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M. D'Souza

The UN brokered ceasefire gave the Hizbullah goons sufficient time to lick the wounds, that were inflicted upon them by the superior forces of Israel's armed forces. Israel succeeded in seriously degrading Hizbullah's capabilities - their rocket inventory and their war chest - provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

One would not learn of Israel's successes during this war by reading the Al Independent or Al Newsweek or from listening to the TV news anchors of the alphabetical-soup-channels. For them, Hizbullah had already won the war even before Israeli incursions into Lebanese territory.

It's no wonder, that Hizbullah's head-honcho is bragging about Hizbullah 'on the brink of a great victory' and has already started violating the ceasefire. This is just to show his Iranian paymasters that he has earned his keep, and to his Syrian backers that he is still a force to be reckoned with in Lebanon.

Nasrallah's saving grace came from the Arab delegation that went to the UN Security Council at the nick of time, to reformat the US-France planned cease fire which called for armed international forces to be placed in the buffer zone of S. Lebanon. The Arab delegation did not want a situation like that in Kosovo or Afghanistan, wherein foreign troops would control Islamic territory.

Nasrallah might try to cover his humiliation by plunging Lebanon into a new civil war, just as his distant cousin Muqtada al Sadr is doing in Iraq. Nasrallah will continue his terror against Israel just to have a seat at the global community negotiating table for the Sheba'a Farms.

Seeing Nasrallah's post-ceasefire posture one can only say that, 'victory is often in the eyes of the beholder; whereas in the case of Islamists it is rather on the tongues of those who claim it!'

disappointed third party

Your post and the above comment, while expected, are disappointing. The Israeli army invades Lebanon, kills over one thousand people (a third of whom are children), destroys civilian infrastructure (houses, bridges, roads, airports, sea ports, etc), and you have the nerve to call Nasrallah the "thug-in-chief"?

Hizbullah has been demonized for its use of "terrorism", but the fact is that Israel, together with the band of criminals it calls the IDF are the only terrorists who pose a real and immediate threat.

Terrorism, as I understand it, is the use of force, against a civilian population, to achieve political goals. That statement perfectly fits with Israeli actions in Lebanon and against the Palestinians.

As for your "evidence" of cease-fire breaches, I suggest you treat any information coming from the Israeli government with a healthy level of skepticism.

Instead of holding your government accountable for the attrocities it, very clearly, is responsible for, you are spreading hatred and misinformation. For someone who claims to be an observant jew, you have very little love-for or attachement-to either truth or justice.


This “third Parties” are completely right... Hizbullah won! 1- Hizbullah prove to their sponsors (who ever they may be) that they  still can manipulate a “crowd”  driving them to do what they premeditate. 2- Once again it is proved that “west guys” like to “discuss things”, even when the water is by the nose. 4: Israel is contaminated by a Civilization of tolerant people worried with human lives!, (they must not be so “religious” to do such a thing..). 5: Human shields look good on TV. Special if they are death!. 6:Anti-Semites are there... alive and anyone can take profit of that, even without knowing very well to read or write. Etc etc, but this is just a big bluff. Leaders of Hezbollah and Iran (etc) do not have the power to control their own people... it is easy to see that the actual control is made using primitive hate, and primitive “religion” tricks. If they could have some control they would never use terrorist tactics like blowing-up planes... if that “plot thing” would have succeed,  now the world would be thinking seriously, but “west bad guys” and “Arab bad guys” preferred to let it not happen why? Because Civilization is the most beautiful prove of existence of our “common”  beloved “ Adonai” “El Shadai” “ Our Shadai”. It must be horrible for Religious Arab Extremist Leaders... to understand that all they may teach can never be against Torah... they are trying to kill the Civilization that give birth to their “faith”? Do they really want to become Jews? Ir will take time to understand to some people that what came after was never to disrupt the foundation of Torah. Whatever may come after Will only confirm Glory of“The Name”.
So... stop this stupid old hate to Jews, because one day or other you will became a Jew your self. The Third Temple is something that can not be stop, but please understand that this has all to do with Civilized world, there is no place for “human bombs” neither to terrorism in the Years to come. Mankind are not only media pivots... and politicians... and you may not understand now but the world really can not be mistaken forever!.


