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A fallure of intellagence.Not a intellagence fallure.Whats at issue here is not some government agency or some one person.The fallure is thus:Intellagence is about thought,how one thinks.So given history what leads so many to fail in there thought.Let us remember a few hisorical themes.Hezbollah is not some mysterios group,there pronuncments are clear and loud for any to hear.There rallies are open in fact on main streets.There armaments are aimed at one at one purpose.The destrution of Isreal.Hezbollah is one of many Islamic groups that countinue to draw blood from Isreal.Isreal evacuated lebbanon in the year 2000.Hezbollah declared victory.The UN stands by while arms flow.For one purpose countined warfare against Isreal.All this and more leads to our current fallure of intellagence.What was to be expected.Given the history above.Who thought Hezbollah and the like were doing anything other then what they were saying and there actions were proving.Clearly to ignore the reality of this or any situation for that matter in some exursise of hope is of a selfdestructive nature.Hezbollah is and was clear in there gaols.They claim a victory.And indeed in some ways they have ernd it.Isreal assumed the threat from Hezbollah was able to be ignored.Either by diplomatic niceties or by straight up closing our eyes plugging our ears fooling our brains.Its truly a fallure of intellagence.One final note:Isreal has many advantages of a modern state craft.But none of these instraments are of any use if peaple are to dumb to use them effectivly.All the ease droping equpment and satallites are of little use if we ignore the clear statments of the Islamic groups shooting at the top of there lungs were going to destroy Isreal.And there right next door.From a couple of miles to a few hundered miles if we just lsten.Even for a secound we cant miss it.There actions are clear.Blatetly clear.When day light is staring you in the face and you say no thats not day its night.It doesnt change the fact.This is the current percareus spot Isreal is in.The hostile forces are loud and clear.There actions are clear as well.So why would anyone ignore such things.This is the fallure of intellagence.It truly is a sad atate of affairs.

M. D'Souza

Is this a posture of surrender by DM Amir Peretz?

The enemy sneaks in to attack when it senses complacency, weakness and dissension. This is a characteristic of Islamists, in particular.

This time around, the Islamists sensed the complacency of PM Olmert when he openly expressed his 'fatigue factor' -- tired of fighting, tired of winning, etc. They heard him harping on his 'convergence plan', which to them was a sure sign of weakness. They also saw his treatment of Jewish settlers of Amona and the refugees of Gush Katif. The enemy took this opportunity to sneak in and attack.

The Arabs have been planning for 58 years to drive the Jews out of the Land of Israel. They fought wars, only to be vanquished by superior Israeli force and leaders who were decorated generals in Israel's armed forces. But this time they saw that PM Olmert was just a lawyer-politician, DM Peretz was just a novice with no experience in conducting a war. The time was ripe for the Arab terrorists to strike.

Any amount of intelligence could not have helped with this attack that was pre-planned by Iran, inorder to divert the world attention from the G8 summit and the issue of Iran's nuclear program.

The Islamists played the same diversionary tactic of suicide attacks on London's transit system on 7/7, just before the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, hosted by Britain. And this year, by the 7/11 bomb attacks on Mumbai trains in India, just before the G8 Summit in Saint Petersburg, hosted by Russia, because India would be present as a guest. Simultaneously, the Hizbullah (and Iran) planned terror attacks on Israel on 7/12 as a distraction for the G8 Summit.

So, one has only to be vigilant of the Islamists' tactics. The only way to defeat them is with determination, mighty force and reliance on the G-D.

Luigi Frascati

Well, it may very well be like you say Mr. Freund, that is this is a case of ineptitude or of inexperience on the part of the Israeli leadership. Anything is possible. But, as you know, there is always the other side of the coin.

There is an article on The New Yorker authored by Seymour Hirsh (http://www.newyorker.com/) and entitled 'Watching Lebanon', which suggests a very different scenario.

According to the author, the United States and Israel both shared a common desire of getting rid of Hezbollah well before the kidnapping of Ehud and Goldwasser and the terroristic slain of another six Israeli soldiers that have precipitated the recent events. However, the motives of such shared desired were different. Whereas Israel wanted simply to get rid of the Hezbollah threat, the United States wanted to see whether Hezbollah could be destroyed from the air through what military strategists refer to as 'strategic bombing'.

The theory goes, that if in fact Hezbollah - which has constructed a series of underground fortifications South of the Litani river - could be annihilated through aerial deep-ground bombardments, then the same could be done to Iranian nuclear installations which are also buried deep underground. So, in essence, the United States wanted to conduct a 'test' on Hezbollah's underground fortifications so as to take on, at a later date, Iran nuclear installations as well.

