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Don't give FoxNews too much credit, as Saudi Prince Waleed Bin Talal owns over 5% of FoxNews stock. Rememember him, he is the "10 man", he offered Mayor Rudy Juliani 10 million after 911, but it was turned after he blamed 911 on US Middle East favoring Israel. In addition, he pledged over 30 milllion dollars in the "Suicide Bomber Saudi Telethon", etc. and owns the al-Iqraa satellite TV, a spouter of Jihaad programming. Need I say more?

M. D'Souza

That's the funniest picture I've ever seen of the liberal media monkeys!!! Can't stop laughing at the picture! That sure is not the way to repent perhaps!

Anyway, it's the liberal media that needs to repent for telling lies, giving false witness, causing murder and mayhem. So they're the one that have blood of innocent civilians on their hand.

Question is: Do the liberal media folk know the meaning of 'repentance'?

Al Strap

Mr. Freund's suggestions are appropriate not only for the mainstream media, but for all of us. I would re-state them in the following manner: Everyone (including Mr. Freund and me) should resolve to increase our
Love of G-d,
Love of the Torah,
Love of the Land of Israel, and
Tolerance toward all other people of good will, especially fellow Jews.


The scapegoat is on the loose and the wolves are on the prowl,and the wool is showing red,and there is no hill to throw him off to hide the evidence.
Often viewing articles one can taste the spirit in which they are presented.Wether they genuinely care of wether they wish to cause irreparable damage.Be it on any type of media.The wolves seek anything that they can devour and present it to the people with candy coating with a smiling face,the frier believing every word.Words have a power in the way they are used they can destroy an individual,or they can build.Very much like the actions of a person.Where a person says one thing and does something else.Where his no,is a yes and yes,is a no...or in a serious conversation,one realises that the person really has no interest in the subject at all.But!! will do all to get the popularity with the crowd.(speaking with um fork tongue)..Does it not sound like politics and religion????It is a story as old as the hills,a story that began when HaShem finishing all His creation rested.Having created everything perfect,a creation that would have lasted an eternity.
Along came the angel,coaxed the woman to see the fruit that it was good in appearance,captivated by its appearance the trap was sprung ,the woman fell right into the trap and dragged her husband into the same pit.HaShem asked,''Adam what have you done?''He replied ''It wasn't my fault(Satan laughs),It was the womans that YOU gave me''(By now the serpent is on the floor cracked up).HaShem asked ''Eve what have you done?''She answered.''It weren't my fault,but the serpents''Hashem questioned the serpent and the serpent did not have a leg to stand on.This,has been the story ever since in trapping a person.This began the corruption of all that is good.This is religion,politics and the media.I can almost hear the screams''Heretic!heretic!!!burn him ,scour him,kill him murder him,don't let him live,hang him,pulverise him,cut him up and burn him!!!!What!!all this to me????? There'll be nothing left!!Oh well back to the drawing board.When I come back,I hope I come back as superman.Does superman weally exsist????
Often one will hear''Does the Tanach really say that?''or ''Read this it will give you a clearer understanding''Reincarnation is fact'',only to discover there is no foundation to this fact,and so it continues.Did G-d really create the universe in seven days????Noooo,He created it in six,and rested on the seventh.Did Eve really eat a fig???It could have been an apple,or the grape from the vine..it could have been a carrot or a toadstool.Touching the tree was not the sin,neither eating it's fruit,nor giving it to her husband with her,nor was it in running and hiding from HaShem.The first sin came in in lying and then blaming the creator.
The most horrendous crime a child can do is lie to its parents,if not corrected will deteriorate until there is no control.What happens when the childs innocence is destroyed intentionally???with purpose.???What happens when the child is fed negativity from the time of birth???Surely no one can be that cruel?????Sad to say, man has deteriorated below the gutter level.The paediophiles prowl hunting for their victims.And the media say it's not my fault.The rapists the murderers etc. etc. etc. do their deeds,and no one is safe....and the movie moguls glorify it all...and the parents that care not for themselves nor for their children wallow in the mire in front of the screen.The story of Sedom is a frightening reality,on the eve of destruction the people laughed and mocked,as the whole town came to have their way with the two angels of HaShem...This is the media working worldwide not only in Yerushalaim all in the name of freedom.
In politics it is no different,the scapegoat in the middle east is the uranium plant of babylon.Politics like religion works to divide the people and then conquer.Religion conquers the spirit of the man,and politics the gashmiute(material).Both work hand in hand.In the years that had just passed the rabbinute they had taken everything out of a bank account,and left a person penniless,certain rabies had closed all avenues of work,they cared not wether a person had food or not or a roof over his head.Their pride was greater than their love for HaShem.Yet babylon, like them ,is building its own destruction,its rise is imminent its fall shall be its final never to rise again(Daniel)Like the proud and arrogant that dwell in every nation these religious go the same way meda cneged mida.The pope and islam are getting ready to hold hands and the nations with them.Many bowing down to the pope,casting away the First Commandments and the Priests of HaShem reject their calling.And the judges of Sedom are alive and well.
Our eyes are focused on the wrong target.We create scapegoats to justify our own wrong doings,It weren't my fault!!!!it was his/hers..The temple was destroyed by the goiim,by the goiim is the cry.The truth is,we had corrupted all that was upright,holy and true and HaShem sent them.The Tanach is the plumb line in all its truth and beauty,mercy and justice.The Ten Commandments of HaShem are our anchor,take away the anchor there is only anarchy left from the subject to the ruler including the spiritual.The demoralisation of a system,to this,we are witnesses in our own society.To uphold the Ten Commandments is the beginning of walking with HaShem as we apply them to our daily lives,living them in all their purity.Learning to walk before the creator,correcting our own mistakes.To live in the beauty of the Ten Commandments is a life times work.Glorifying HaShem.
Do you care enough for Israel to teach the Tanach with an upright heart,in truth without changing its true content?Do you love Israel enough to be prepared to stand and declare the reality of the Tanach?or will you go with the crowd??Daniel wrote that the days will come when the true children of HaShem will do exploits in teaching the world,they will not care for their lives neither will they care for the wealth this world has to offer their wages will be death.A far cry from what we are taught today.The way of Avraham is a fantasy and the teaching of the prophets apostasy and woe be to those that try to live by them.
Let us be those the adhere to the word of Truth,and look to the Creator of life for all our sustanance standing on the Foundation of Truth.It is He who is the Judge of Heaven and Earth.He will judge every false word,deed action and system.Rosh HaShannah has gone,Yom Kippur too,Succoth is on it's way and what have we learned??And only HaShem Knows what the year will bring...
Gemar Chatima Tova
Shabbat Shalom

