,that many people will be without the fundamentals like food or water.AND the world looks on.
Here there was a battle that the Homosexuals etc.would take to the streets and many voices were raised against it,mine included.I will not call them the gay party!!!Why not?? As a child the word gay did not have any conections with pervertion.A TV celebrity popularised the word gay,to corrupt it ,and the british public went to sleep laughing at his jokes,What we see today is the result of the media.But! is this what caused the flare up in the north???
The morning the two soldiers were taken something happened by the western wall.Something that no one heard about.
Two people went to the wall to pray with the intention to go on the temple mount.One was stopped and was not allowed to continue.The rabbinute of Jerusalem had sent out a warrant for his arrest.With a trumped up charge that he owed money.This person was taken to the law court of justice,and tried and sent to prison.He had no say as he had no knowledge that this situation exsisted.At 8.00 a.m he was arrested,at 9.00a.m. he was tried by a kangaroo court and by 10.00 waiting to be taken to prison.Had a lawyer not helped this person would have been in prison for a week maybe two,maybe more if the debt had not been paid.This person was released at about 5.00 p.m that evening.Is this sort of deceit the cause of the out break in the North.What of the abortions??the innocent lives that are taken on a daily basis.I need not go into this as I have written much on the plight of the eviction of these babies.
As a matter of fact these babies are still being shipped to Europe to become an item on the shop shelf.....Annnd our daughters are the proud donors.What have we come to???and what are we doing???As a people we are supposed to be the most intelligent in the world and boast of it.Annd yet??????We claim that the worst Jew is better than the best Gentile????annd yet?????
The list is Endless ...and yet???we still pave the road to gehenom with the rabies blessing...
What have we learnt in the 6,000 years of world History ????What will we say???If or when the nations do the same to Israel.Who will stand up for us?????In our generation our own deeds declare to the whole world,exactly where we stand.AnnnDD it is far from all Torah Values>>>>>What was the cause of the Flare up in the north???? ANSWER !!!!All these reasons given and many more that are not stated.!!!
The prophet wrote to the shepherds of Israel many years ago...They said to the shepherds that HaShem is against you.
May we to tshuva before it is too late


Ken Jarmel

This only goes to prove that, unfortunately, terrorism works.

The Spanish have had a not-so-unique history with Islam. After being invaded by the Moors in the Middle Ages, they finally expelled the last of invaders in 1492...only to usher in the Spanish Inquisition.

In the modern day, an al-qaeda attack in Madrid turned the course of an election, putting an anti-freedom, pro-fascist in power. PM Zapatero disgusting photo op puts him in the same category as Kim Jong-Il and that nut case in Teheran. International sanctions and EU sanctions against Spain are necessary to wake up the Spanish people to the reality of what they, and the rest of the world face.

Who's going to defend Spain when the Moors once again cross the Straits of Gibralter?

I. Joan Pinilla

Juas! I can't stop laughting... comparing present Spain to spanish inquisition is like talking about jewish as the killers of Jesuschrist and the origin of world condemnation and destruction... how stupid!(in the two senses)
You really seem you don't want peace! For how long are you going to point your neightbours errors and crimes to 'justify' your own ones? Be responsible of your own acts first, because you are, that's the only way to have dominion of the situation, then, with the law in your hand you can point one other claiming for justice, not revenge. Out of that you are out of the law. In fact, talking about all that territory, 1949 UN resolution say you must give back that land, and again later 242 UN resolution you MUST give that those lands back to the Lebanon nation, still thinking about 2000?. We can discuss eons for who is to blame, but justice is the only way, and you have you own responsabilities.
In another sense, the Moors have not crossed Gibraltar to conquer Spain again because there's no reason to do it. I can tell you that they cross that frontier risking their lifes every day thinking here it's a 'paradise', even when we show everywhere day that we have problems as any other industrialized country. So they came, we have sometimes problems but we have mutual pleasure in mutual company like with ANY other emigrants from the whole world. If often they try to ilegally massify our country there's the law...we should do the same with american, israeli or brittish citizens... and if sometimes there's a militar problem we face each other and then governments do their job with political war... no innocents killed, no spanish nor moroccoan bombed, no general fear and hate. Even I can tell you we have much more problem with internal terrorism for more than 30 years, but it is police and security forces figthing and solving with reliability. Sometimes these terrorists reached positions in regional parlaments, and again have been faced POLITICALLY and with LAWS in that other front crashing their crazy ideas.
For what Al-Quaeda is, that's another issue. The number of police arrests to those terrorists have been massive in the last years. They don't have any other specific targeting for Spain than the participation on the Irak initiative. That's true, we are menaced as any other occidental country in that sense, but we are more than proud about our police and security forces COMBINED with a political system using appropiate laws.
Our every day happyness is our success. We just work, and progress and try to help everyone who need it. We are not perfect but we just not pretend, we compete as necessary, we fight when something is not fair WHOEVER is the cause, but we count with most of our neighbours when a problem appears. We always think that it's really strange that somebody always have problems with everybody, too strange. Enjoy then your "democracy", be brave and promote a message to your government, a clear cut with Europe and Spain specially, another enemy then, if you don't like hypocresy just don't be yourself. We don't hate you, we find very good things in Israel people and jewish living in Spain, you are all very wellcome while your behaviour is appropiate but if you just enjoy conflict, if you just want a fight and pretend to be the middle east bully it's up to you. I'm not going to insult your president and your people I leave that things to the irresponsible and angry individuals, people who never gonna learn anything because never listen, just take words to feed their own hate.
Whatever your way, all the luck to you,

