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The media and "experts" dont have to admit their mistakes; as this is how it is unfortunately in the world of politics. What you will probably also see in the coming months is once Gilad is returned safely (with G-d's help) and our "peaceful" neighbors quiet down, the talk of disengagement etc. will come back to the table. How quickly did we forget about Nachson H"YD, the constant Sunday bus bombings in 1994/1995, the list goes on. There is only one solution, and it is not political but a religious one. Remember, the rescue at Entebee, destruction of Osiris and countless other events that are now 30 years in the past were all miracles. Its time to return to our faith.


For years I have told people that what is really going on is the South Africanization of Israel. Basically Israel is being set up for its own elimination. No, Israel is not an apartite country, but you wouldn't know that from the press.

You might want to listen to some recent shows on INR.

The way it works is, to use Henry Kissinger's recently released quote, Israel will become "a small friend State." Think about that for a moment. When is Israel not a friendly State. It is only not friendly when it can defend itself. Even when strong Israel doesn't fight if it is not threatened. So to be friendly Israel must be weak and unable to protect itself. Small, well that is self-explanatory.

Initially people were shocked by what Kissinger had said. But, then the spin was that he didn't say anything new. However, this revelation is very significant. It abandons the very basis for UN resolution 242. 242 speaks about a withdrawal to safe and secure borders (not a full pull-back) and only for full peace. This understanding of 242 would not be inconsistent with what Kissinger had stated. America was now replacing its official interpretation of 242 with the Arab interpretation of 242.

This also explains several other things.

Why is America supportive of a moderate terrorist organization like Abbas/PA while being opposed to Hamas. The major differences between Hamas and the PA is that one is a fundamentalist organization and the other is a secular organization. And, Hamas tells the press exactly what they intend to do, while the PA lies to the western media.

Why doesn't America come out against the Arab demands for the Right of Return of all refugees into Israel proper? Why leave the ROR to final discussions when Israel will have nothing to offer in return? Why do the secularists demand constant concessions to support, Abbas and previously Arafat?

The plan is simple. Make the Jewish State indefensible. Offer meaningless assurance to keep the population quiet, until they no longer can stop things. Once Israel can no longer protect itself offer to protect only Jewish rights as a minority in a land controlled by Arabs (just like the Whites live freely in Black SA). But, you might say, What about Bush's promise? Totally meaningless. Do you think America will sit in Israel forever and ever? Eventually America will tell Israel, good luck, we will try to get here before you are wiped out.

So this leaves the Jewish People with the choice of fighting endlessly or self-destruction with the hope that the Arabs will show mercy. Verses mass suicide and/or immigration to receptive countries.


Not just the left but society in general.Non of us are able to predict future events.That said there are basic prinsables when results are looked at for polcies implamented or to be implamented.Gaza is the most reseant case.Thouh there are countless others.many had noted before the pull out of the Gaza there were sevral nearly enevable otcomes.Radicals gaining more power,Rockets with longer distances,less secure cities,and not much calm.So for the most part these current events were fairly clear.But the main ? is did the leaders and supporters of the Gaza withdrawls consider these now obvious events.And to what degree and what was desided on.Where they regarded as not likley.Or to what degree was the analisis of the polcies judged exptable.This type of info could and would allow all of us a better ideal of who and what may be ahead.Becouse in my view these events were so obvious.Thouh not forsure at the time.But any thing else was so very unlikley given all prier experences.The problem for the day now and into the the future is this is a Palstinian state in the Westbank and Gaza a wise and currently workable ideal.History would suggest no.But this reality may be of little use to the global peace pushers.It cetenaly hasnt changed much thus far.But at the least all have been warned.

M. D'Souza

How can we expect the liberals to learn, if they are dreaming of a Utopia in an Arab jihadland? They have not yet visualized the eventual 'peaceful life full of pieces'.

The male liberals are busy selecting the Arab kaffiyeh styles for their wardrobes, while the female liberals are busy selecting head-scarfs to cover their heads.

