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There are those who do not learn, but where does it leave the servants of G*d? There are obvious not Israels leaders! Otherwise they would have at least cut diplomatic ties with G*d hating leadership. They certainly would not hure around with the UN and EU.

Pet Stem

Dear Mr. Freund,

That is an interesting name that you have. Where does it come from and does it have a meaning? But, and as an aside, let me ask you why you do not seem to see the very large picture of political power blocks that are straining and struggling to confuse us all. France is Roman Catholic. Need I say more? But I will for the sake of the unconscious.

The Roman Catholics, who are false Christians and really pure pagan idol worshippers, are intending to squat in the Holy Land and principally in Jerusalem after they have removed your little political entity called the State of Israel. (Well, I am on your side, just to make this clear.) The Vatican is a monster and THE monster in the earth. So, you have them on one side of this game and on the other side of the playing field you have the Russkies, who are the other leg of Daniel's vision and the Orthodox false Christians. The two legs I am referring to here are the legs of the image that Daniel described in the second chapter of the Bible book that carries his name. This vision/dream that the King of Babylon had is meant to give the picture of the Gentile kingdoms down through time until Messiah comes (again). :-))

So you have the Roman Catholics, led by the Dope of Rome himself, working night and day with all of their little satellite gopher groups like the CFR, the Trilaterals, the BuilderBurgers, the Freemasons, ad nauseam ALL knit together by the Jesuits and steadily bringing the world into a globalized parish. G_d Forbid!

Now, we Isri-o-files, don't have any trouble seeing the Roman Catholics sleeping with the Muslims and Arabs in order to work against your existence. And on the other side so are the Orthodox working against your existence, and I mean all of their branches, Armenian, Serbian, Greek, Coptic, Romanian, and Russian, who are also filling Jerusalem with their "bad seed" with the view to also squatting in your previously Kosher residences. And guess what, they also have their satellite gopher groups such as the Persians, Syrians, and the Shiites. The tribe of Judah should be feeling a little under the loop.

So to address directly your question, "What is wrong with France," I have to say that you must very well know what is wrong with France or you haven't done your home work. The micron thin deduction that you express, "once again, Jacques Chirac has tried to earn a few cheap political points domestically by 'standing up' to the US" is not even in the ball park of bedrock reality.

Your friend, Pet Stem. ("The Voice of the Hat")


It's Chirac who is immoral.

I am a French citizen living in Finland and I am disgusted by Chirac's stand. It's him who is immoral. Not all French people think like him.

Sir Sefirot

Pet Stem, I'm afraid that if you are trying to explain Chirac's attitude from a religious point of view, you are truly and completely wrong. I'm Spanish and I can't guarantee you, almost no one is truly religious nor here neither in france, and what the roman church says, we don't care at all.

You see, Chirac hates America, and Israel is an ally of America. So Chirac hates france. Simplistic? You bet. But works.


I agree with Sefirot. Too often, we try to apply explanations to attitudes which are contrary to that which has been lost...common sense. Chirac is a terrorist appeasing chicken shit who saw Frances's power significantly diminished in the eyes of that which he holds so dear...the U.N. during the Iraq U.N. debacle. The U.S. kicked him in the ass and he simply has not gotten over it. Simple as that. Probably in addition to several other "human" characteristics such as greed, hate, jealousy, fear, and neurosis. France is jumping up and down saying..."Were still here" hoping that anyone out there will notice. Categorize them as just another enemy of Israel and move on. Take a number and get in line Jacque.


Chirac is a disgrace and cannot pass quickly enough from the world stage. I would have to think that even the French are fed up with him. It is the abject perfidity of French foreign policy under Chirac that is absolutely unforgivable.

It makes one long for the days of Miterand.

M. D'Souza

What's wrong with France?...Perhaps Jacques Chirac suffers from bipolar disorder. He said one thing on Sunday, and now on Wednesday he turns around and says just the opposite.

Initially, Chirac mentioned sending French troops to S. Lebanon as part of the international force.

Hizbullah cried out 'Uncle!', and there comes Chirac to rescue these terrorists with his cease-fire proposals.

That would give Hizbullah-handlers (Iran) the time to respond to the UN demands regarding its nuclear program - which by the way Iran said it would respond on Aug.22, 2006.

Note the date Aug.22. It corresponds to the Islamic date of Rajab 28, the day Saladin conquered Jerusalem from Crusaders. Aug.22 also corresponds to the date on the Muslim calendar called Lailat Al Israa, when Muhammad ascended to heaven from Al Aqsa mosque to receive the five daily prayers.

