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I don't usually disagree with Michael Freund, but in this case I do. We (Israel) do have leverage with Hezbollah, and that is the continued destruction of Lebanon's towns and infrastructure should the rocket fire continue. This in addition to the inability for Hezbollah to resupply, should be able to bring an end to the conflict eventually. Two more points: it was complacency even arrogance that allowed four young men aboard the Israeli vessel to be killed -- but not turning on the anti-missile defense systems. The person(s) in charge should lose their jobs over that. Also the loss of eight soldiers in the ambush at Jbel was perhaps in part due to insufficient air power destruction of the town prior to the ground assault. In both cases the enemy was able to surprise due to insufficient caution and preparation. I am not for risking any further young men's lives in door to door combat. Destruction from the air is much safer and is very effective.


The question is which strategy will achieve the objective with a minimum of casualties? Don't many generals counsel increased and more powerful use of airpower in conjunction with ground intelligence? I get the feeling that your article is simplifying the debate by creating a dichotomy between "generals" versus "politicians." Does this make a more effective headline and a less accurate story?


I agree with Mr Freund. I have had the feeling all along that they are not fighting to full capacity. Almost as if they are holding back. This is another proof. This can only lead me to 2 conclusions. 1) That they are not making the decisions but other countries are.
2) That these are the most inferior leaders this state has ever known. Both conclusions are unfortunate.

Larry Tauber

I think the earlier comments miss Michael Freund's point. Of course, everyone wants to minimalize casualties since the loss of even one soldier's life is an unbearable price. The issue is, if it becomes clear that the strategy chosen by the political leadership is ineffective, whether the political leadership lacks the will to implement the strategy the professional military believes is required for success. Many of us (and I include myself) do not have the fortitude to decide to send soldiers into battle and risk casualties. But the leaders of a nation must have that strength. If they do not, we cannot win this war, since no war can be won without casualties. And as we have seen in the past, our refusal to confront and defeat the enemy always leds in the end to more bloodshed and greater losses.


I agree with Mr. Freund, however, a more drastic approach is needed to send a message to the enenmies of Israel. Tactical Nuclear weapons that produce low yield (15 kiloton), maximum damage (4km radius) and low radiation levels after a few weeks would be the way to go. I may upset the world leaders, EU UN etc.so what. But, it would certainly restrain any state willing to have a go at it with Israel. After all our enemies are willing to do the same given the opportunity. This current cat and mouse game isn't going to work. The Score: Hezbollah 4 - Israel 2.


I agree that politicians should not tell doctors how to make an operation how to save the patient. If they do not let the surgeon opperate according to their knowledge and expertise that the doctors have studied for and are experts in then the patient is unfortunatly in grave danger at the hands of the politicians who would stop the operation out of fear at the first sign of blood.

This is not compassion but cruelty of the highest degree against the patient and against the doctors who want to save him.

Look at this quot from Haarettz website and judge for yourself

"Senior military personnel requested a widespread call-up of reserve soldiers for a two-month long ground operation to "cleanse" the area south of the Litani River of Hezbollah infrastructure."

"Military sources claimed Wednesday that the IDF's current tactics are having an insufficient impact on the Katyusha rocket launchers and expose the soldiers to excessive danger. The criticism was mostly aimed at the decision not to employ large ground forces in Lebanon, which would give the IDF a significant advantages over a guerrilla force.

The sources also criticized what they described as insufficient utilization of aircraft in ground support operations, because of concerns that they might kill Lebanese civilians that did not evacuate target areas"


Israel has just lost its first war. Not willing to fight all out will only encourage Syria and Iran. The Palestinians elected Hamas to fight Israel, Israelis elected wimps who want to play nice. Av is going to be very bitter indeed! When Jews refuse to fight for their land the land will throw them out. May God have mercy on the Jewish people.