Perhaps, they have already covered their eyes with these Arab head-gears. So how can we expect them to see and learn anything?

The ultimate beneficiaries of the lunacy of the progressive liberal Left are the TERRORISTS.


The left's ideology is there religion. Just as the Jihadists will die for their beliefs the true lefties will go to the grave with theirs. The only other option “G-d forbid” is to change to a religion that actually recognizes that there is a higher power and intelligence then their own. I know this because when a Leftie converts to the other side they become fanatical in their zeal to convert others to their new faith.


As one who is on the right, I see the problem on the political right more than the left.

My conservative friends here in the U.S. blame all of America's problems in this president's war against "terrorism" on the left, when it is Mr. Bush who supports the establishment of a Palestinian terrorist state in Israel's Biblical heartland.

Do my conservative friends fault him for this blatant inconsistency? No. They blame the left. Same thing in Israel. Ariel Sharon in 2002 ran on a platform of "painful concessions" and that a "Palestinian state is inevitable."

He strenuously opposed the 2002 Likud General Assembly resolution opposing a Palestinian state. What did the right do in response? Why they said, "Vote for Sharon because a vote for a principled and courageous candidate is a wasted vote and therefore a vote for Mitzna."

What did the right get? We got the expulsion of thousands of innocent, law-abiding Jews, as Mr. Sharon pledged, and the raining-down of Kassams in Sderot and Ashkelon, Israel. But now the historical revisionists say, "No, Sharon did not run on this pledge," but clearly he did!

What does the right do? We blame the left. Of course. It's the left; the miserable, pathetic left.

Right? Well, not entirely.


When has the left ever been correct? The Israeli left is completely irrational. Things that would be obvious to a small child escape it. The "Disengagement Plan" is a case in point. To any thinking person, it is obvious that Israeli retreat from established, thriving communities like Gush Katif would embolden Israel's enemies. Of course it did. Yet the left treated this disaster as if it were an accomplishment. Look at what the left views as accomplishments. During the intifatah , as Jews were being murdered indiscriminately on the orders of Arafat, Shimon Peres always boasted about his meetings with Arafat. To Peres, it was a great accomplishment to meet and fawn over the terrorist chief. Peres described Arafat in language mostly used by love sick school girls. Never mind that these meetings invariably lead to an upsurge in violence against Israel.
Today the left embraces a "two state solution". Any grade school kid of average intelligence knows this would pose an existential threat to Israel. Yet to the top minds of the left, it is a great idea. The Israeli left is dominated by cretins and self destructive people. It must be removed from leadership of Israel for the forseeable future, if not forever.

Boruch HaMelech

The moslems waged war in the 7th, 11th, and now 21st century to conquer the free world. Israel is the only thing stopping them. And Israel is destroying itself from within.

The entire process makes no sense. The arabs complain that they live in starvation, but instead of buying food, they buy bombs and weapons. Instead of making farm tools and product to sell, they make kassams. Meanwhile their leaders sell 40 million barrels of oil a day at $75 each, about $3 billion a day, or close to $100 billion a month. And yet their people are starving and hungry.

And these moslems in are in every country on the planet, becoming a fifth column and will one day rise up and take over the world.

And yet our bleeding heart left wingers refuse to see the writing on the wall.

but it makes no sense. If they kill us all, who will buy their stupid oil. They will instantly go broke without a customer.

And what will the millions of moslems do, who have no skill other than knowing how to kill innocent people. With only knowing murder and mayhem, will they then turn on their leaders? There will be no one else left to kill.