I. Joan Pinilla. Infantry Col. Spanish Army.

PS: It is pertinent under my criteria that I present myself as a member of militar community as I show I know practive points in the matter.


Colonel, listen to what you just said.

"We always think that it's really strange that somebody always have problems with everybody, too strange."

What is so strange about always having problems with everybody when you are surrounded by countries that are dedicated to your destruction. Get a grip.

I'm sick and tired of the horseshit morality that contends that Israel is to blame for the problems in the middle east and never point a finger at the bastards who are the real problem.

Your other statement:

"For what Al-Quaeda is, that's another issue. The number of police arrests to those terrorists have been massive in the last years. They don't have any other specific targeting for Spain than the participation on the Irak initiative".

If my memory doesn't fail me, Madrid was attacked AFTER Spain removed it's troops from Iraq. Once again...get a grip.

Better climb out of your box and look at the big picture. Unless of course you are comfortable having the choice of praying to Allah or having your head lopped off.

Your other statement:

"Enjoy then your "democracy", be brave and promote a message to your government, a clear cut with Europe and Spain specially, another enemy then, if you don't like hypocresy just don't be yourself".

Don't impose your hypocrisy onto Israel. Your people allowed terrorists to influence their country's election. The terrorist sympathizer you elected puts your country on the side of the enemy. So, yes. There will be a clear cut with Europe and Spain in favor of freedom and democracy, in lieu of your country's and Europe's hypocrisy and newly elected terrorist allie.

What a simmering pile.

I. Joan Pinilla

Mr Thomas
Your anger is a clear confirmation. The point of somebody with just enemies is about that is truly hard to believe that has not problem himself, that most of the missunderstandings are inside his head and don't want the rest of the community to help him. The second point you state is false. The Madrid bombings were on the 11M, this was just another sign for the millions of people claiming and demonstrating against our participation in the war during almost one year ago. The spanish people did a lot on that, so 3 days after these bombings and the desperated action of the government to try to attribute these bombing to ETA, a national terrorist group, the population has no doubts: we are free, we don't want our leaders to decide to go to ILEGAL wars in our name, but that was on the strets long ago.
Another fact is that Spain is a laic country, with a deep catholic faith but you can support your religion if you want. Muslim faith is, despite all, not significant in Spain but, as we know from first hand (and the opposite it's a prejudice), you don't need any special religion to be a terrorist.
Unfortunately I have seen that picture you are talking 2 mem, unfortunattely closest you imagine. That's why I try to give you all a little bit of perspective, but it seems that again Israel or, let's say some Israel fantic supporters think that they do perfect and don't want a hear about their errors... what a shame... another enemy then (please declare so, and don't be hypocretic to keep saying suchs things in Israel while giving anaother face to Europe, that was my message), and don't keep saying such wrong things you don't know cause often are false as you see. If you want to go blind, don't disturb no more the rest, and also don't cry if you get hurt. Take a time for youself, you need to get out of all that angry to see things clearly, we don't hate Israel and we don't support terrorist, don't look for enemies where they are not, have a deeper look.

I. Joan Pinilla

Nike Shox NZ

You are right. I am agree with you. Your blog lead people to right direction. After reading your blog I konw much thing ,For example I konw how to get well to other peoples,and now I have a lot of good friends and we help each other ,thank you very much .......

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