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Brana Lobel

Mr Freund, you keep wagging your finger and not naming names.
There have been clear attempts to sell Israel down the river a number of times--these by corrupt politicians and corrupt others who have tried to tie the hands of the good people in the populace. Military campaigns don't stop short by accident. Nobody who knows anything in Israel knowingly mistakes the psychology of the Arabs. Those who speak out too clearly like R Kahane z"l and Minister Zeevi z'l are assassinated. Those who speak treason like Arab MKs and others in the Knesset are allowed to stay and fester and undermine. This must be reversed.


Once again the desisions to look away bares its fruit.The problem is not the move to leave lebanon for this desion is a move for the moral high ground.The problem is a pattern of ignoring the results of appeasment.Once Isreal pulled back from Lebanon Hezbollah moved in and intrenched etc..Plotting and preparing for the sure to come next round.This is and was clear for all to see.It was not done in secret.To the contrary The UN as the reprasentives of all member nations is a witness to it.Infact the UN flag was nearly side by side with the flag from Hezbollah.The ceder revaloution was and is a flimsy attemt to spin reality.Its results were Hezbollah further intrenching and gaining more governing powers.All clear for any and all to see.Yet this to was down played.Same with Hamas.If any can think Hezbollah would be any thing other than what it is i feel sorry for such a way of thought.The rhetereck of Hamas, Hezbollah and the many others is clear. There actions are clear for all to see.For you, me, or anyone else to ignore the plain truth in some attemt to please some notion of peace is dangerous.To say the least.Now im not for retaking Lebanon or any such strtagie.The international trend of disregarding the situraitanal reality for some sense of stablity will lead us all to the brink.If the reality of this mess is countined to be ignored by global will one erro will compound upon another right up to the brink of global desaster.Theres no way to turn back time.The qoutes serve as healthy doses of history.And the results of the polcies inacted.Hezbollah and the like are very open with there goals.Ingnore and hope for something other than what is,is a act of political expedence.That has always lead to the type of confict we see today.Good luck to all.




As the war in Israel enters its sixth day, we have witnessed unprecedented Katyusha rocket attacks from Syrian and Iranian backed Hezbollah militia on the cities of Acco, Nahariya, Tzfat and most recently in Haifa.

CNN reports that, "In the attack on Haifa, one of the Hezbollah rockets hit a railway depot in the city's industrial zone, killing at least eight and wounding 17 others -- six of them seriously," -- Israeli medical services said.

The report goes on to say that, "Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Sunday that his fighters still have plenty of weapons and the will to keep fighting. Our fighters are ready, and they love the confrontation and have the determination to defeat," he said in a televised address in Arabic to the Lebanese people. And as we surprised [Israel] in the sea, and as we surprised them in Haifa, we will surprise them with what's beyond Haifa," Nasrallah said.
He accused Israel of attacking civilian targets, while insisting that Hezbollah was patient and has aimed its rocket attacks only at the Israeli military.

"The enemy does not know our capabilities," he said. "The Zionist enemy is ignorant of what we have on all levels. We are still in the beginning, and the Zionists will see."

On the southern front in Gaza, CNN reporters that, "Israeli forces redeployed to Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza early Sunday to halt Qassam rocket launches, the IDF said. The Israeli military moved in after launching three airstrikes overnight Saturday to quell "terror infrastructures" in northern Gaza.

At this juncture in time, the reaction of the world to this latest Middle East conflict has been cascading in at a blinding pace. According to the American Foreign Press, "Russia, France, Britain and Italy criticized Israel for its "disproportionate" use of force.

It is to no one's surprise that the European Union chimed in with their own condemnation of Israel's offensive in Lebanon. According to an Associated Press report issued on 7/13/06, it states, "The European Union on Thursday criticized Israel for using "disproportionate" force in its attacks on Lebanon following the cross-border raid by Hezbollah guerillas who captured two Israeli soldiers."

The EU also called Israel's naval blockade cutting off supply routes to Lebanon unjustified.

Separately, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said he was planning a peace mission to the Middle East.

"The European Union is greatly concerned about the disproportionate use of force by Israel in Lebanon in response to attacks by Hezbollah on Israel," according to a statement issued by Finland, which holds the EU's rotating presidency. "The presidency deplores the loss of civilian lives and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. The imposition of an air and sea blockade on Lebanon cannot be justified."