The kassam rockets keep coming.the politicians keep talking,The corruption keeps on growing.The religious talk about the coming of the Mashiach,and the non religious ask"Who? Is it not that guy in America they call Sehneerson>"
The delema keeps growing,The homosexuals etc.are preparing for an open week of recruiting the young and old into their fold.And the world looks on.Helpless.As the perverted get ready to take the stage.The murder of the baby in the womb continues daily.In a one on one conversation with a rabie,I happened to mention about the abortion of the baby in the womb.His reply was"Do not call it a baby it is not a baby."I continued with the conversation of the baby in the womb.Again he stated that "IT IS NOT A BABY!!!!"It reminded me of a conversation with a political figure in England,as I spoke out against the murder of the innocent BABIES.
She asked "What medical qualifications do you have to call that thing a baby??Her fiends looked on,or is it friends.
I replied "I have all the qualifications I need to call you a human being."Her fiends roared with laughter.I was silent at the stupidity and the cruelty of the people they called intelligent.
Back home,I see a mida cneged mida..Why?The perverted are pushing for mans acceptance to depravity.And the enemy gets closer.But why mida cneged mida(Eye for an eye in english)These past few years certain rabies have done all to pervert the innocent.They have done all to pervert judgement and justice.What they had wanted to do do one individual,the perverts want to do to the community.Right RabiD'azooli.You do not have the power to influence anyone to become a pervert.Only a perverted mind will try to influence the innocent to becone depraved,and that to hide his own depravity,with the hatred of Bilaam himself,or to try to kill them with the cruelty of Haman.
Annnnndddd!!The question arises again "WILL WE EVER LEARN"I am sad to say that we have not learned in the 6000 years of creation.Not from the fall of Adam to today.Annndd!the kassams keep on coming.In the words of Micah,"The most upright is worse than a thorn,there is none upright,no not one.Everyone lies in wait to prey upon another,to steal and extort."Tshuva is far from their hearts.
Only a few weeks ago a similar story arose,again I ask the question"how long will it be before HaShem says enough is enough"As the homosexuals etc.take the field,HaShem has said that if we do not listen,He will send plagues that will kill many people.The sword is the final judgement.
Adam was taught by HaShem all the laws to observe,to keep pure before the throne of His Glory,but History has it that he did not listen.
Zechariah,I am sure that you remember Zechariah.His words still cry out to do Tshuva.Anndd!the kassams still keep on falling and the enemy gets closer.
The time of talking is nearly over,The judgement of HaShem is getting closer,tens of mashiachs wonder the city of Hashem,proclaiming themselves to be the saviour.Would the real one please stand up!!!Orrrr all the false ones please sit down.This town is not big enough for all of you.
The truth stares us in the face,and yet the wise nullify all that is written.We are to look after the stranger,he is to have the same laws as us,in this land.As we were strangers in Egypt,respect the stranger that comes among our midst.All that HaShem has written is for the world to learn.
But!!We give one message to the religious,one to the non,one to the gentile.and a different one to the sevety nations of the world.In all the deception no one knows what is written.Everyone in his own wisdom does what he wants to do.Each one proudly declaring that what he says is the truth.In every lie there is always a little truth to make it acceptable.The Tanach sits on the shelf waiting to be read.The forbidden book proudly displayed,hidden with so many words and so many books,that no one looks at the original article.
It is the Tanach that judges every individual daily,Will We Learn???
The plagues are on their way,what is happening in the world is only a taste of what is to come.
Pritt Sehmi


I'm going with 'study your Tanach!' ideal. Works for me, regardless of what anyone else tells me... and I (believe it or not), love reading it. As the saying goes, there is more to reading it in Hebrew than meets the eye. Well, that's probably not a saying, but whatever.


Pritt Sehmi

May we learn to strenghten each other in the truth of the Torah,even when it becomes illegal to possess it.
May we stand for that which is true as did Avraham Avinu before Nimrod in Bavel.
With Israel now at war.We need HaShem more than ever,many now die on both sides soldiers and civilians,where will it lead to,only HaShem knows.
How many will die because of mans pride and arrogance,in refusing the Tanach?????