As day 15 of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah terrorists concluded, it was reported that little was accomplished on the diplomatic front at the Rome summit. United States Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice was joined by the United Nations, European Union countries, Arab states such as Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia as well as Canada, Russia, Cyprus and Turkey in seeking a resolution the burgeoning war between Israel and Hezbollah.

According to CNN's John King, Secretary of State Rice was "under siege" by world leaders who pressed for an "immediate cease fire in the region". The position of the United States as voiced by Secretary Rice was that a cease fire must be "sustainable" and cessation of hostilities must be part of a wider plan to permanently disarm Lebanese Hezbollah militants.
CNN reported that, "one source involved in the talks said everyone but the United States wanted to press ahead with an immediate cease-fire, but Rice argued that taking that approach would leave Hezbollah in place and still armed with its rockets."
Rice also expressed concern over what she said was Iran and Syria's involvement in the conflict, while UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said that future dialogue should involve Tehran and Damascus.

The Israeli government, which was not invited to the Rome meeting, said Wednesday it hopes the "international community will act immediately to strengthen the Lebanese army" so that it can take charge of south Lebanon.

In its statement, Israel said it wants a U.N. resolution calling for Lebanese militias to be disarmed and a G8 statement calling for the release of all abducted soldiers.

"Israel is forced to continue to defend its citizens because of the failure to implement these resolutions until now," the statement read.

It was also reported by CNN's John King that Secretary Rice told the summit that she could convince Israel to agree to a cease fire if the international community would orchestrate efforts to pressure Hezbollah to disarm. The members of the summit rejected that proposal. Hezbollah has vowed to continue to wage war against Israel. King also reported that Secretary Rice would be returning to Israel by the weekend to assess whether Israel would be agreeable to a return of the Shebaa Farms region to Lebanon and to a prsioner exchange.

There is no question that the proverbial political heat has been turned on high and now the United States, under a tremendous amount of world pressure is considering the option of asking Israel to make territorial compromises and to discuss a possible prisoner exchange .So much for the global war on terror and the strident policy of isolation of terrorists. Those who were persona non grata just yesterday, may turn into negotiating partners tomorrow.

Let us look at the facts of who the United States would like to reward for its kidnapping of Israeli soldiers and its rocket attacks on Israel. The history of the Hezbollah terrorist network is replete with numerous and multiple attacks and murders of American military personnel and civilians as well as its legendary hatred and attacks on Israel. The facts are as follows:

July 19, 1982: The president of the American University in Beirut, Davis S. Dodge, is kidnapped. Hezbollah is believed to be behind this and most of the other 30 Westerners kidnapped over the next ten years.

April 18, 1983: Hezbollah attacks the U.S. embassy in Beirut with a car bomb, killing 63 people, 17 of whom were American citizens.

Oct. 23, 1983: The group attacks U.S. Marine barracks with a truck bomb, killing 241 American military personnel stationed in Beirut as part of a peace-keeping force. A separate attack against the French military compound in Beirut kills 58.

Sept. 20, 1984: The group attacks the U.S. embassy annex in Beirut with a car bomb, killing 2 Americans and 22 others.

March 16, 1984: William F. Buckley, a CIA operative working at the U.S. embassy in Beirut, is kidnapped and later murdered.

April 12, 1984: Hezbollah attacks a restaurant near the U.S. Air Force Base in Torrejon, Spain. The bombing kills eighteen U.S. servicemen and injures 83 people.

Dec. 4, 1984: Hezbollah terrorists hijack a Kuwait Airlines plane. Four passengers are murdered, including two Americans.

Feb. 16, 1985: Hezbollah publicizes its manifesto. It notes that the group's struggle will continue until Israel is destroyed and rejects any cease-fire or peace treaty with Israel.

June 14, 1985: Hezbollah terrorists hijack TWA flight 847. The hijackers severely beat Passenger Robert Stethem, a U.S. Navy diver, before killing him and dumping his body onto the tarmac at the Beirut airport. Other passengers are held as hostages before being released on June 30.

