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T. Schmidt

Thank you for this commentary. I despair of our U.S. understanding the enormity of the terrorist problem - even with all the heartbreaking loss we've experienced. We are truly like the wife in Taylor Caldwell's "Ceremony of the Innocent"... willfully ignorant to our own hurt. At least it's a comfort to see your words.

Mark David

Excellent article. You explained the problem with the truth. Terrorists must be killed and totally defeated. All who support terrorists must be deported out of Israel. All Arabs who support, fund, shelter and feed terrorists must be deported out of Israel. A one way ticket out. It's war, and all Jews must unite to defeat our Arab enemies. As Torah says, "Clean the land of Israel of the enemy to have peace."

M. D'Souza

The only way to wipe away those silly grins off the faces of mass murderers (in the picture above) is with an iron fist.

From 9/13/93 to 9/11/01, the Islamo-fascists have conspired and executed gruesom murders and massacres in Israel, US and around the world. They have even floated loads of conspiracy theories blaming it all on Israel and the West.

The blame should be on the Arab revanche - to regain all the territory their camel-caravans stomped upon and the regions their murderous thugs invaded in their zeal to propagate Islam.

The blame also rests upon the West - for our apathy to learn from history, especially Arab/Islamic history; our ignorance of their religious philosophy even after they rampaged Europe for centuries; our indifference to learn their language to know what they are scheming against us, etc. We are too dependent upon the Arab oil to bother about these essentials.

Arafat and Osama took full advantage of our ignorance and the appeasing attitude of the leaders in Israel and the US during the 1990s. Arafat beguiled the world with a smile and a pen, when he signed the Oslo Accord, and got the Nobel Peace Prize to boot. Did Israel get any peace out of this appeasement? None! The only thing Israel got was the bloody jihad and intefadas that Arafat launched. Arafat became a pariah and Pres.Bush did not want to deal with him, though he had a frequent visitor status to the Clinton White House.

It's only with a heavy hand that we can deal with this menace of Islamo-fascism and the Islamo-Nazis of Israel. The liberal left will hinder this effort out of cowardliness and sympathies towards the enemy.

Just as the Peace Now activists of Israel scout for Jewish settlements, accusing them to be unauthorized, the US has her environmental wackos, who hinder any drilling for oil in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, while they drive their gas-guzzlers for demonstration and protests.

Before dealing with the Islamo-fascists, we may have to deal with our our liberal, anti-war nutcases to have any peace.

Luigi Frascati

Very comprehensive post, Mr. Freund, and very well written. For once I can but only agree with you fully.

Clayton I. Robins

Not long ago, I would have traded land for peace. There was a blank in my thinking; I forgot that trading requires a partner who would deal honestly. Not only don't we have an honest partner, we don't even have a partner. Israel has played the "good guy" part too long, like a has- been actor, Israel has become type cast. She must do what is best and right for Israel. Her shoulders are not broad enough to support even one part of the rest of the world. Isn't it strange that once a person becomes an American Secretary of State, he or she seems to forget all previosuly held principles and even faithfulness to the USA, and becomes a devotee of international diplomacy. If Israel has to go it alone, then it must be!