You guys are sick! Israel kills innocent women and children and then condones it because the so-called terrorists are doing it too. But you are worse because you refuse to admit you are killing women and children. Israel will burn in hell for its murderous ways and so will Hezbollah...you all will burn in hell and rightfully so! How can you feel no guilt for the way Israel has shoved the Palestinian people into such a small area of land. Killing there children, starving their children, destroying their homes, and controlling their entire existence. While Israelis live in large nice homes the Palestinians don’t even get the basics. Sick you are. Evil you are. Israelis gets all the good farm land and the Palestinians get waste land. Israelis have freedom and Palestinians are enslaved. Israelis kill with sophisticated weapons, Palestinians have rocks. Were is the balance? Were is the justice? Israelis own nuclear bombs, do Palestinians? Israelis play the victim meanwhile for every one of their poor victims there are hundreds of dead Palestinians! Palestinians have been on that land for thousands of years while Israelis have recently been put their by Imperialist. Many are still migrating to the area knowing the dangers knowing the crimes knowing they are not welcomed, and you wonder why you cannot have peace. Killing is wrong regardless if you are light or dark skinned, never forget this. You never know peace when your heart and soul is full of darkness and the blood of the innocents!


Thaddius, I'd like to take you to task for the boatload of mis-information contained in your simplistic and ignorant rant but why bother? The information and history of the Jewish people in Judea and Samaria is well known except for people like you who wilfully ignore it.
Since this thread is on a religious slant here's a bit of Christian teaching: By their fruits shall ye know them. Now look at what the Israelis have achieved, turning deserts into farms, forming a thriving, industrious democracy with high levels of education and literacy. And the Palestinians? Chaos, in a word, hatred consumes them, it is taught to their children. When they were given the greenhouses at Gush Katif, did they continue with a thriving industry? No, they looted most of them. And so it goes, and to blame the Israelis as you do for all their problems is to treat them as children, they'll never improve their lot until they start taking responsibility for where they've arrived.
Meantime, there is a large community of Arabs living peaceably inside Israel, where can you find a community of Jews in any Arab country?
I've wasted enough time on you.


First of all I apologize for the intense rhetoric on my part; this is just a very emotional subject. I am sorry for the name calling. Second of all I am not a Christian and do not agree w/ the Christian faith (by far). My opinions are based off of what I see, read, and hear in the now. Yes I know the history of Judea and Samaria but I do not think that history gives the Israelis the right to murder. If you know that history so well you should also know the murdering occurred then as it does now (On both sides). I am not against the Jewish people I am against the Israeli government and its crimes against humanity. I am also against Islamic fundamentalism. But using your history to condone the crimes of Israel is juvenile. You know how modern Israel came to be, you know the United States, UK, and Russia imposed this nation on the region. This is not to say that Israel doesn’t have a right to exist because she absolutely does have a right to exist. You can not punish the children for the sin of their parents. But and this is a huge but….you must be sensitive to how you came to be and why you are so hated by the people whom you have been imposed onto. Yes there is much violence and aggression in the Arab people, always has and always will be. This is something the Jewish people are going to have to figure out and deal with since it is they who demand to live amongst the Arab people and Arab lands. The Arabs are not invading the Jewish land and demanding Jewish folks to behave like them (of coarse you believe it is Jewish land because your ancestors lived their eons ago…how sad, egotistic and unreasonable is that?). Furthermore I do not rely only on the mainstream media or any supposed so called religious authoritarian text. I am smarter than that, and not easily fooled by the propaganda (hint, hint). Any death is tragic and it just appears to me that the Jewish people seem to have an uneven advantage. I believe both sides are in a death spiral and both sides will pay for their sins (so to speak). But just because the brown people seem barbaric and not as civilized doesn’t compel me to brand them as the evildoers and to love them less. It is ironic that you would use the riches of the Jews to brand the Palestinians as animals. Besides whose standards are we using as the basis of judgment? You must also ask yourself: Why are their conditions so horrible? Some serious soul searching is in order here!

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