As both USAF and the IAF are firm believers in 'strategic bombing', Israel was more than happy to cooperate. And this explains the first three weeks of the conflict 'lost' by the Israeli military in aerial bombardments. In essence, the Israeli plan has been “the mirror image of what the United States has been planning for Iran.”

This also explains why the decision to go to war was taken so quickly. Israel, according to Mossad's analysts referred to in the article, goes to war only after careful and long analyses. But in these recent events, all the long analyses were done months before.

Unfortunately " The surprising strength of Hezbollah’s resistance, and its continuing ability to fire rockets into northern Israel in the face of the constant Israeli bombing,is a massive setback for those in the White House who want to use force in Iran. And those who argue that the bombing will create internal dissent and revolt in Iran are also set back.”

I suggest that you as well as the readers of this blog take a look at this article which, by the way, has been featured also on a segment of CNN with Wolf Blizer.

It may very well be - and this is the other side of the coin I was talking about - that PM Olmert and the Israeli leadership are less inept and less inexperience than you think, afterall.



geez, you're actually referring plans published through CNN and the New York Times?

These are media who lean towards the left, and have obvious biases against Israel. Wow.

Luigi Frascati

Hi Paolo.

no, not The New York Times. The New Yorker. There is a difference. And as far as CNN goes, though like you say they tend to lean towards the center-left in their reportage, not all of them do. Certainly not Wolf Blitzer (but yes, Anderson Cooper sometimes does).

At any rate, go take a look at the article. To me it seems to be 'somewhat' apolitical (though, of course, who's kidding who ...) and in any event even if it is so, it is probably more tilted against the present Administration than against Israel.

But I just wanted to offer an alternative - which may or may not make sense, depending on the various points of view - to the present Olmert-bashing going on in Israel.

That article does not reflect my own point of view.



Israel is doomed by her own leadership who would rather be liked by the world who hates her, than by her own citizens who fight for her. If the Leftist view continues to prevail in Israel, she will die as a nation. Already, she is cancerous with defeatist-Leftists who think the way to peace is giving land to those who want to murder her. If the daily rocket barrage from Gaza, or the latest rocket barrage from Hizbullah hasn't shown Israelis that "land for peace" is a fiasco, then there is no hope for Israel and Israelis should be making plans to leave Israel. Since I am not a Jew, I cannot fathom their love for self-destruction. I'm glad I am not a Jew, because if I were a Jew, I would be living in shame every day for the behavior of my fellow loser-Jews. Jews are complete losers because, while they have the power to destroy their enemies, they will not use it. Jews are the DEFINITION OF A LOSER!


When I came home one day after the local bully used me for a punching bag, my mother barked through my whining, "Get over it! He won't stop unless you make him stop, so do something about it!" First, I beat up the ratfink who was snitching on my every move around town and school. That eliminated the random-ambush problem. The second thing was to carry a short pipe stuffed in my pants when walking to and from home. Since he had to follow me himself, I could now predict where the next attack would come from, which stopped after the bully suffered a broken ankle. Point: Stop whining, ditch the enemies helping the bad guys from within Israel, and prepare to deal with any hostile act with OVERWHELMING FORCE!!! Now is the time to rethink the next phase, not play games, because you got real lucky this time. Oust every political fool, incompetant general, and subversive Arab, then FIGHT the war you already know has never ceased and never will.

Adele Mischel  MSW

It is difficult to remain hopeful when the government of Israel has so shamed the nation in this war with Hizbollah; I realize that Israel has been pressure from many sources to "contain" its self-defensive strategy....but to have done so, to her own detriment is shameful. And now...what? More of the same? Does anyone believe that UNIFIL will have clout to bring peace in the region....or will the Lebanese Army merely be another name for Hizbollah....The Islamic extremist have gained confidence and this is already being reflected in Iran and Syria.
The Israeli government must be retired forthwith....with no explanations, excuses, or further promises. Will that take place? That is any one's guess, at this point.

M. D'Souza

To Eric's comment:


They have survived thousands of years of attempts by their enemies who intended to annihilate them. All those enemies have gone down the garbage chute of history. But the Jews have survived and thrived.

We must admire the ethics with which Jews fight their wars to avoid civilian casualties, unlike the unscrupulous killings have subjected them to by their enemies.

They will get over this untimely ceasefire imposed upon them even before they completed the task for which they were dragged into a war.


