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Luigi Frascati

Good evening Mr. Freund,

greetings from Canada. As you can see, I have quickly become an aficionado of your Blog. I consider your statements among the most balanced and truthful of the many I read online in the matter of this latest Middle East conflict. This statement you have made, however, in my opinion is not balanced. Nor is it realistic. It also follows the footprints of a commentary I have read on the JPost, authored by the otherwise fabolous Ms. Glick.
There is indeed, as Dr. Rice has put it, a 'new Middle East' - except that it is not in the shape and form Ms. Rice would like to envision. The new player is the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would swiftly counter your argument by stating that 1) Iran was not a belligerant nation and, as such, it needed not be included in R-1701; and 2) if you include Iran in R-1701 because it supplies and finance Hezbollah, then you should also include the United States - because they supply and finance Israel!
And this is the whole point. Until such time as the United States and Iran sit down and iron out their differences, Israel will have to live with an Hezbollah next door ready, willing and able to launch on Israeli soil all sort of crap, from fireworks to katyushas to ... Zelzal 2.
The key to the resolution of this conflict is not a hastily drafted UN Resolution but, rather, an all encompassing political and diplomatic effort which, in the general order of things, goes well beyond the relatively small regional scale of this latest conflict and which, furthermore, involves much bigger things - such as the Iranian nuclear proliferation process, oil supplies to America and petrodollars, and lots of them.
I respectfully disagree with many Israeli commentators who view this ceasefire agreement as an 'Apocalypse Now' for Israel. I also disagree with the portrait, on the part of several columnists, of Prime Minister Olmert has an absolute failure. Under the circumstances and in light of the overall political situation of the entire region, Mr. Olmert has played his cards reasonably well. On the other hand, what was he supposed to do: carpet-bomb all Lebanon? Do you remember the international furor generated by the Qana bombing?
This R-1701 is the first step in a process that will last a good few months, if not years, and which will involve Israel together with a host of other countries. All the more so, since it is the expectation of everybody that Hezbollah will breach this agreement, sooner or later - more sooner than later.
You did not seriously contemplate for a second, nor I hope that other talented commentators the likes of Ms. Glick or Mr. Horowitz contemplated for a second that Israel could annihilate a formidable terrorist organization such as Hezbollah in 30 days when we, in North America, have not been able to get rid of Al-Qaeda in five years, and after we have crushed two nations - Afghanistan and Iraq - under our heels.
All the best.

M. D'Souza

The UN-mandated cease-fire provided a convenient fig leaf for Nasrallah, just to cover his humiliation for having plunged Lebanon into a devastating war with Israel.

Nasrallah's Hizbullah are mercenaries of Iran, which wants to dominate the Middle East with its Khomeinist ideology, rather than the Bush administration policy of Democracy for the Middle East.

Therefore, we see the conveyor belt of terror running from Iran to Syria --delivering arms and cash to the Hizbullah jihad hub of Lebanon, whose current Secretary General in Lebanon is Nasrallah.

Iran is also using Nasrallah's distant cousin, Muqtada al Sadr of Iraq, to deliver another set of arms and support to his Mahdi army, inorder to create sectarian violence in Iraq. This is helpful, because Iran does not have a direct route to Syria. So this conveyor belt from Iran through Iraq to Syria is being developed simultaneously.

On the whole, it is Iran that should have been punished with sanctions regarding its nuclear ambitions. Iran is intent on develping the nuclear weapon inorder to confront Israel at a future date (as clearly stated in Ezekiel 38 and 39).

It is the evil intentions of the tyrants of Tehran -- especially that of Ahmad-in-e-jihad and the mad mullahs -- to destroy Israel, that masquerades as Hizbullah.

Syria has gone along for the ride, because its ass-head of a leader, Bashar Assad, does not see his doom that is in the horizon.

The anti-semitic UN too has ignored the Tehran-Damascus axis in the present UN Resolution 1701.


Not this time around.But eventurally things will get to that point.Unless Hezbollah becomes somthing other then what it is,Iran and syria will countinue the same policies.For Iran Isreal is an abamanation.An affront to the Islamic belife.To Syria, Isreal is a hostile force at war.Both Syria and Iran can not execpt Isreal.This is the case for many if not all the naighboring states.Peace treaties or not.The war is not about a Palstniean state.Its about the Isrealie state.Hezbollah is just one of the many Islamic milatent jihad groups on the front lines adjatating and drawing blood from the Isrealie nation.In todays world such facts are rejected.Nun the less facts are facts.So no UN cease fires can hold.No amount of UN troops can cange the nature of the conflict.If anything the UN has and may countinue to aid and abaed the hostile forces arrayed against Isreal.So syria and Iran escape this battle relatively unharmed.Yet as they countinue there current polcies the day of reconing is sure to come.For who will stop it.The UN?The US?EU?Russia?Any Arab state?Any Asian State?Who will stop it?In the final analasis Isreal will have to do its best.After a future provacation.Sryia has been warned repetedly,Iran is proding it along.As long as the fundamentals of the confict do not change,this current battle will pick up another day.Its thus far unavoidable.If not inevetable.

