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The moderate or leftist view in response to your question would be that it is inappropriate to generalize and group all Palestinians together when making such claims. The realist view is that the US knows very well that the Palestinians hate them but in looking to stabalize the region the US overlooks the obvious and employs the same foreign policy that has been in place for years. Whatever helps the US in the short term regardless of whom they are dealing with or supporting is what is the most important. Personally, while I know not all Palestinians hate Israel and the US - its hard for me not to assume that the majority of Palestinians living in Israel and Gaza are of that view. Unfortunately, scenes like the one you described is not played out in the media in the US so most of the people in the US are blocked by these events and have subscribed to the view that it is Israel that is the aggressor and the Palestinians want to live side by side in peace with Israel.


Many Americans think that Palestinian Arabs only hate the U.S. because of its support for Israel.


Yep, the Palestinians are a rational bunch; as rational as a pack of jackals. Why are people so gullible, believing that if we appease these morons from hell, they'd reform their vitriolic ways? By doing so, we play right into their hands, which are already bathed with our blood.
Trust me, it is only when our blood is spilt, this culture of death has smiles on their collective faces.


as i recall the p-arabs also danced in the street on sept 11.


SSDD 58 years later. Until they are destroyed, there will be no peace. They should all be pushed into the sea and be done with it already. It's clear to everyone they do not want peace, but the world continues to piddle around with this crap thinking there must be some way to deal with them. There isn't now, has not ever been, and never will be as long as Israel exists. So, let's make up our minds. Give Israel to them or destroy them. I think the latter. They have made their choice, let them deal with the consequences.

M. D'Souza

How is it that we see such 'flag burning' orgies only in Islamic nations? That shows how primitive their societies are when compared to the poise with which Israel and other 'infidel' nations of the world treat the national emblems of those who wish our annihilation.

Just before the war in Afghanistan started, the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan had spread the Israeli and US flags like doormats at the entryway to his cubby-hole of an office! This guy was supposed to represent the culture of his country!

We also see Muslims around the world stomping over the Israeli and US flags at various demonstrations while they vent their anger. They take us back to the 7th century just by watching them dance like fiends over our flags.

Why is it that we only see the US and Israeli flags being desecrated in this manner? Why not those of other nations? Perhaps they don't qualify even as average grade satans yet. Afterall, we are the Great Satan and Little Satan to these nefarious characters of the Islamic world.


Way to go Israel! Send the flag burners and their candy-sucking fat-asses to paradise. Or better still, drive them all into the sea and hold them down for the count. Americans can see through the Soddy-funded anti-israel media blitz. The phonies paid our venal media clown to run their million-buck ads in order to purchase favorable editorial comment, even as these cunning degenerates fund global terrorism and encourage the slaugher of civilians in Israel, Chechnya, Somalia, Bali, Indonesia, India, etc. etc. Islamic evil is endless and so we salute the brave Israelis who are fighting on the front lines against Islamic imperialism.


Well thats a shocker!The Palistninians generally are hostile against Isreal.And frankly the only reason they pretend US interest is for use against Isreal.The PA is a Islamic terro org.It always has been.No amount of diplomatic majic has changed the fact.The plans for a two state, side by side is a countinued plan for desaster.But none the less its pushed as the only hope.The plans can not reconcile the conflict.Images and rallies noted above are further illustration to the out right dellusions of the current ways.But none the less im sure thats of little concern to the pushers of such things.


This happens so often it doesn't even bother me so much any more - it is the accepted norm. Atleast they are just flags... I hope that an Israeli somewhere is making money from all these flags. There is clearly a good business in flag making!