If Israel does not destroy her enemies now, she will be destroyed by them. She had the opportunity last week, but Jews being weak, lost. Now, her enemies are salivating to finish what YOU JEWS should have finished! You're about to be destroyed because, while you were about to win, you chose to lose. Nobody loses as prettily as a Jew. You're femmies all the way through. Only a Gentile can save you now. Jews are brilliant in every genre of expertise...EXCEPT...self governance. Here, Gentiles surpass the fool Jew. Here is now what is going to happen to the foolish Jew. An international community will 'protect' Israel's borders. You Israelis will not be able to fight against further terrorist acts, and finally, you will be required to relinguish your nuclear powers. Of course, you will, because you're cowards at heart. Then, when you do for the sake of a 'guaranteed peace', you will be annihilated for the most part only a remnant surviving. Jews are the smartest people on the planet, except when it comes to their own safety. You foolish cowards.


Hezbollah only responds to its puppeteers. Truth is defined by the illusion they want to produce at the time. The whole world outside their extreme religious perception of reality is the enemy and anything they say or do to their enemy is, by their code, honorable. The idea that there was an agreement to break is a joke. It takes two parties to enter an agreement and each side needs to be able to expect the other will honor the agreement. There is no way Israel could expect Hezbollah would honor the agreement. Their word is useless. Hezbollah is pretending long enough to regroup and start again.

The cowardly “peace keepers” of the world will talk and rub their hands together while the news media photographs and reports on their self acclaimed success. Once again the lid on the pressure cooker is tightened and people who don’t want to acknowledge the building pressure brag that they don’t see any steam.

Luigi Frascati

"Terrorism, as I understand it, is the use of force, against a civilian population, to achieve political goals".

Hahahahah .... This is probably the most asinine definition of terrorism I have stumbled across in a very long time. I am referring to the comment of 'disappointed third party'. By that standard of measure, then, all countries are terrorist states, since they ALL use force 'against civilian population to achieve political goals'!

Unfortunately terrorism, my dear disappointed (and asinine) third party, is much more macabre than that. Terrorism, for your information, is "the SYSTEMATIC use of violence employed by a CLANDESTINE group of individuals for idiosyncratic, criminal or political reasons to INTIMIDATE a population at large or even a GOVERNMENT, as the case may be, to effect RELIGIOUS or IDEOLOGICAL change". This is the definition of terrorism as rendered by none other than the Academic Consensus of the UNITED NATIONS!

Thus, the degree of terrorism is NOT to be found in the number of casualties, irrespective of their civilian status or age but, rather, in the end-purpose of such terrorist act of intimidation which is perpetrated, as stated above, to change the ideology or the religion of a population at large or government. Which, therefore, fits Hezbollah perfectly.

And, my dear asinine third party, I will go one step further and try to elevate you from the darkness of your boorish self by further informing you that the same Academic Consensus of the UNITED NATIONS decrees that "the use of violence on the part of civilians to defend themselves from a MILITARY invader is illegitimate and, in itself, an ACT OF TERRORISM"! Which, once again, fits Hezbollah perfectly.

The logic behind this, my dear donkey, is that in all evolved societies (other than Lebanon)there is a distiction between civilian and military, and that the two do not mix. It is the military that attack a nation and it is the military that defend the nation being attacked. And the reason is specifically to protect the lives of innocent civilians. When, however, the military attack a nations and the CIVILIANS defend the nation being attacked, then the CIVILIAN casualties skyrocket - as your asinine self has pointed out in the comment.

Civilians that take up arms against the military, or clandestine paramilitary units that shield themselves with civilians are TERRORISTS, and their leaders - as correctly pointed out by Mr. Freund, are THUGS. Terrorist thugs. Because terrorism is, in ultimate analysis, the peacetime equivalent of a war crime - exactly when Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli military, Ehud and Goldwasser, and killed another six Israeli military in PEACETIME!

I am willing to bet, dear disappointed and asinine third party, that you are an American, the reason being that only in America they allow donkeys like you to roam around freely. I guess that's why they call it The Land Of The Free. Fortunately, a great many of your countrymen have a lot more salt in their heads than you.

Disappointed third party, you are a waste of electrons.

Alexander Shekhtman

G-d Bless You, Mr. Frascati!!!

I really enjoy reading postings that should indeed shut up ultra-liberal no-brained idiots!