To M. D'Souza,

I am not as enamored of Israeli's niceties during was as you are. I happen to know a thing or two about fighting and winning a war. The thing so many Jews, especially the Leftist Jews don't see, is that to win a war, you don't play patty cake. You go all out. You fight like your lives depended on it. You fight like your nation depends on you winning. That is how you conduct a war. Civilians die. That's tough shit. Jewish civilians have been murdered on a regular basis since Israel became a nation in 1948. When it comes to war, only the fool is nice. You kill your enemy PERIOD. If civilians happen to be in a building harboring the enemy too, tough shit. You take out the building. As long as Israel plays being the pussy weakling toward their enemy, they will continue to suffer. If suffering is what you Jews like, then just continue as you are. But if you want to put an end to the enemies constant threats, go after them like your lives depended on it! Otherwise, you Jews ARE LOSERS!


Unfortunately, Eric is right. When you are facing an enemy which uses civilian shields, you can either try to shoot around the bystanders, shoot the bystanders as well, or surrender. Israel doesn't kill the "Innocent" because the people who realize that they need to are not the majority, and they are also not the lame liars that become politicians. Or perhaps it's because they want their econimical aid from the US, and Olmert is a puppet to Bush.

However, most JEWS ARE NOT LOSERS. We have survived where every great civilization has fallen. Where's Egypt? Ruined by plagues and war. Where's Rome? Invaded by Vandals. Where's Greece? Assyria? Mesopotamia? Turkey? Spain? France? China?
Granted, people still live there and call themselves by the name, but does spain still have half the world in its empire? All of these great nations have risen and fallen, but We have stayed alive, with Hashem's help.

The losers are the people falling over themselves to make peace with men who have sworn their destruction. The losers are the ones that say "we've lost" And we have not lost the war. The losers are prominent because they say what the world (and especially the media) wants to hear.

Sohail Khan

I would say that there was political indeciveness and the early withdrawal as soon as 1701 was passed. The strategic emphasis where 40000 troops were sent in the last few days of the campaign rather from the outset was questionable. Then most of all making the 40000 troops withdraw from S.Lebanon when there wasn't a sufficient UNIFIL presence to man the buffer zone.
There was no lack of intelligence but instead a laack of political deciveness to realise full objectives.
That is why I stated there should be a petition in the knesset for a vote of confidence in the Political leadership. God knows how an Iran campaign can be won with this level of Indeciveness.
I have written to many Jewish newspapers and stated the emmerging challenge that Iran now poses. It is time for strong and a coherent leadership to sort this out.
Today Israel is staring at the dawn of a new era. An Israeli Constitution must now be drawn up at the Knesset for the people so this indeciveness may never happen again.
Some people in Government are hesitant of change and complete modernisation,but it is a must and the Constitution of Israel shall become a reality on the near future.

There was ample intelligence and startegic planning for the Lebanon campaign; It was Political indeciveness that was at fault or not as resolute as it should have been.

Sometime ago I stated that this is something Israel has to do for itself and not UNIFIL . Today I have been proved absolutely correct. The Iran issue is just as important and the no.1 issue of the people of Israel. It is time for strong leadership and there can be no further excuses.