Pritt Sehmi

The day the soldiers were abducted is the day that all out war began,since then we have seen death and injuries on both sides.The rockets keep on coming and the airforce keeps on pounding the Lebanese,as normal the innocent suffer.
Each army believes itself to be the formidable foe unable to be defeated,anger is rising,hatred flaring up in every community because of the dead and the dying,antisehmitism rising as the nations view the aftermath of destruction,which the media has tried to cover up.Statments have been twisted,to justify wrong,and so many people agreeing on both sides{because}that is the reality that they want to believe,to keep up the moral.
Since then I have read many articles on the war,It seems that gone are the days of bravado when the two armies went out into a plain and hammered the hell out of each other,Today it is called precision targeting against the enemy,as the katushas come down like rain,with a fifty fifty chance of hitting something.
Through the days of war we have heard alot ot rhetoric,why?because!!!to say the same thing over and over again,people will end up believing even if it is far from the truth.I will explain,,For many years I heard that the arab when he dies,he believes he goes to his place where he is met by his gifts from his god,For those who understand what is written by now will roar in laughter.....But!!!on the news coverage the arabs cried just like us at the death of a person.the anguish on the face of the bereaved was no different as the child was carried in the arms dead.
I have seen personally the anguish our own religious leaders can cause to an individual,and personally experienced their deceit and deception,and the cruelty of the brainwashing tactics with no regard to the individual.Justifying wrong and making the truth into a lie.The days of nimrod are alive and well,the survival of the fittest,the spirit of nimrod thrives in the people.Trying to take control of a persons wealth,food and spirit.Having been sent to prison by the rabbinute on a false charge,Even to the point of being threatened by the amorrocan mafia.They have forgotten that it is HaShem that provides,as they do all they can to suppress an individual.R.F.I.D.T. Real Farce In Democratic Technology.
In the word of the KING "There is nothing new under the sun"In a life of lies and deceit he is right,in the life of sin which encompasses every corrupt action there is nothing new.
But!!!for the upright,everyday is a new day,the sun shines on the righteous,so that he can declare the wonderful works of the creator.Last week we stood up in the Torah reading.Vehitchannan,For those that remember.it was for the TEN COMMANDMENTS,AS these words echo throughout the centries to judge mankind,from Jew to Gentile in every lie,theft or murder that is commited,Why Jew to Gentile???????No! I am not being antisehmitic....It is because we are the chosen offspring of Avraham,and HaShem will judge us far more severely.Why????Because we say we have the truth!!!!!!And we boast that we have the Torah!!!And it is that very same Torah that will judge us,and is judging us daily.....This very same Torah will judge the palestinians,arabs shevet Ishmael,Europe America and the World.
May our hearts be set upon the Torah,as we see the light at the end of the tunnel getting dimmer.May we learn to encourage jew and gentile in the words of truth,that are Torah based.Even as the very book of life becomes forbidden,may we keep the words of truth in our hearts.
WAR is an outside expression,declaring the corruption that exsists within.


Another day of moon god worship. I guess they used some of my tax money the USA sent them to buy those flags. But hey, I was told it is the religion of peace.


one could only hope the pales would attack the US.

Such an action would go a long ways to solving the ME problem


The american media does not show the pictures or film of palestinians behaving as they really do very often. On 9-11, CNN showed a very short clip of dancing palestinians - the clip disappeared about an hour later, never to be seen again.

I now live in Germany, but most of my friends back home know full well that the palis are no friends of the USA nor are they interested in freedom as we understand the term. Frankly, I do feel, after having watched this agony over more than 16 years, that the palis get far too much press, press they certainly do not deserve.

If I recall, Pres. Bush said that we would hold all terrorists "and those who support them" responsible. I would think, with the landslide election of Hamas early in 2006, that the palis now qualify for the "we support terrorists" prize. Why do we americans always treat the palis with kid gloves? Well, probably it is so that every administration has thought "oh no, not that, we don't want to offend the muslim world." Perhaps we should take the opposite tack and scare the shit out of the palis, give them the choice between obliteration and honest negotiation, until they finally behave like civilized humans beings. Let's face it - we would not give any other people or nation (which the palis are neither, btw, but rather a muslim-arab concoction in order to try to destroy Israel)as much slack as we have given the Palis. We bombed Afghanistan back to the 16th century, we could do the same for the palis....


Everyone by now knows that Jewish politicians are gutless pussies. Cowards, all of them. France will soon lose title to Pussy Nation of the World (PNW) because Israel is fast becoming their betters. I'm sure the French are concerned about losing their long-held title. But to no avail, they will lose it. Israel is now surpassing France in pussyism. How grateful to God I am that I am not a low-life Jew!

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