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Thomas, Selah WA, USA

It's not difficult to figure it out.
The idea that the U.N. can do anything towards the cause of world peace is just more of the same old horseshit. I'm dismayed at Bush. The saying goes..."Come meet the new boss, same as the old boss".
We either decide to fight now, or give it all away. Overwhelming force is how to create a permanent ceasefire. Our freedom, our society, our civilization hangs in the balance. Some things are worth fighting for.

M. D'Souza

The UN presently stands for United Nazis.

Most of the 58 Islamic nations in the UN are against Israel's existence in the Middle East. The rest of the nations are more interested in appeasing their radicalized Islamic populations, than supporting Israel. The developing nations too will vote with the Muslim majority, because of the petro-dollars they receive from their citizens working in oil-rich Gulf regions. They will not care about Israel or its existence.

The cease-fire the UN, the US State Department and France are now working on is nothing but a farce. When it comes to their Middle East policies, we know very well that the UN is absolutely worthless, so also is the US State Department. France is nothing but a marionette - a puppet manipulated by the scare of their ever-increasingly radicalized Islamic population and also their petro-dependency.

So Israel will only get a raw deal from all these cease-fire negotiations. It will mean Israel ceases and Hizbullah fires. The cycle will continue.

Israel should finish the job of getting rid of Hizbullah and its head-honcho Nasrallah. The international community will have to deal with the ulterior motives of Syria and Iran in starting this war, inorder to let Iran get off the slate of UN resolutions regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions. This is the head of the serpent that needs to be crushed.

M. D'Souza

Did we ever realize that the Bible already told us 2500 years ago (520 B.C.E.) that the UN would be a 'basket case'?

Yes, the Bible compares the UN to a basket. Look at the seating arrangement at the UN General Assembly, as viewed from above. It looks like a basket-weave.

Note the future of the UN as explained to Zechariah in Zech.5:5-11.

The 'basket' (or UN) has a 'leaden' disc (v.7). The dictionary meaning of 'leaden' is something weighty, spiritless and gloomy. Anything 'leaden' is of poor quality or of little value. Anything 'leaden' is sluggish. Oh, haven't we noticed these great qualities of the UN in the past six decades!

V.7 tells us that there is a woman sitting inside the basket, who is characterized in v.8 as "This is wickedness!" Haven't we seen the wickedness of the UN in its Oil for Food scandal of Iraq sanctions, the sexual escapades of the UN workers in Congo, the role of UN workers in the earlier abduction of the three Israeli soldiers during the '90s. UN's wickedness goes on and on.

The v.9 mentions two women coming with the wind in their wings to lift up the 'basket' (or UN) between the earth and heaven. These two women may represent the EU and the Islamic nations, that will make up the final kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar's dream - as interpreted by the Prophet Daniel in Dan.2:41-43, just before the reign of the Messiah.

So, where are they carrying this 'basket' (or the UN)? (v.10).

V.11 mentions where - To build a house for it in the land of Shinar (Babylon or modern day Iraq), when it is ready (i.e. after the Iraqis settle their present sectarian violence). When Iraq stabilizes, the basket (UN) will be set there on its base.

That will be good riddance of the UN from US soil!!!

Ralph Haglund

It is interesting to read the daily press releases from UNIFIL at http://www.un.org/Depts/dpko/missions/unifil/unifilpress.htm - in almost EVERY message it is written something like "Hizbollah fired from the vicinity of 1-2-3-4-5 UN positions...." Strange that Kofi Annan or someone never ever reacted. But if Israel has to take out one of the Hizbollah positions....... Sigh.

Keith Dawid



everything said about the un is correct they are the biggest waiste of space and air i know of. There is one question that bothers me - after finding out kofi had his hand in the food for oil debacle why is he still in charge and how can he be gotten rid of?