Living a life of fiction,as we see the days and months pass by,we can see the frivolity,the charade.The Media helps to create the charade,many actors and actresses living in front of the mirror,be they famous or the person who wanders down the street,completely unknown.The famous display all their wares without embrassment,for all to see in an action packed movie,of sex(the simpelton calls it Love)and violence(blood gore and guts).It is said that a person is to be macho,It seems at times the female copys this image.The sad reality is, the male is no different,at times destroying the very image HaShem had created,by having a sex change.Each one forgets that one day they will have to grow old.After the youth has been wasted they spend all their energy to look young,before stepping into eternity.What a waste!!!!HaShem renews the man that trusts in Him.Daily,excepting the change in humility.
The brainwashing of the media has permeated the thinking of the young and the old.If one speaks against it they reply,''But thats what life is,We are only portraying reality''Are they????Orrrr do they set the trend for the next generation???
As a taxi driver,one would see the way people live on both sides,The wealthy and the not so fortunate,the pretty and the not so fortunate.The passengers comprised of the famous and the not so fortunate.Oliver Reed one time entered the taxi drunk.By the end of the journey,I had lost my popularity vote from him.The second time was a similar story,the third time he refused to enter the vehicle.At times some of the prettiest girls would enter the taxi,their appearance like that,like that ???of angels,until.... they opened their mouths.With a flood of filth that would spew out from them(much like the actors and actresses).The ladies not so fortunate with beauty would plaster on makeup,acting just like the stars.It was no different with the perverted side of the community.Shlomo wrote.''There is nothing new under the sun''....How true!!!and the media relishes in all that is against Torah,and destroys jew and gentile alike in all its depravity......
Our nation is no different,following the trends of the plastic media.Where many of the famous names are from our own people,as we see the promiscuity grow.These same famous people have set the trend of what is to be.Those,that our young look up too.The reality of our young,is the reality of the screen in dress and behaviour,and at times of our leaders too.Today it is hard to differentiate between the false and the real.But!the real not many want to know,not even the religious.Beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder,there is a beauty that comes to the person who has complete trust in HaShem,her beauty the media can never imitate.
As we go through a time of self introspection why the war went so wrong,this time is also a time of introspection Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur.We have passed 9/11 tisha B'av.In the two years I have been allowed to write in this column,we ourselves have killed nearly 100,000 of our own babies and sent them packing to the cosmetic factories,over 1000 civilians killed in the Lebanon many more injured,a leader is going through a sex scandel.The enemy has killed over a 100 of our own people plus the injured to be added.What went wrong?What is going wrong????What would the religious do if the real Mashiach came today???Many false ones have come and gone,and some remain.It is clear that this war has helped the facist movement to grow in the world.The coverage by the media too has helped it grow,as the nations saw facts being covered up.Anan saw for himself the devastation of the countries,including Mr Blair.
Are we prepared to take the responsibility of our actions????In the years of my stay here in Israel,I saw the blood stained sheets of a child,that had been aborted,A chabad rabie of Holon asked.''How do you know the Child is yours??,the same advised me to lie to the rabbinute.Then flee the country.The rabbinute themselves lied and perjured.The perpertraters were never brought to trial,I was told they are above the law.But! Hashem has His time.It was I who lay on the Mikve floor in my own blood,as those that were there,left without helping,this was in Qiryat Sefer.It was I that was arrested the day the war broke out on a false charge.The morrocan contingency have not stopped to this day in their scheming.I know that I have written some hard things,but the sad reality is,that this all happened to one person,the same has happened to many.There are those that say ''Forget it.that's all in the past''We have not forgotten the holocaust in 64 years,how can I forget the murder and the deceit that I have encountered??.My final words to the morrocan rabinute were ''HaShem will judge you''.The non religious dispising the deceit of the religious.Our nation is on the brink of disaster and we are all wallowing in the mire,satisfied with a false reality.Am I angry with the police???No,Like they did what they were told.The only thing I could not under stand is the arrogance of the police woman.
Are we as a people ready to accept the outcome of what has occured??Are we ready to to accept that nearly every Jew will be wiped out in the nations,to the third and forth generation.Two thirds of the people here in Israel meeting the same fate,as our women get raped and our houses plundered.written in the coming seige of Yerushalaim(Zechariah)??Is the cost of deceit worth this price??There will be no Halocaust museum,if there is, my child will be represented in the hall of children (no Name)murdered in the Bnei Brak Hospital.The foolish say that the baby is not a baby until the 40th day to hide their guilt.And yet murder is murder.Are we prepared to return to the nations all that we have taken under false pretence or by coercion.Just as a moronocan family tried to do,by trying to place their debt on an innocent person,debts that they had accumalated by fraud.(I'm afraid our greed will not allow it).We cry out ''HaShem have mercy on us,have mercy on us'',and yet...we show no mercy.We are accountable for our wrong doing,as an individual and as a nation.We act like Izrael when we should be living like Israel.
Does HaShem care for His Children???The answer is ''Yes''He longs for us to do Tshuva,to return to His ways.To be honest,upright and true.To be a person and a people Holy set aside worshipping him with a pure heart.A people that know how to discern between right and wrong,and to cling to the right.Not to be one that is thrown around accepting every fable that comes our way.We have the Tanach that teaches of the foundation on which we stand..we have a wealth of literature going back to Adam HaRishon.Let our prayer be.''Create in me a clean heart and renew an upright spirit within me. Caste me not away from your presence,and take not your Holy Spirit from me.Restore to me the joy,the happiness the peace of your salvation and renew an upright spirit within me.''(Psalms)Give Glory To HaShem.While there is time.The Shakinah still works in individuals that trust in HaShem,one day it will take its residence on Mount Zion.Are you ready???
I would like to thank Mike from ''Mike's Place'' for having allowed me to sing my music to his audience and I would like to thank the audience for being so receptive.Thankyou and may Hashems peace be manifest among His people.
Shabbat Shalom


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I don't want war with terrorism.

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Good post, I can’t say that I agree with everything that was said, but very good information overall:)


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he or she seems to forget all previosuly held principles and even faithfulness to the USA, and becomes a devotee of international diplomacy. If Israel has to go it alone, then it must be!


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I hate terrorists and Islam countries.


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