In the EU's strongest comment on the escalating violence, the statement said "actions, which are contrary to international humanitarian law, can only aggravate the vicious circle of violence and retribution, and cannot serve anyone's legitimate security interests."

And while the world and leaders of the G8 summit urge Israeli restraint and the rest of the world is busy castigating and lambasting Israel for defending itself against Hezbollah, one of the world's leading terrorist organizations, we can only sit and ponder what the world's perspective is on the sanctity of life.

Let us remember that this conflict with Hezbollah forces in Southern Lebanon began on Wednesday, July 12th, with a brazen and surprise attack on an Israeli military outpost on the Israeli-Lebanese border. Katyusha rockets killed three Israeli soldiers and two were kidnapped by Hezbollah terrorists. Five more Israeli soldiers were subsequently killed as a result of a Hezbollah planted land mine. Israel immediately demanded the return of the two soldiers and since that time there has been no response from Hezbollah except for the outrageous demand of "direct negotiations" with Israel over the release of thousands of Palestinian terrorists imprisoned in Israel.

We also must remember that Cpl. Gilad Shalit, is still being held captive by Hamas forces somewhere in Gaza.

It should be clear to the world that while in the past Israel has agreed to prisoner exchanges with the forces of terrorism in the Middle East, this time around Israel will not acquiesce to the blackmail of the Arab enemy. Direct negotiations with the enemy and the possibility of a prisoner exchange must be ruled out as solutions.

And so the world is up in arms, and has expressed shock and dismay that Israel would wage such an intense battle "just" for the release of three soldiers. The world labels the response from Israel as "disproportionate" and "unjust". This kind of response should bring the nation of Israel great comfort and hope.

While the vociferous Arab enemy and the world devalues and cheapens life, we must hold our collective heads up high and continue to declare to the world in no uncertain terms, that the life of one Jew demands that we employ a bold and relentless effort to secure his release. It must be made clear to the world that the nation of Israel and the Jewish people places an incredibly high value on life, respects and reveres it, even if it is "only" one life. We must enunciate our view that it is incumbent on the nation of Israel to move mountains to save a Jewish life and that we will not be deterred by the plethora of criticism and condemnations spewed forth by a world that feels that Jewish blood is cheap and meaningless.

In the end, we much prefer the world's condemnations, rather than their condolences when a Jewish life has been snuffed out. The Torah tells us that the life on one life is tantamount to an entire world. Today we are in a battle to save three worlds. Today we are in a battle to preserve Jewish life and to declare to a world predicated on callous disregard for human life, that we, the nation of Israel are indeed a different and special nation. It is a nation that places enormous emphasis on the sanctity of life.

This position has been evidenced both in Gaza and Lebanon, with careful measures not to target civilian populations, even though it is abundantly clear that these "civilians" are supporters and advocates of the very terrorists that we are fighting. In Gaza, these innocent "civilians" lob grenades and bombs at Israeli troops with one hand while holding their own child in the other.

The Arab enemy is well aware that the nation of Israel respects life and exploits that dear and cherished value to their own end. They interpret and perceive this respect for "innocent civilians" as a sign of weakness and surrender and capitalize on the humanity and civility of the nation of Israel. As a result, Israel has sustained an inordinate number of casualties and deaths because of the scrupulous measures that we implement to spare the lives of our ferocious and unremitting enemies.

When we read of "innocent civilians" being killed by Israeli rockets, we must know that the Israeli government precedes every attack with the spreading of thousands of leaflets warning "civilians" to leave the area. We also know that the term "innocent civilians" as it applies in this latest conflict is a misnomer and an erroneous term. These people who call themselves "civilians" are rather enemy combatants, for they spare no words in praising Hezbollah and Hamas. Yet, Israel treats these members of the Arab enemy with respect and warns them of imminent attacks.

So if we are deluged by the incessant and insane condemnations of the world and if we hear the hackneyed and trite expression, "disproportionate reaction" pertaining to the Israeli offensive, ad nauseum, our hearts must swell with pride and we must revel in the majesty and glory of this special and chosen nation of Israel. We must raise our voices to the Heavens and say the words, Mi K'Amcha Yisroel. Who is like your people Israel?? We must raise our cups every week at the conclusion of the holy Sabbath and say the words, Hamavdil bein Yisroel L'Amin when we pronounce with pride the DIFFERENCE between Israel and the nations of the world. What other nation, would wage this type of battle to secure the freedom and welfare of "just" three people. For no other nation or no other leader can fully comprehend or understand the glorious respect that the nation of Israel has for the lives of its people.