Note also the Khaibar missile in Hizbullah's armory. Khaibar was an ancient town predominantly inhabited by Jews who were massacred by Mohammed inorder to take over their land and possessions.

Considering these nefarious schemes the Islamists have in mind, Jacques Chirac seems to have been entrapped in the Islamic web of deceit. Not only that, he has become an enabler to the genocidal global terror conglomerate of Islam.


the french want the jews dead. the jews are a reminder of what depraved liars the french bare.

jo jo



You ask, "What's wrong with France"? That's easy, they're all a bunch of pussies. There isn't any men left in France. They're cowards through and through, incompetent in war. The only think they do right is cooking and wine. But if you want to find men, forget it. There hasn't been any since Napoleon.


there are only two places where france has to be listen to - the UN and the EU.

In the case of the UN, that was a gift from the US as surely france did nothing to earn the UNSC seat.

It is only fitting that france finds herself at the center of two worthless and discredited organizations. This speaks highly of the organizations and france.

Luigi Frascati

Dear Mr. Freund,

the problem with France is domestic politics. France has let an awful number of Arabs inside the country coming from France's former colonies. The recent French riots are the latest grim reminder of their presence. These people are VOTERS. They are not the backbone of the political clout of the Chirac Administration, but they are indeed a conspicuous part of the electorate. If you read 'Le Figaro' online (http://www.lefigaro.fr) and other French newspapers, you will notice that Paris has come more and more under scrutinity - and mounting criticism on the part of the French-Arab (or Muslim, as the case may be) minority in recent days. I believe this helps explain a great deal the 'back-tracking' of the Chirac government.
Long live Israel.

Keith Dawid



‘The Poodle from Paris’ – I love it.
Arrogant & useless. He can’t even put his hair in rollers each night - I bet he’s tried to.
The French Government have been actively involved in terrorism for years. They sent a gang of their thugs way down here to New Zealand and on 10th. July 1985 blew up a civilian ship of ours in Auckland harbour, killing one man, simply because we had the audacity to complain about them using our backyard to test their stinking a-bombs. Our senile tracker dogs nabbed the thugs – the perfume puffs forgot to have a shower before the job.
Thousands of our sons have given their lives to fight for France’s freedom and to do for them what they couldn’t do for themselves. Now they strut around like perfumed poodles and the stench is getting unbearable. Of course they will support terrorism. They were one of the key players who divided up the Middle East to suite their own selfish goals almost 100 years ago. So much of Israel’s problems today can be attributed to the ‘Poodle from Paris’ countrymen.

william cordell

an old expression comes to mind{ the french sleep with any whore}just dont buy french products can be a small thing that could grow ..money is all the frence understand ..

mary wilbur

Pet Stem is a know-nothing as well as a bigot. The French, along with most Western Europeans, are secular -- even anti-religious. It isn't worth my time to reply to the rest of Pet Stem's stupid comment.

The real problem with France is that it hasn't won a war since Napoleon was Emperor, including WWI and II. The US and Britian bailed it out of both of those, to its deep chagrin. All of French post-WWII foreign policy is motivated by the fact that it is not a superpower yet is trying hard to be one. The only way France can do this is by exerting a negative force on every international effort that does not immediately and directly benefit it.

Avi Green

Chirac (and his deputy, De Villepin) have been stabbing the French in the back for a long time already. In fact, I think it's possible to say that Chirac himself may have been one of the those responsible for bringing about France's terrifying situation with at least 5 million Muslims residing there. Who was the president of France in the late 1970s? It was Valery Giscard, and he was the one who led to much of the immigration, some of it most likely illegal, of Muslims to France, and with them followed violent crimes against Jews, blacks, women and many other innocents in France. Chirac was elected mayor of Paris around that time, and I wouldn't be surprised if he'd also been involved in letting the Islamofascists into the city. Chirac, as far as I'm concerned, is not a real Frenchman, but rather, a neo-Vichy, just like Jean-Marie Le Pen is, now that I think of it.

It's to be hoped that Nicholas Sarkozy can be elected president next year, as he can hopefully lead to a better direction for the Fifth Republic.

Patricia Dougherty

Before I discuss my comments regarding what is wrong with France, I would like to respond to Pet Stem's comments. I am a practicing Catholic and believe my church's tenants. I have been ashamed for years that the Church did nothing significantly to prevent the Holocast, that said, this Stem person is worse than a bigot, Stem expresses the same hate and misinformed propaganda used by Hizbullah, Hamas and all the other Islam facists. I dismiss his views and am aware there is no censorship here or would have problems with this site which I find thoughtful and provacative, sometimes disagreeable.