Feb. 17, 1988: The group kidnaps Col. William Higgins, a U.S. Marine serving with a United Nations truce monitoring group in Lebanon, and later murders him.

Oct. 22, 1989: Members of the dissolved Lebanese parliament ratify the Taif Agreement. Although the agreement calls for the "disbanding of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias," Hezbollah remains active.

Feb. 16, 1992: Sayyad Hassan Nasrallah takes over Hezbollah after Israel kills the group's leader, Abbas Musawi.

March 17, 1992: With the help of Iranian intelligence, Hezbollah bombs the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29 and injuring over 200.

July 18, 1994: Hezbollah bombs the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires again with Iranian help killing 86 and injuring over 200.

October 1997: The United States lists Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

May 23, 2000: Israel withdraws all troops from Lebanon after 18 years patrolling the "security zone," a strip of land in the south of the country. The security zone was set up to prevent attacks on northern Israel.

June 2000: United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan certifies Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon. Shortly thereafter, the U.N. Security Council endorses Annan's report. Hezbollah nonetheless alleges Israel occupies Lebanon, claiming the small Shebaa Farms area Israel captured from Syria during the 1967 war as Lebanese territory.

Oct. 7, 2000: Hezbollah attacks an Israel military post and raids Israel, kidnapping three Israeli soldiers. The soldiers are later assumed dead. In mid-October, Hezbollah leader Nasrallah announces the group has also kidnapped an Israeli businessman. In 2004, Israel frees over 400 Arab prisoners in exchange for the business man and the bodies of the three soldiers.

March 1, 2001: The British government adds Hezbollah's "military wing" to its list of outlawed terrorist organizations.

Dec. 11, 2002: Canada lists Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

June 5, 2003: Australia lists Hezbollah's "military wing" as a terrorist organization.

Sept. 2, 2004: United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559 calls for "the disbanding and disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias," a reference to Hezbollah.

December 2004: Both the United States and France ban Hezbollah's satellite television network, Al Manar. A U.S. State Department spokesman notes the channel "preaches violence and hatred."

March 10, 2005: The European Parliament overwhelmingly passes a resolution stating: "Parliament considers that clear evidence exists of terrorist activities by Hezbollah. The (EU) Council should take all necessary steps to curtail them." The European Union nonetheless refrains from placing the group on its list of terror organizations.

July 12, 2006: Hezbollah attacks Israel with Katyushas, crosses the border and kidnaps two Israeli soldiers. Eight other soldiers are killed. Israel launches operation to rescue the soldiers and push Hezbollah from its border. Hezbollah attacks towns across northern Israel with rocket fire.

Talk of any Israeli compromises at this juncture in time would be interpreted by the world community that Israel has indeed "behaved deplorably" in this war for the preservation of the nation of Israel. It would tell the world that Israel "owes" something to Lebanon for "the ravages of war". This kind of talk only defeats any chance at lasting peace in the region and would be an egregious regression in the US lead campaign against world terror.

It is true that the United States is buying time with the international community in order to allow Israel to push Hezbollah further into Lebanon and to eradicate its presence from the Lebanese-Israeli border. It is clear that the war against Hezbollah cannot be limited to a US timetable. It is a war unlike any other war that Israel has ever fought. Unlike the conventional armies of yesteryear, the battle to thwart and conquer these Hezbollah guerrillas requires patience and precise targeting.

Israel has stated that this conflict could last for "several more weeks". While the patience of the international community is running thin, the United States must not acquiesce to world pressuire for its own sake. Israel has also announced its intention to expand its offensive. While Israel has sustained many deaths and casualties thus far, a major ground offensive must not be ruled out.

While the pressure is mounting and these times are exceptionally tense for Israel, we must remember who Hezbollah is. Terror is their theology and hate is their mantra.