Let us continue to beseech the Almighty G-d of Israel with our prayers an supplications for the release of three solders of the nation of Israel and let us ask Hashem to march into battle with the nation of Israel. Concerning our enemies, let us recite the worlds of the sweet singer of Israel, King David who said, (Psalms, chapter 83), "Let them (our enemies) be shamed and terrified forever, then they will be disgraced and they will be doomed. Then they will know that You whose name is Hashem (Almighty G-d of Israel) are alone, Most High, over all the earth."

Don Thoms

Though I am not Jewish I completely agree with Fern Sidman's remarks. It grieves me to see Israel continually criticized for trying to protect itself from those who hate the people of Israel.
As an American, I know we would never put up with such attacks. Our efforts to finally stop such an enemy would be as complete as possible. World opinion would be ignored, were they to tell us that we should restrain ourselves. I'm embarassed that any Americans would ask Israel to tolerate what we never would!
I hope for the day when you will live in uninterrupted peace and your enemies will be no more!


I am afraid I have no faith in this 'Treiff' Government. Not only do I not expect much from them but theres an added fear that if they do combat this situation sufficiently that they will only increase theyre popularity covering up theyre many blunders and further encouraging them in theyre defeatist policies like expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria.

This Government has to go for this Government is but an extension of the previous one who initiated and is directly responsible for our current situation and are all culpable. So the fear is them making themselves 'half kosher' like a pigs split hooves by fighting this war the way it should have been done years ago thereby whitewashing theyre collective crimes against the people of Israel.

The opposition instead of offering support and unity should bring down this horrendus treasonous Government as soon as possible. They would then revert to a caretaker Government for 90 days during which the opposition can support any or all military action needed.



G_d Bless Israel,

and keep her safe,

her beloved people

now, and forever.


M. D'Souza

Israel should definitely finish the job in Lebanon and the US should dispatch Iran's nutcase, Pres.Ahmad-in-e-jihad, on a magic carpet ride.

This can be accomplished, provided we stop listening to the false notes coming from the liberal media loony tunes and the voices of appeasement coming from the liberal left.

Iran is the hydra, whose tentacles extend to the terror organizations of Hizbullah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, through Syria, inorder to destroy Israel. That's been Iranian President's mission in life.

Iran also has a vision of reigning in the Middle East. It has been flexing its muscles by launching a series of war games to demonstrate its military prowess. It has already announced to the world that they have come out of their 7th century cave and are entering the 21st century nuclear club.

The only threat to its nuclear ambitions is Israel, who successfully demolished Iraq's Osiraq nuclear facility in 1980. That's the reason Iran is using the Shiite Hizbullah and Sunni Hamas to divert Israel's focus from Iran's nuclear program.

Hizbullah has received $250 million/annum and Iranian long-range missiles. Hamas too has recently received millions of dollars in funds from Iran.

Iran along with Syria use these surrogates in Hizbullah and Hamas, inorder to destroy Israel. At the same time, they are sending terrorists across their borders to derail US efforts in the democratic process of Iraq.

Israel has destroyed roads, bridges, etc in Lebanon. But, Iran's president has promised to reconstruct and rebuild Lebanon's infrastructure - this promise coming from a guy who has a Ph.D. in Traffic and Transportation! This should sure help Iranians while Iran has a soaring joblessness with a 11% of unemployment among Iranians.

We can't let Israel be destroyed by this over-ambitious Iranian maniac. This is not a war against Hizbullah, Hamas or Syria, but a war with Iran.


A letter of Support from Europe.

Dear Israeli people, I am Hendrik, a Dutch man living in London.
Please know that there are MANY people on the street in Europe that FULLY support you and your actions. We are hijacked by a left-wing media and it is almost impossible to have our voice heard when we have anything pro-Israeli to say.

This letter is to let you know that you DO have support here in Europe! And we are thinking of you! And we DO want you to win the war against the terrorists that keep on attacking you!

The left-wing media(BBC) is biased, they refuse to report on how hezbollah has been attacking you, they refuse to say how many Israelis have been injured and died, all we see is muslim children being hurt here on television. But, the people here in Europe are not stupid, we can see through it all and know what really brought all this on!

So: Israel people, please know that, even when European politicians and media don't, WE, the people, DO support you!

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