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Olmert will agree to anything Blair demands on condition that this is bad for Israel and Jews in general. Olmert consistenly hurts Israel more than any open enemy.

M. D'Souza

P.M. Blair has been STAUNCH in his support to fight terrorism, ever since 9/11, 2001. We greatly admire him for that. Even when he faced opposition in his home-front from his liberal Labor Party, he did not falter in his support to fight terrorism when the war was extended to Iraq.

Liberals of every stripe are myopic and have very short memories. They forget the main reason for the war in Iraq -- to remove Saddam from power. It was mainly because he was a despot who oppressed his own citizens and supported Islamic terrorists of the worst brand – the Palestinians and Al Qaeda.

Liberals have totally forgotten the 39 scud missiles Saddam fired at random on Israel, during the 1991 Iraq war to kick him out of Kuwait. While the scud missile rained down on Israel, the Palestinians were rejoicing. Saddam encouraged the Palestinian suicide bombers by compensating their families with funds to the tune of $25,000. Iraq’s Salman Park was the theme park to train Al Qaeda terrorists.

P.M. Blair did not forget these atrocities of Saddam and his connection to terrorists. Blair knew the odds and opposition he faced with the liberals of his party when he joined the US to go into Iraq and depose Saddam. He remained steadfast even when his old buddy, ex.Pres. Bill Clinton, advised him not to ruin his political career because of his association with Pres.Bush. That’s what a wishy-washy, liberal politician would advise anyway! But Blair was steadfast in his support for Pres.Bush. Herein lies the greatness of character and loyalty of P.M. Blair that we should admire.

One could anyday bank upon the words of P.M. Blair than those of an indecisive P.M.Olmert.

If Olmert has any conviction about the Land of Israel, he should stand firm on it. If he vacillates, that shows his weakness and ignorance. He cannot behave like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. One cannot then blame Blair, if Olmert makes further concessions for Palestinians. The person who should be shown the door here is Olmert, not Blair.

Luigi Frascati

Well said for the most part, M. D'Souza. Although I am not ready to join the Olmert's bashing party yet since, from what I read, evidence is mounting that the aerial war undertaken by IAF in the first two weeks of the conflict seems to have been instigated by USAF as a testing ground, so to speak, to see whether Hezbollah's underground fortifications could be destroyed from the air so that Iranian underground nuclear facilities could be destroyed from the air as well, at a later date.

That stated, however, I would like to take your praises of Tony Blair a little further by stating that the British PM has also been a fervid supporter of Israel and of its policies - and this is quite an achievement in the continent where I was born, where not only anti-semitism is rampant, but also anti-zionism and anti-israeli sentiments are prevailing as well.

For instance, Romano Prodi of Italy has stated over and over that Israel's reaction has been 'excessive', Jostein Gaarder of Norway has accused Israel of 'ethnic cleansing', Chirac has called Israel's bombing of Lebanon 'a murdering of children' and even in Germany magazines like Der Spiegel have overly criticized the Israeli reaction as 'totally inappropriate'.

Britain's Tony Blair has been the only one to have tried to explain things from Israel's point of view and the only European leader who has not called for an immediate ceasefire, and for this his political stock at home has taken another tumble.

In a Pew Global Attitudes Survey conducted early on this year, far more Europeans symphatised with the Palestinians than with Israel. And in a poll made public by Bruxelles in 2004, 69 percent of Europeans considered Israel as a 'greater menace to world peace' than Iran, North Korea and Pakistan!

One may not like Mr. Blair, I'm not questioning it, but it takes a lot of political guts to do what he did in Europe. And the man must be given credit for it.

Why has Europe become so reflexively anti-Israel, just when America has become so reflexively pro-Israel? The disgruntled and growing Muslim population is one factor. But perhaps more importantly, it's the anti-America attitude of many Europeans that is reflected on to Israel as well, especially on the part of the European left. As Israel has drawn closer to America, the left's antipathy towards the behemoth of capitalism has spilled into a dislike of Israel. And, finally, Europeans see Israel as the embodiment of the demons of their own past.

In theory the European Union is supposed to have traded in war, nationalism and colonialism for love, peace and federalism. But a military powerful Israel reminds Europeans of darker forces and darker days - of a time when British, French, Spaniards and Italians did to the children of all people throughout the globe far, far worse deeds than what Israel has done to the children of Lebanon. Chirac should re-read the history of France and of what French paratroopers did, for example, to the Algerian children of Ben-Bella in 1962 before he accuses Israel of murdering Lebanese children.

Europeans cannot blame Israel if they have nightmares every night when they go to sleep. And as to Tony Blair, Israel is going to lose a friend, one of the few friends Israel has in the world, next year when he retires.

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I'm not questioning it, but it takes a lot of political guts to do what he did in Europe. And the man must be given credit for it.

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