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Point well stated!!


Absolutely correct. Frankly the state of affairs globaly scares me. Tho I will lay down my life for G-d and Israel even tho I live in the united states. All I have heard from Lebanon are excuses as to why Hizbullah is so powerful, and thier government has done nothing to reduce this threat. If they were so afraid, then why didn't the lebaneese government offer to join forces with isreal from the start, and on two fronts, smash them once and for all? I have to wonder how much of other countries have been infiltrated by the islamic fascists. I just pray that everyone has the strength they need to set things right and head down the correct path.

Luigi Frascati

So very true! And let me add also, for the record, that the same men, women and children in Lebanon that are now conquering the hearts and minds of the so called 'international community' are the very same people that were dancing and partying and cheering in the streets of Beirut on Sept. 12, 2001 - the day after the WTC attacks! I saw them on CNN. And they were joined in the celebrations by their Palestinian pals, as well as by the Syrians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Saudis, Iraqis, Iranians, Indonesians and Yemenis. The only ones, the ONLY ONES who did not celebrate were the Kuwaitis. Perhaps CNN should rerun those 2001 celebrations on TV to refresh everybody's memories - especially the ones of Kofi Annan and Fouad Siniora.

M. D'Souza

Think about it!...These Pakistani terrorists are the progeny of the same Muslims that the British appeased while they divided the Indian sub-continent in 1947, to give the Muslims their terror-state of Pakistan (West Pakistan and East Pakistan that is Bangla Desh since the '70s).

These Pakistanis were not satisfied with the MOST fertile land they received. So, many of them immigrated to Britain and the West, for better 'prospects'.

They are still dissatisfied and have now resorted to terrorism in Britain (for ex.7/7) itself. What an irony!

The same is the case with the so-called 'Palestinians'. Wherever they go, they resort to terrorism. They were driven out of Jordan by King Hussein in the 70s, from Kuwait in the '90s and now from Iraq.

The Lebanese sympathized with the 'Palestinians' and accommodated them in S.Lebanon. They created chaos in Lebanon by upsetting the demographic balance. These PLO terrorists are now protected by Hizbullah mega-terrorists!

The world needs to realize Israel's existential threat here. Israel has complied with all the UN resolutions, while these Islamic terrorists have not honored any of them.

Yet, the UN and the international community want to appease the terrorists with a cease-fire. They don't care if Israel ceases to exist while Hizbullah continues to fire. That will be the outcome of the UN cease-fire!


The ceasefire is in place. Bush has conceded to the terrorists, the French, and the U.N. He's turned out to be just another appeasing politician. Israel has lost. The U.S. has lost. I'm ashamed to be a republican.


If I understand the cease fire agreement Israel is about to enter into, I have to question the sanity of Israel. The UN isn’t a friend of Israel and neither is Lebanon. Combining UN and Lebanese forces to control a buffer between Hezbollah and their desired prey is like trusting a fox to guard a henhouse. What is to keep UN and Lebanese forces from merely maintaining order until Hezbollah has regrouped and gathered reinforcements? Once Hezbollah is ready again they could simply join forces with the UN and Lebanese forces to march right over the top of Israel. This looks like a well thought out plan to buy Israel’s foe some time and add 30,000 troops with equipment to the enemy’s army.


We will see if the cease fire actually passes in the Israeli cabinet. And then we will see if Hizb'allah actually sticks to it's word (not a chance). The Jihadis simply want time to regroup. The chances are strong that any UNIFIL troops will be just as ineffective as they were in the past. What is needed is an enormous NATO troop contingent, with real bite and real threat of force.

Siniora is a complete hypocrite and a liar, no one with any sense in his head will be able to trust the man. The (liberal) newsmedia is in a feeding frenzy over Nasrallah's TV announcement, not realizing or not wanted to realize that they make this horrible, criminal, murderous terrorist more and more legitimate-looking every time they give him so much press.

Israel must stay at the ready at all times. This thing is not over yet.

Keith Dawid


Helen M.

I am an American and furthermore I am of the Christian faith, but I am not blind. It is an injustice and a lack of responsibility to permit Hezballah get away with this! I saw with my own eyes the second plane hit the towers. I saw it crumble. I'm sorry I have absolutely no pity for the Lebanese. It is partially their fault to allow this terrorist group make their land their "home". Isreal needs to defend itself and it's just a matter of time when they, Hezballah will attack again. Isreal, put the fear of God in them.

Alexander Shekhtman

G-d Will Bless Those That Are on the Side of Israel!

G-d Will Curse To Those That Are Against Israel!

May G-d Withhold His Wrath Against the United States for constantly destroying Israel.

But a point should be made...
Did you know that the percentage of those kicked out of Gaza out of the Jewish population of Israel = the percentage of those who lost theirs homes from Katrina out of the U.S. population???

I am afraid to even imagine what will happend to the United States because it forced Israel into this facade of a cease-fire.

Tony Trenton

There are no surprises if you read the Muslim war manual.The Koran is a random collection of verses.The original Kufic script had no vowels or diacritical points.The nature of the Koran is pure intimidation,A typical high pressure selling technique of fear & greed.Because of the ambiguous nature of the Koran an Imam can select a verse here & a verse there to say what he likes.To get an understanding of the nature of Islam go to www.islamundressed.com This is a serious paper with historical references.The upshot is that there is no compromise with Islam.Either you are a Muslim, or you have no right to be on this earth & it is every Muslims duty to cut the throats of all Infidels.Because this is what is drummed into the kids from an early age,they have no respect for any non Muslim's life or point of view. Always bare this in mind when listening to Muslims.According to Mohamed all Muslims are Jihadists.

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