Pritt Sehmi

The Importance of a Name,
You may ask, what is so important about a name?Answer ''Nothing if you yourself do not care about it''What do I mean by that?I will try to explain.
Many many years ago,a family did that which was evil in the eyes of their father.In todays society it would be quite exceptable if I was to listen to the media.The children grew worse and worse.The father sent friends to speak to his children,but they did not listen.He warned them that they will lose their inheritance,if they continued to squander what they have.Still they did not listen.The father changed the family name and his wealth was given to his servants to look after.
The stigma was hard to shake off,because the name was so close to the original that it became hard to pronounce the original name..No matter how hard they tried,the children could not prononce the name..and if they did,in the very next sentence would be the new name...
They tried to cover up the shame by making many variations of the name,the more they tried the further they got from the fathers way.Still not listening to the admonitions of the father,he sent his children on holiday.Everywhere they went the would change the name of the people around them.The people they would meet became angry at the abuse they received from the strangers.The people would be called animals,donkeys beasts of burden.But the children would not listen to the warnings.They became a bye word where ever they went,infamous and the people separated themselves,from the children.
The father heard the news of what had happened.Slowly he began to gather his children,back home.The house was filled with singing,and dancing,the name the father had changed remained,It was used in the streets and at school,in the work place and in places of leisure.It became so common,that people no longer cared.
One day came a stranger,the people abused him until they nearly killed him,they tried to change his family name,also his first name.They gave excuses for this and for that,the eldest gave their consent to trouble his mind,until they nearly drove him insane.They closed the borders so that at times even his life was in jeopardy.The children had forgotten one brother did not return,while he was away his wife had given birth to a son so stayed in the foreign land,Having heard his brothers and sisters had returned home,he sent his son... The child spoke daily to the grandfather,and the grandfather loved him as his own son.The children became jealous,because the father gave the child his love,and helped him develope his talents and preserved him.This child was from the family of the Lion and King,when his father heard of the treatment his son had received of his brothers.He came with the strangers to his brothers house to destroy it.
The story happened in the days of the first Temple,HaShem ordered a prophet to marry a harlot.The prophet being obedient did so,The name of one child he had was .The Glory has Departed.The final curse was that Israel was changed to Izrael.When we walk through the streets of our city we hear the name Izrael being said time and time again,and no one takes any notice.We ourselves say it without realising it.It is a stigma from the days of old,a curse that has remained.
And the story continues to this day until the day HaShem will restore the rightful name,Israel to His children.When Israel will rejoice with joy and gayfully perform the duties of the Father..We will not mock the nations ever again and they will not mock us.......For we will all be the children of HaShem...
What is so important in a name?To belittle a person one need only to ask some one his name.In receiving an answer,return the answer with a slight change;
Dugma.A.What's your name???
Reply: B.My name is Israel.....
A.Oh! your name is Izrael?
B.No!no,my name is Israel..
A.Yizrael,Would you like to go to a yeshiva and learn?
B.Israel begins to think this person is just plain stupid or his learning has made him lose his marbles.Or he's so in touch with reality he doesn't know where he is.Answers .''No,but my name is not Izrael but Israel.''
A.Oh!pity Izzzroael(with a grin),There's a really good rabbi and you can can learn alot from him.I've been his student for ten years..
And so It continues....................
It does not matter if these Rabbis do this to an individual or to set the community against a particular individual.Be he Jew or Gentile,These Rabbies have shown their lack of intelligence also the lack of the fear of HaShem.These Rabbies do this not only to the Jew but also to the gentile,until the person loses hope and accepts the situation or they drive him insane.If he or she loses their anger,These Rabies reply,''We told you what he's like'' and their students with complete,complete,complete ????reply''What a chacum''in hebrew''eze wise man''and he wanders off into his ego....looking important...
As a nation we have much to learn,In the 52 years we could have been a light of respect to the nations.Had we lived according to the Torah..We proudly claim that we are the children of Avraham,while our lives are contrary to his ways.Let us do an internal examination,to see if we are truely living in the way of HaShem,or have we concocted so many fables that we ourselves don't believe them any more.If we can find enough people to agree with us,the stories sound quite plausible....
The nations are gathering in the north to keep the peace,a lasting peace..one that will endure...one that has gods blessing,Or is HaShem gathering us all for the final solution into the valley of judgement?
Question ..Do you love Israel so much that you are prepared to live a life according to the ways of HaShem.????????
As ISRAEL We can still do tshuva,we can still return to the ways of HaShem.Our laughter can be the laughter of joy as we gaily play with our children in peace and security,without fear or shame.The Ten Commandments being the very foundation of our existance.They encompass the whole way of Avraham in every area of ones life,as an individual and as a nation...Only His way will bring Peace
Shabbat Shalom,
Pritt Sehmi.........................


Wheres Hitler? Gone! And Jews it is shame ful to kill, and these resistances have been created because PALESTINE HAS BEEN OPPRESSED FROM 1948-2006. And we r jut getting help from our couzs. And Israel started the war in 1982 when the bombedlebanon. In 2000, Hezbollah got rid of most Israeli soldiers. The kidnapped 2 of em because they occupy their land like ISRAEL OCCUPIES PALESTINE! (And since when was God real-estate?) Here add me and ill explain a load of crap. And watch this vid 2! Don't judge others for God will judge u!
And to think the oppressed (from hitler) will b the Opressers? And all oppressors have been eliminated. Just the world powers know...Also add me in Utube user (CsalbertCs) http://youtube.com/watch?v=NgyL-1ZSdGo the vid The Iraelis will always disagree with. The Jews will always b smart, but we will fight...and we r smarter

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They claim a victory.And indeed in some ways they have ernd it.Isreal assumed the threat from Hezbollah was able to be ignored.Either http://www.cheapjordanretroshoes.com by diplomatic niceties or by straight up closing our eyes plugging our ears fooling our brains.

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