If someone disagrees with postings such as yours, which is truly iron-clad logic, he or she either needs to go back to grade school, or should be revoked of his or her United States citizenship.

G-d willing, there will less of these of incompetent drones in our great nation, which really does its best to spread democracy and freedom to the rest of the world. Freedom is not a right. It is a priviledge. But I go further than that: freedom is a responsibility. Everyone must analyze the consequences of his actions before deciding how much freedom there really is for such an action.

Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, Al-Qaeda, etc., have never analyzed ther actions. They have never cared about human rights or dignity, even of their own people. Therefore, they do not deserve freedom until they change. Only the United States, Britain, and Israel, have done something to change their behavior. Thus far it looks like they will never change. Therefore, that is why they are deemed TERRORISTS and should be destroyed without any mercy. Go U.S. Army! Go IDF!

Pritt Sehmi

It is nice to hear that the war has temporarily stopped,The killing and maiming and the needless loss of human lives,but the ceasefire is only for awhile.This is the view of all parties concerned,
The pain of war can not exceed the woe of aftermath {Led Zep},
The war on words continue,as to who won the war,the media intices the players to declare their pride,with flags and banners in reality no one won,with death on both sides,What!!!!!!we killed more of them than they did of ours!!!
your right.
Annnd !!!!!we demolished all there infrastructure {buildings,roads etc.}
Your Right.
And,the ands continue,but the cost of one human life is irreplacable,No amount of political aid will revive one human being.In the words of Shlomo The King.Their times up Finished,times up and never to return to this world,except when the machiach comes.
The stage is being set for the next act.Only HaShem knows what that will be.
This war I will remember,as it was the day that the two soldiers were taken,and that morning that I was taken to prison on a false charge,trumped up and executed by the morocan rabbinute.I had prayed shachrite and was preparing to go on the Temple mount with a friend,It was I that was stopped.Here I would like to thank the Lawyer involved,the lawyer that ran around the offices working for my release.I was informed by the lawyer the the workers in these offices showed no concern,their reply being"leave him there until tomorrow".
If we were to live in the beauty of the Tanach,none of these problems would exsist.the nations would come to jerusalem to honour the King.Anndd they will be welcomed by the King and not turned away.
I walked through the street in jerusalem Pritt

Disappointed third party

In response to Luigi Frascati.

"the SYSTEMATIC use of violence employed by a CLANDESTINE group of individuals for idiosyncratic, criminal or political reasons to INTIMIDATE a population at large or even a GOVERNMENT, as the case may be, to effect RELIGIOUS or IDEOLOGICAL change"

This could be the Israeli governments moto towards the Lebanese and Palestinians. The only difference between Israel and Hizbullah is that Israel has been legitimized by western powers.

What was the end-purpose of Israeli actions in Lebanon? Was it to return the kidnapped soldiers? To destroy Hizbullah? To deter further attacks? To stop the katyushas? I don't believe that any of these goals were accomplished, or even seriously pursued.

The true purpose was clearly refered to by various people in the Israeli government. Israel wanted to punish the Lebanese people as a whole, and the inhabitants of the south more specifically for supporting Hizbullah. Israeli policy was to encourage political change in Lebanon through acts of terrorism.

Notice that, in my first comment, I didn't say that Hizbullah didn't resort to terrorism, but rather that Isreal does. If you label Hizbullah as a terrorist group, then you have to label Israel as a terrorist state. The only difference between the two monsters is that Israel has much more funding, and its goals ae supported by a ubiquitous propaganda campaign.

As for the quote "the use of violence on the part of civilians to defend themselves from a MILITARY invader is illegitimate and, in itself, an ACT OF TERRORISM", I have a hard time believing that this came out of the UN. Civilians DEFEDING themselves from Military attacks are terrorists?

There is a clear distinction between Lebanese civilians and Hizbullah fighters. That the Israeli army doesn't respect this distinction attests to its terrorist tactics.

Your implication that Israel is an evolved society is laughable. It certainly has modern infrastructure thanks to the generosity of the west, but take that away, and the Israelis are just like, if not worse than the arabs. Religious fanaticism, extremism, hatred, vilification / dehumanization of the perceived enemy, etc.