Jim "Rightwing Cowboy" McMullen

Partner, I have never thought highly of those who would wear a baby-blue helmet. Couple that comment with the history of the United Nitwits and you get a whole lot of chaos instead of peace. Rape, pillage and plunder seems to be the rallying cry for this group of fools - and I'm speaking of those who reside in the multi-story building in NYC. The latest scandal of the UN forces raping and murdering in Africa does not give me any confidence that they are capable of doing anything with Hezbullah or Hamas. After all, they would have to go up against ARMED men to do that. Then there's the idea that the French want to involve themselves into the "peace" process. Excuse me! A baby-blue flag and now a white flag? Oh, brother!

Uzi Ben Avi

To his credit David Ben-Gurion poignantly summed up the UN as follows "OOM SHMOOM". As confused as he may have been as to the true definition of Zion and Tanachic Zionism,was astute enough to realise that the UN was as redundant as it's sorry predecessor the League of Nations. The English language offers us many appropriate words with the prefix UN, they all sum up the UN;
UNdermining, UNeducated, UNimportant,UNaccountable,UNable UNAmerican,UNapologetic,UNappealable,
UNattractive,UNbalanced. Just to name a few.
Time has come for the "United Nation of Yisrael" to step up to the plate and assume it's true role as the unifying constant in the equation of this so far confused world. A Nation that truly is a "Light unto the Nations" that is the idea. The Western Nations of the world modeled their societies on the Nation of Yisrael and the Tanach,i.e the UK and her Commonwealth,along with their Tanachic based constitutional monarchy, coupled with the US, proudly stating "in G-D we trust" are our allies. The picture could not be clearer. The days of the final redemption are drawing
b'Ahavat Yisrael

fUNny mentally freud

Tu BeAv Humor:

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Since the current war began between Hezbollah terrorists and the State of Israel on July 12th, it has been reported by The Jewish Agency that there has been a dramatic rise in anti-semitic incidents directly related to mounting tensions in the Middle East. According to Ynet News, "During the past two weeks, at least 50 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded around the world, ten of which were violent. The most extreme incident occurred July 28th, when a Muslim-American of Pakistani origin went on a shooting spree in a Jewish Federation building in Seattle, killing one woman and wounding five more.

Since the start of the war in Lebanon, Jews, Israelis and Jewish landmarks across the world have been victims of a wave of anti-Semitic attacks: In Turkey two Israeli families were assaulted when merchants learned of their country of origin; a Jewish Community Center was brutally attacked in Australia; a youth vandalized an Oslo synagogue and defecated at the entrance; and in Brazil a synagogue was sprayed with the slogan, 'Lebanon - the real Holocaust."

The report goes on to say that, "recent reports received by the Jewish Agency reveal a difficult picture of an exacerbation of anti-Semitic incidents. Many mass demonstrations worldwide against Israeli policy in Lebanon have descended into violence and unruly incitement against local Jewish communities. Most of the incidents occurred in countries with large populations of Lebanese, Arab and Muslim immigrants. At many of the anti-Israeli protests, demonstrators have waved Hezbullah flags and swastikas and called out slogans comparing IDF soldiers to Nazi storm troopers. The JA further noted that the offices of numerous Jewish communities have reported receiving threatening emails. "

The revelation of these disturbing facts deserves closer examination. It would appear that the rise in anti-semitic incidents is directly related to multiple factors. It is clear that Hezbollah, aided by the worldwide media has launched a highly successful propaganda campaign aimed at discrediting Israel, of portraying Israel as a mammoth and ruthless murder machine bent on wanton destruction with no regard for "civilian" lives in Lebanon. While we know that the contrary is true and Israel takes great pains to minimize civilian deaths and casualties, little can be done to harness the deep seated malevolence that the media and the world has for Jews and Israel. Jew hatred is alive and well as it always has been. Those haters of Jews and Israel need little persuasion as an excuse to manifest their vitriol towards Israel and we can expect much more of the same.

The world remains silent in the face of this banal form of racism, because as students of Jewish history know full well, the Jew has no real allies and the eyebrows of the world are never raised when it comes to confronting Jew bashers. The world stood silent during the Holocaust as it stands silent now. It would be delusional to believe that their will be a impassioned outcry from the world. We are alone and it is best to get used to it.

