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There are two mountains in our land,these are just outside the city of Shechem,If you ever had the opportunity of going there and stand by the grave of Joseph,you can see these two mountains reaching upto the sky.History echoes as they stand before you,awesome and the fearful when one comprehends the true nature of these mountains.These are Har Eval and Har Gerizim.The mountains of Curses and Blessisngs.
Before the intafada began I had had the pleasure of going there,an awesome experience,gazing at them the voices of the tribes seemed to echo from the past.On Mount Gerizim stood the tribes of Shimon,Levi,Yehudah,Issachar,Joseph and Benyamin...On Mount Eval stood the tribes of Reuben,Gad,Asher,Zevulun,Dan and Asher....
With clarity we are told exactly what to do,how to conduct our lives.None of the laws given are too hard to handle,a person who wants peace will see the simplicity and the beauty of Torah.To observe it and to teach it faithfully.Accursed is the man who makes a molten or graven image for worship.Accursed is the one that does not honour father or mother.Accursed is the one that causes the blind to go astray.Accursed is the one that lays with his mother.Accursed is the one that enters the realms of beastiality.Accursed is the one that commits incest.Accursed is the one who lies with his mother in law.Accursed is the one who strikes a person in secret.Accursed is the person that takes a bribe to kill a person.Accursed is the one that does not uphold the Laws and to perform them.....The Torah....It came to pass in the days of Yehoshua,and all the people answered ''Amen''.
As so many people will immediately answer ''No ones perfect ,HaShem understands that''and this sentence gives the excuse for one never to come to the knowledge of the fear of HaShem.neither to seek His way.In the late sixties,at school one morning among a group of pupils the news broke,that perverted a generation.What was the news??A musician declared to the nation that he is biosexual,a musician I had admired for his musical ability.That morning I witnessed how young people immediately agreed with this musician.Why???Because he was an icon to the youth..Before this explosion,aids was contained only within the homosexuals,this gave an outlet of aids into the hetrosexual community as immorality increased.The musician is David Bowie.Marc Bolan and Lou Reed followed suit. And yet HaShem says that if we listen to Him and do what He commands,He will bless His people.....
Who are His people??? ALL that walk in the way of truth from Yerushalaim to the ends of the earth.Annddd what are the ways of truth????With this question,if,as an individual you or I are interested,we just need to pick up the Torah ,parashat shavuah and read.Read what are ancestors said Amen too.To live a life free to love HaShem,and this would only be the beginning as we come to understand that HaShem hates every form of deception,false reality and depravity.The whole of the Tanach is a gold mine to be discovered ,a letter of love delivered by express mail,the price for sending the letter through the post office was the blood of His prophets,those whom we killed.
In the days of Yehoshua this task of standing before the mountians was for every individual present.One could say theoretically,as a matter of fact that,this action involves all of us alive today.including the tribe of the Lion and King..which still has to do aliya...But we don't know who the tribe of the Lion and King is....HaShem does!!!!! they still go by the name of the Lion and King,they are not muslim,hindu ,buddist and have no connection with islam. History states that the buddists tried to place their idols of worhip in their place of prayer.A teacher arose and threw all of them out,the idolators included.
Israel has tried these fifty two years or so to rule the land of Israel,and has not succeeded,corruption is prevalent in all levels of society.A law was passed that everyone living in the land of Israel will be called an Israeli.''The brotherhood between Yehudah and Israel shall be broken,and people shall know this is from HaShem''.When the family of the Lion and King comes upon the land ,he shall be known as Yehudah...(Zecharia)He shall not go through the protocol of being degraded,belittled by the morrocan contingency or any other.He shall come to set up a just system.The Tribe of the Lion and King shall rise before all the tribes of Israel,even before the House of David.
Will the Sanhedrin be formed????The answer to that is ''Yes''It shall be formed with upright people,those that fear HaShem,those that are not filled with false humility seeking their own interests or the interests of their rabies.Any other group that is formed and proclaim themselves as the 70 elders will herald in the dark age.An age of oppression that will far exceed anything that has ever been,blinded like those that wander about proclaiming themselves to be the Mashiach,or even those that proclaim their leader is the Mashiach.A prophet wrote ,that the day a nation boasts that the wealth of the nations are ours will herald the age of oppression.
A people deluded by their own lusts,and desires corrupting everyone and the very document that promises life.
''Comfort ye my people,comfort ye my people'' cries the prophet...How can HaShem comfort a people that reject the very foundation upon which they stand?????''But we don't!!'' we cry out.''We're Jews and proud of it'' or is it Israelis.
In these days of slichot,and beyond,let our lives be influenced and judged by the Tanach growing in righteousness,correcting our wrong doings.Living our lives as the people of HaShem.Seeking the good of everyone be he Jew or Gentile with the just weight of HaShem the Creator of the Heaven and Earth. 03/09/2006
Soon I shall be travelling to England for awhile ,with my memories.Memories and experiences that have been written here in these articles.The saddest memory that I shall leave with is the suppression of an individual,by people who were just greedy for gain.......