Hizbullah's status notwithstanding, do you approve of Israeli action? What was the conclusion of this rediculous war? Hizbullah has widely expanded its support base in Lebanon and accross the middle east. They still have their Katyushas, their anti-tank weapons, and their fighters. They still have the 2 captured soldiers. Israel has accomplished nothing but death and destruction.

If the current Isreali government is not reprimanded, or even dismantled, they will take it as passive acceptance of their pointless, needlessly brutal tactics.

Good work with the insults. They serve a good purpose in distracting the reader from your rediculous arguments, and give them something to laugh about between brain-dead exclamations of support for clearly counter-productive Israeli policy.


"There is a clear distinction between Lebanese civilians and Hizbullah fighters. That the Israeli army doesn't respect this distinction attests to its terrorist tactics."

Sure, they distinguish between them. Israeli soldiers don't fire on terrorists using civilians as human shields. Israel dropped thousands of leaflets warning the civilians to evacuate the areas they were about to strike. In some ways, they're being too humane - and pay the price for it in the number of soldiers WIA and KIA.

The IDF's targets were the terrorists. NOT the civilians. Any civilians killed in the process was the result of the unfortunate thing called "war." (People get killed in wars. How many civilians were killed in World War II? How many hospitals and apartment buildings were hit accidently, resulting in hundreds of civilian casualties?)

On the other hand? Hizbollah was deliberately launching its missiles and rockets at civilian targets.

There's your difference and the reason that a moral comparison between the two is totally off the wall, Mr. Third Party. The IDF regretted and apologized for every single civilian accidently hit with their attacks - and the Hizbollah celebrated with every report of dead civilians in Israel.

No comparison. None.

(Now...with that said and clear? Yes, the Israeli politicians totally screwed the pooch on this war. If they'd have done even a half-competent job, there'd have been fewer casualties and a completed job instead of the useless mess there is now.)

Disappointed third party

Adam, How much damage did the Israeli army actually do to Hizbullah? The Katyushas were flying up until the last instant before the cease-fire, and their forces were engaging Israel's invading army the entire time. If anything, Israel has helped Hizbullah's cause by showing that Lebanon needs them.

Israel DID target civilians. Members of the Israeli military and government regularly made statements saying that they were going to send Lebanese society 20 years back. It's true that Israel dropped leaflets telling civilians to flee, but this was done AFTER Israeli war planes did their best to destroy all the roads and bridges leading out of the south. Moreover, in several cases, Israel attacked the very civilians who were fleeing as instructed to by the leaflets.

"The IDF regretted and apologized for every single civilian accidently hit with their attacks". Talk is cheap. Israeli army apologies are empty things, given so that people like you can refer to them in defence of Israel. What effect did IDF apologies have in the war? Will the IDF compensate the Lebanese civilians for the IDF's "mistakes"? Do they release murderers from prison, in Israel, when they apologize?

You say that "The IDF's targets were the terrorists"; the IDF didn't even know who the terrorists were. They went to a town, told all the civilians to get out, and assumed everyone who didn't was a member of Hizbullah.

Hizbullah and Israel are very similar creatures. They are both drawn mainly from a religious population with extreme views; both accept the use of terrorism; both have no issues with attacking civilians; both receive their weapons / funding from third party states; both believe that they are doing God's bidding; and the list goes on and on.

Israel is a terrorist state, Adam. It's made up to look like an open and democratic society, but it is no such thing.

Rafael V. Rabinovich

I am very troubled with the concept of "trusting in Nasrallah". What is the question there? He CAN be trusted. He has sworn to make our lives imposible, and he's doing a fantastic job at that.
A few years ago, during that missnomer of Peace Process and the Madrid/Oslo/Wye/Camp David II talks, some people shyly asked that question about Arafat.
Was there a place for such a question?
You can trust that they are our enemies, no matter what. If brought to the negociation table, take anything they say as a means to adquire power and strategic forward positions. Trust that they want to wipe us out of the map. Trust that they admire Adolph Hitler, יש״ו, and that their only wish is to complete his work.
Yes, Nasrallah can be trusted. So when the loonies on the left try to sell you his "good intentions", trust him -- not them -- as he will scream at your face that the lefty loonies are all balony.

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The Arab delegation did not want a situation like that in Kosovo or Afghanistan, http://www.cheapjordanretroshoes.com wherein foreign troops would control Islamic territory.

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