James Biga

Of course they will get away with it.Until someone has the chutzpa to militarily confront these two nations they will continue to support anyone who is anti-Israel and anti-America. President Bush made the comment that you were with us or with the terorist. What is the punishment for being with the terrorists? I'm still waiting to see some kind of serious consequences. The recent battle was just that, a battle. The war has yet to start. Iran, Syria, and their ilk are manipulating the board as pawns are put into place. Meanwhile, the West is going about their daily business oblivious to the reality that surrounds them. Instead of debating legalities of NSA wiretaps we should be arming for the coming war. Unfortunately, a good portion of the West will have the same shocked expressions as Chamberlain did when attacked by the Nazis. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Pritt Sehmi

War is over,for the time being and no one will take the blame of the deaths commited.Each one blaming the other.Each one in full pride declaring ''it was not me,it was him''And yet innocent people have died,those that wanted nothing to do with the war.The young and the elderly,women and children.And we say war is over,Lennon said ''What have you done?''
Rosh HaShannah is coming with Yom Kipper following in it's tracks.Christmas is rapidly drawing close,And the words of silent night ringout from shaul simon or is it Paul Shimon and the one who got garfunkeled.The war mongerers are working hard to prepare better instruements of destruction,each one occupied in deceit,the media hard on the heels of a better story.Global:warming, cooling, business, entertainment, banking, computers, earthquakes, floods, poverty oppression all take their toll on society.Laws being passed where it will be hard for a person to move free,every step monitored,''Oh brother!where the hell did we go wrong?''I'm sure that nostramdamed wrote about oilwell somewhere,and Steve Katz asks''Where do the children play?''Margo!Margo isn't he one of them????and this is the end of the 9 O'clock news.
What ever happened to innocence?The nations are getting involved in the North of our border,sending in armaments,troops etc.The UN is saying ''we want this country and that one''.We are saying ''we don't want them because they don't want to play with us''.. The two big brothers look on the right and left,spaciba there pardna..as the puppets heave rocks,farewell katrina,Angelina's blown up in the wind,and I must begone...
What ever happened to innocence?With all the cover ups and intrigue in cricket,I still don't understand how a ball can be tampered with,What happened with the ball in question????and a mega film company dumped their prize actor because he got over excited in front of the cameras.But!But! Mr media, is that not the reason why they are famous???Whatever happened to Camberwick Green and Trumpton.... Maybe the BBC will sack zebedee for being to tame,and Andy Pandy,chaval al hazman...Who??? A programme before Noah's Ark..
What ever happened to innocence?It is a virtue the media slowly cut away from the souls of people.As people swam in the cold water happy with a new Tv,Radio ,Daily Newspaper ,magazines ,posters ,fliers ,latest virtual reality toys,the flames of gehennom have been gently heating the water,and no one noticed,The little man with a red batman suit and pointed tail is ready to stick his fork into the water to take his dinner out.While all this is happening callogen based products flood the markets and homes, as the buyers smile at one another with a baby in their arms.What a lovely sweet baby!!!!??????AAAAhhhhh
What ever happened to innocence??,After leaving Egypt with all the signs and wonders Hashem performed in a system that ruled the world.A system that oppressed and suppressed all that is good.A system that murdered all males at birth.In a system that we were never to return too.After all the centuries we have brought Egypt to us.Where is the proof?You may ask...The proof is in the places of learning,in the streets,in the homes and work places.The movie,music amd media moguls permeated the nations,and like sewage water it has flooded into the city of HaShem,The Holy City,Yerushalaim.Just another city full of sorrow.Right Don..With impending disaster on the horizon,We'd rather not watch while you bleed,so come back in an hour when your through...Make sure you clean up your blood after you finish.
War is over,and the nations are preparing for the next big one,aaannddd the israeli will have to clear up the mess,who will oversee the hoovering up of magiddo?maybe the Tribe of the Lion and King..who will come with the nations.Albert Bernstein and Alfred hitchcock made a documentry about the halocaust,a programme that was never aired.In this documentry,the americans entered a camp.The Nazis ate and drank,laughed and joked.As the troops entered into the courtyard they saw the dying and the dead.The generals asked themselves as to how these germans can be made to understand the horror of their actions.After a great deal of thought,they made the germans clean up the courtyard,every dead body was dragged by a nazi soldier,in the coming weeks they began to break and weep.They brought in a neighbouring town,that had acted like the three monkeys,to let them be witnesses of the atrocities in the camp.''Di dat weally abben mr bwesident'' 'I'm afraid so Abdul,I saw the movie,Shindlers List,the affects were so good I saw it twice''
Is this the scenario of Gog and magog/??Is Hashem going to make us clean up the mess we instigated??A stranger passing through the land will set up a sign next to an unburied bone.It is written that Israel will go out and bury the bone.The stench of the dead will forever rise in the valley,as an eternal memorial.
Where are the righteous????What happened to the faithful of HaShem???What happened to the innocent???What happened to those that kept the Torah?????What happened to the Torah??????
''They were killed ,murdered and maimed and the Torah was forgotten''From Daniel the Prophet.
Halacah not from Sinai.....Before you stand up....Sit down...If you are already sitting down part 2 does not apply.If in doubt as to your position,ask a Rabie,If one is not in the room.Ask a person lo chachum ve lo tipesh.Why not a wise person??Because you will end up in a debate that will not end...Why not a fool????Because,he may take too long to decide in giving an answer.And that may be wrong,and if in doubt...................will our morrocan religious leaders ask the peoples forgiveness for teaching another torah not from Sinai...one of fear and distrust,
There is one sure document that will never change,The original was written by HaShem,the second was prepared by His servant.This ketubah asks the bride to be faithful to the bridegroom.To keep her ways pure,to love the bridegroom and to cherish His decrees out of love..all the days of her life.The faithful bride will never be put to shame...and will gayfully with joy perform the Ten Commandments,In the beauty of Holiness....with a pure heart.

Shavuah Tov

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