Luigi Frascati

Good morning Mr. Freund, welcome back.

Now that the Italians are in Lebanon guarding your Northern border, Israel has absolutely nothing to worry about .... (humhh ... say, do you eat pasta in Israel??)

M. D'Souza

Hizbullah preparing for the next round of fighting? That’s for sure!...and it will be within the Israeli territory itself. The present surface calm is just a sham. The Islamic terrorists, especially the Arabs, are noted for their patience while they prepare for a stealth attack and an opportune moment to strike.

The comment above, by yprittsehmi, corresponds to what Ezekiel prophesied in Ez.37:16-28, where the L-RD compared the united Israel with the signs of two sticks united -- one for Judah and for the children of Israel; and the other for Joseph, the stick of Ephraim and for all the house of Israel. Joshua allotted the Shomron area to Ephraim. It means that Shomron will remain an Israeli territory.

Whatever Mr. Freund has been doing in recent years (Welcome back! We missed your blog while you were away!) -- of bringing in the Lost Tribes of Israel – the Bnei Menashe, the Spanish, Portugese and Brazilian Jews, the Subbotniks of Russia -- is in line with Ezekiel 37:21,22, when G-D told Ezekiel, “Surely I will take the children of Israel from among the nations, wherever they have gone and will gather them from every side and bring them to their own land, ON THE MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL.

The recent arrest of two Tanzim terrorists in Tul Karem shows that Hizbullah is boosting the terrorist infrastructure in Shomron. Israeli security forces uncovered a weapons cache of rockets, pipe bombs, sacks of explosives and weapons. Hizbullah, in turn is being supported by Syria and Iran. This is all in preparation for the events prophesied in Ezekiel in Chapters 38 and 39.

In the Gog of Magog War (Ezekiel 38 and 39), the Russia-Iran led Islamic contingent mentioned in Ez.38:2-6, does not have Syria in its roster. Something would have happened to Syria to be omitted. Isaiah 17:1 mentions the destruction of Damascus to a ruinous heap. This will occur before the Gog of Magog War.

Secondly, Ez.38:11 & 14 mentions that this army led by Russia-Iran will go up against a land of UNWALLED villages, they will go to a PEACEFUL PEOPLE, who dwell safely – all of them dwelling without walls and having neither bars nor gates. For this to happen, there should be something that precedes the Gog of Magog War. Will it be that the very next war or skirmish that the Hizbullah starts in the region of Shomron, would be utterly routed by Israel?

The Mountains of Israel will be occupied by wealthy Jews, who have immigrated from various countries, bringing with them the wealth they accumulated, as indicated in Ez.38:13.

For the times ahead, Israel definitely needs a very resolute leader, who will not be fighting a war with an eye on the press reports or succumb to the pressure from the UN, as PM Olmert’s Kadima did. Olmert’s setting of permanent boundaries for Israel will also be dumped into the trash-can of history. He is not the one to set the boundaries of Israel, nor is it the UN or the Arabs. It is G-D's Land for His Chosen People, the Jews.

Luigi Frascati

Yeah, well ... there is no question that something is 'cooking' with Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah and all the others. This should not come as news to anyone - things have been cooking, simmering may be a better word, with them for a very long time, and will continue to do so .... for a very long time. Certainly it is not a UNIFIL comprised of Europeans, Italians and otherwise, that will prevent - much less stop - further rocket attacks on Israel, coming also from the border they are supposed to guard.

There is, however, an encouraging note in a declaration made by Nasrallah during an interview on Arab TV, to the extent that had he known in advance that Israel's reaction to the abduction of the two soldiers would have been so ... in grand style, he certainly would not have ordered the abduction in the first place.

And another positive note comes from Iran, of all places, where Rafsanjani (the spiritual leader) has repeatedly questioned Ahmadinejad's hard line as against Israel (and the rest of the world). So much so, in fact, that rumors are out there that Ahmadinejad has been put 'under lock', so to speak ... meaning that all foreign policy must from now on receive the approval of Rafsanjani and the Mullahs, who are typically more willing to come to terms with almost everybody.

I am saying this to point out that Israel's reaction has had a beneficial effect, to the extent that nobody out there seems to be willing to start fighting again - at least not immediately.

Not to mention the fact that Egypt and Saudi Arabia have never seen a too powerful Iran with a keen eye. Nor have they ever viewed positively Iran's support for Hezbollah. Ultimately, the Iranians are not Arabs - they are Persians.

So, yes ... I believe that things are not over and that the bad guys are still out there, and plenty of them. However, save and except for solitary cells intent at emulating 'Beau Geste' in the name of Allah, I question whether we are going to see an orderly, paramilary and organized effort on the part of the terrorists in the short run.

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To observe it and to teach it faithfully.Accursed is the man who makes a molten or graven image for worship.Accursed is the one that does not honour father or mother.Accursed is the one that causes the blind to go astray.Accursed is the one that lays with his mother.Accursed is the one that enters the realms of beastiality.

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