The greatest weapon we possess is our faith and loyalty to our Creator, the Almighty G-d of Israel. Our prayers, our adherences to His Torah and His commandments can and will be our only source of true deliverance from our enemies who are bent on our destruction. Let us remember the words of King David who said, "If only My people would heed me, if Israel would walk in My way, in an instant, I would subdue their foes and against their tormentors, lift My Hand" (Psalm 81).

Joyce from CA

Israel should CRUSH these Hezballah barbarians with ruthlessness now if Israel hopes to survive in the future. Perhaps someone should show the politicians this video. If this doesn't keep them up at night and grow them a backbone, I don't know what will....


Alan Hanson

The purpose of waging war is to destroy the enemies ability to resist through shock and manuever. Destroying their logistical base, ability to actively resist, and destroying their morale. The IDF is NOT doing this. Calling a terrorist's home to warn him to leave before it was bombed? Imagine if Eisenhower had placed a call to Rommel detailing the landing sites on D-Day, what would have been the result? Civilians get killed in war. Life's tough and nobody gets to live forever. However, if the IDF continues to fight with one leg tethered by a chain and one arm tied behind it's back Israel is not going to win in any of it's objectives. Correct me if I'm wrong but those objectives are as follows:

1) Smash Hezbollah's ability to attack Israel.

2) Retrieve the two soldiers who were abducted.

3) Disarm Hezbollah and implement UN Security Council resolution 1559 disarming Hezbollah and restoring Lebanese sovereignty over southern Lebanon.

A one to two kilometer security zone isn't even going to stop a kassam (qassam?) rocket launch let alone a katyusha or a short ranged ballistic missile launch.

How is Israel going to force Hezbollah to give up it's prisoners if the IDF is not allowed to defeat Hezbollah in the field?

The IAF can blow up all the munitions it can find. Syria and Iran will provide more as long as Hezbollah is willing to kill Israelis.

The only solution is to WAGE WAR. Kill the Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists. They have attacked Israel across internationally recognized boundaries. If Israel won't fight for itself who will fight for your nation? Get the biggest sledgehammer you think you need then triple it and USE it. Don't stop until the shooting at Israeli's stops. Don't listen to crying fools in foreign capitals. They aren't the ones whose citizens are being killed by rocket fire. Turn the infrastructure of the enemy into rubble and then the rubble into dust. If they are using wooded areas for cover burn them. If the civilians get hungry tell them to move away from the fighting and get some food. Allow nothing into the combat zone that could aid your enemies. A starved terrorist is just as dead as a shot terrorist. The only thing Israel cannot afford is to lose. You all have nothing to negotiate with, it's terrible but that is the truth. What are you going to do, get in boats and go back where you or your parents and grandparents came from?


Unless the USA will send its troops in to take Hezbullah fire, Israel must do its best to preserve its boys for the coming Syrian, Egyption, Jordanian, Iranian invasion, which Hezbullah has merely been a diversion.
Israel must let its IAF sweep the totoality of Lebonen, fully exposing all Hezbullah surface installations to auto-detonation, along with the Hezballah troops. Then Israel must attack the underground Syrian, gyption, Jordanian, Lebonese bunkers and tunnels BENEATH ISRAEL. Israel must vanquish Lebonen, as it is merely one front and a diversion (though a VERY potent and deadly one). Keep Rice out of it. She gets NO respect from Arabs! Her BOSS gets no respect from Arabs! Do yo think Arbs really fear a man who capitulates to their devices? I think the USA is giving the ARABS time to prepaare for the BLITZ on Israel! NOT Israel time to beat down Hezbullah!


You're all as bad as each other. You don't want peace. Israel doesn't want peace. Palestine doesn't want peace.

You just want to be right and you don't care how many of your own damn people have to die to get there.

Shame on you all, both sides.

I would explain to you that peace is the number one important thing but I can already hear you say "They (the other side) don't want peace".


It's people like you on here that don't want peace.

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