Speaking of being alone, it also comes as no surprise that on the diplomatic front, the moribund United Nations are busying themselves with condemning Israel and concocting resolutions that will demand that Israeli troops withdraw from Lebanon before Hezbollah terrorists are defeated. There is talk of having an impotent Lebanese army replace Israeli troops in southern Lebanon. Talk about having the fox watching the hen house. Let us remember that a great majority of the Lebanese army are supporters of Hezbollah as are the current leaders of the ostensible democracy that calls itself the current government of Lebanon.

We must never forget that Hezbollah representatives are members of the Lebanese parliament. Let us never forget that a great majority of the Lebanese population are steadfast and loyal Hezbollah supporters. Let us never forget that no international peacekeeping force can quell the Syrian and Iranian backed Hezbollah terrorists. They are a well funded and thoroughly trained army of highly skilled militia who are driven by deeply held religious beliefs and passions and are dedicated to spreading their own brand of Islamic fascism.

While the agenda of the United States is to support Lebanon's fledgling "democracy", this will be no easy task. If the United States has learned anything from its involvement in Iraq is that imposing a democracy on a people that does not desire it can be the recipe for civil war, death and destruction. Creating a new world order in the Middle East will be an arduous, if not impossible goal. Hezbollah's agenda on the other hand is to create yet another Islamic state in Lebanon, ruled by Shiite Muslims. Their agenda is one that is within their grasp and within the realm of reality.

The people of Lebanon would clearly welcome a stronger Hezbollah presence in government and in the military. In the eyes of the Lebanese people, Hezbollah is the brave and courageous underdog. A voice of strength and truth and an organization that has a credible track record of helping the Lebanese Shiite population, in the form of providing social services that the people have relied on. Hezbollah has won the hearts and loyalty of its following and they can smell victory. With the exception of the United States, Hezbollah has the support of the world.

The question has been raised as to whether Israel can still win this war. Every day over 140 Katyusha rockets still rain upon Israeli towns and cities on its northern border, and the death toll rapidly climbs. A Hezbollah drone aimed at Tel Aviv was intercepted by Israel this time, but who knows what will occur on their next attempt at mass destruction and genocide. There is no question that the handling of this military operation has been less than adequate.
At this moment the Knesset is discussing the possibility of a larger, more massive ground offensive.

Time is running short and the hesitation and confusion of the Israeli government has put the Jewish State between a rock and a hard place. Hindsight is always 20/20, however had the government of Israel been able to quash its fear of world opinion and had engaged in a massive ground offensive at the beginning of this conflict, perhaps the situation might look brighter for an Israeli victory over Hezbollah terrorism. The events that will unfold in the days ahead will be crucial in the outcome for Israel.

There is no question that we are living in the times of "Chevlei Moshiach", the birth pangs of the coming of our righteous Messiah. We have witnessed prophecies unfold before our very eyes. We must remember that all is not bleak. Birth pangs can be painful and protracted or they can come swiftly with relatively little pain. It is all in our hands. It is incumbent upon the Jewish people to be actively involved in becoming the harbingers of the redemption. We are obliged to place our faith and trust in the Almighty G-d of Israel and to become devoted to His Torah and His commandments.

We are commanded to fear only G-d and to not fear our enemies. It is time for the entire nation of Israel to speak with one collective voice, and with great resolve and determination to declare to the world that we demand that our government use all of its powers to destroy and annihilate our enemies. There is no time for guilt and apologies, rather it is a time to plunge into battle with the goal of the ultimate preservation of the Jewish nation. It is time to know in our hearts that we are commanded by G-d not to fear our enemies, for the Almighty G-d of Israel will be with is. Moshiach is knocking and kicking on the door, it is up to us to let him in. Salvation is in our hands if we only seek it.

In the difficult days ahead let us beseech the Almighty G-d of Israel to gird His nation Israel with strength. May our fervent prayers reach the gates of Heaven and may we merit to see victory and salvation.


Talk, talk, talk. What is anyone actually planning to DO to change the situation in Israel?


To Whom It May Concern;
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