The French, as others here have stated, are insignificant in this world, this apparently something they cannot accept. A Swedish man told me this once when I was complaining about their rudeness as a culture. Now I find they also lack integrity. Why this was a sufficient suprise to anger me, I don't know. This is not the first time the French have played games with the US and Israel.

I cannot understand why Bolton gave them any credibility when he attempted to work out a draft with these cut throats. I have to assume it was desperation to save something for Israel.

While I do not agree with the present process and the participants, somehow, Israel which is a rational country, should be involved directly in any agreement that affects them, I do so hope that some way to prevent the deaths of more brave soldiers could be explored, even if it is becomes not possible. If this war continues, we all know the outcome and that is that Israel will prevail. For that reason alone, the world should listen to Israel, particularly your UN Ambassador who is a brillant and reasonable man.

France should be treated, from this point on, as the country whose agenda is to regain some of it's old colonial power at the cost of anyone or anything that gets in it's way. I believe a culture of rude people are ruthless people and France has proven me right.


jo jo posted this comment on August 10, 2006 at 04:48 AM
You ask, "What's wrong with France"? That's easy, they're all a bunch of pussies. There isn't any men left in France. They're cowards through and through, incompetent in war. The only think they do right is cooking and wine. But if you want to find men, forget it. There hasn't been any since Napoleon.
Jojo, I may hate France, the French and the "French" nationality I bear more than anybody else, yet I want to say I was really shocked by your words.
Your words strongly insulted my family
First Remember : many regions and people designated as "French" are not "french" by heart but only by force!!
WHY should you put in the same basket .... real natives who FOUGHT from Napoleon ( my gran-grand father was his flag bearer) and much before...and during the Algerian war ( my brother wasted 3 of his youth's most precious years there and lost most of his friends YOUNG BRAVE FRENCH WHO FOUGHT AGAINST ARABS ) ....without mentioning my uncle who took over the reigns of France for a while after it was delivered from the stinking NAZIS and all COLLABOS ?
Are those MEN "a bunch of pussies"????
My brother is still alive, and you are lucky he has not seen your comments, or you might have got a serious bad time!! YES there are STILL, " men left in France".

For Your information: a Little history

France has always be a mixed country: "NATIVES" who were invaded and still controlled by "FRANCS" (those barbarians who invaded our beautiful country to make of it what it became now: a world SHAME)
Those two very different and antagonistic groups have always been cohabiting, merged under one only name "French" deriving from the barbarians name: "Francs"
I belong to the "NATIVES" who fought against all the invaders (FRANCS included) Those Natives who used to be and ARE still proud and brave people.
The stinking "Francs" (historical first terrorists) are merging with modern terrorists to demolish our country and soul a little better. Hope they will not manage. Hope the NATIVES will manage to FIGHT to their freedom.
Even if they were defeated by the stinking "Francs- terrorists" PLEASE refrain from using the words "French" to make an amalgam, all the more as now "Fench" has become a synonysm of "Muslims" Those, may be as you say , but my family, my friends, my ancestors are being INSULTED by your words. I am ashame pronouncing the word of my nationality: "FRENCH" and hope to change it . . ....but do not add to that shame, donot insult me and my family and friends. Thank you.

Hope you understood through my writing that I have same feelings as yours in as much as 70 % of nowadays "French " are .
But until I'll have a French passport , I will have to ask you to modulate your words and ask you to make sure whom you are talking about: NATIVES or INVADERS (=Francs & Muslims alike)


One should always expect the worst from France bottom feeding is in their genes. Liberty, equality, capitulation.

Biff Blendon

Jeremy Clarkson says it best when referring to the French as 'cheese-eating surrender monkeys.'

To add anything would be superfluous.


To Lea:

The post you quoted was mine, not Jo Jo's. Blame me for it, not him. I only know about recent French history, from Napoleon on. And mostly from WW1 and WW2. These two world wars, more than anything else, have given the French their bad name. Most people I know think of the French as the quintesential sissies. There's a reason why everyone I know thinks this way about the French. They have a reputation for capitulation in the face of their enemy. I am sorry I offended you. I actually know a few French who can fight, who are skilled in martial arts. But while you have some real men, your overall leadership aren't. Time and time again your nation has had the chance to prove your manhood, your courage, and you fled in the face of your enemy. That is why everyone I know thinks you're cowards. But don't worry, you won't bear that shame for long. There's a new contender for the title you currently hold. They're Israelis. Israel is threatening to win the title you hold for cowardice. Give them time, and they will. Their leadership is as cowardly as your own.

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