Luigi Frascati

To Pritt:

did I read you correctly? "The pope and islam are getting ready to hold hands ..."??? The present Pope holding hands with Islam? You've got to be kidding.

Pope Benedict XVI, also known as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, a German, the son of a police officer, raised and tutored in the Hitler Jugend, the former commander of an anti-aircraft battery of the Wehrmacht and one of the most conservative Popes in at least the last two centuries .... this Pope holding hands with Islam ?? Ah, I really want to see that ...

I suggest the Israeli Military hires him to lead the next assault on Hezbollah - You'll beat Nasrallah in no time. Just tell him the Israeli Army is the modern version of the Afrika Korps ...

Pritt ... this guy can't stand Islam !!!


US news media ignores that "Road Map "is an unconstitutional action against religion by changing biblical boundries& population.Israel news ignores that 11High Court Judges violated "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" signed by Israel by taking away the rights of the people in Gush Katif&Shamron.


Repentance is not in the mass-medias’ vocabulary. Their one-sided reporting and collaboration with Hizbullah during the war, to them, was not a sin. Then again, sin is not in their vocabulary, either; unless, of course, one is speaking of Israel and others whom are fighting the War on Terror.


As a child,I would marvel at the world,at the beauty of creation,with a group of friends walking through forests and fields.One friend in particular from Cyprus had an extraordinary knowledge of nature,he would name the plants,birds nearly everything we encountered.His home was a library of nature books.At times he would find an injured bird,take it home and nurture it back to health,I would admire his patience with HaShems creation.I would look and listen and help where I could.As the years passed we all ventured our separate ways.The innocence of youth.I would contemplate on life,even at an early age, understanding the few years I would be on this planet,looking at the elderly affirming that one day I will be there.Looking back I see just how swiftly life has gone.
In the early years playing in folk clubs,living in tents ,camping.I would meet many tourists from France,young campers. On seeing a guitar the first thing they would ask,''Can you play Leonard Cohen?''The evening would begin with some of his songs then Bob Dylan,Beatles and so it would continue until the early hours.Steven Katz being another popular musician often requested,and a musician I often listened too.I loved ''Morning has Broken''and often waited for it to come on the radio,Dave.L.Travoltis,Blackbun and all that stuff.About 1984-5 I had moved away from the contemporary music,infact I had stopped listening to the Media in all its forms,this was not done intentionally,but as an artist and musician my interests ventured in other directions,I had stopped being brahms & lizt and concentrated on a cup of rosy lee mate.A song that infuenced me and I would often listen too,was ''On the road to find out'' a Katz Stevens composition.As the years moved on having a lot of questions answered and many still to be answered.
It is only in the last year that I began watching the media.As someone said it was like a story of Rip Van Winkle.I have made some very strong comments against the media,and even in the last few weeks the fears are confirmed,to verify all that has been written in these articles.Also watching the media try to justify itself.I,to myself have said that my music will not be played on arurtz kil chai or arutz allahpanim,most of my artwork I have destroyed dissillusioned by the deceit,so much for Yom Kippur.I sat outside a cafe in Bat Yam,while talking to an elderly gentleman,he laughed and said we're all thieves,but, when it comes to war we all join together.A sad confession.I had just been to a company that wanted what I had without paying for it.''a familiar story''.We can no longer mock the nations not Striesand and not Borass alias Cohen with his John Cleese antics,nor the Simpsons nor Dunit Internationally.What would we do if the nations took us to court for defamation of character.Would we cry out ''artistic interpretation''I thank HaShem that the Tanach is the Only document that bears the truth..At this point some one will say ''De Gemoira!!De Gemoira!!! I agree.The Gemara is a documention why HaShem destroyed the Temples and why we went into galut...and the students of the Gemara shed not a tear.''As the tears of the servant fell into the wine he served,he served it to the master of the house and his wife.Then judgement came''Maseket Gittim..Why judgement!!!!???The servant served the wine to his own adulterous wife,who lay in the arms of his student....The final nail in the coffin..We have just passed Parahat Lech Lecha.The Gemara can be termed ''Lech Meh Po''.
But! What went wrong????In the early years the young movement of France was pro Jew,my first girlfriend being french and a modest and a beautiful lady,what changes happened for these young to become anti israel,and for anti-sehmitism to rise.What has the population seen and what message has been permeated into the French culture for the fascist to rise?There is no cause without effect,and is happening in a global scale,in England ,Europe and also in the far east and the far west.Who is to blame???The whole world has been witness to the media,and the truth can not be hidden,we can lie to some of the people some of the time,but not to all the people all the time.We have boasted that our strength is in our mouth,and in this we have put our trust.The world has seen another reality.When???When all our journalists left the journalist federation during the war in the north.We pushed that all we did in the north was ''collateral damage''all we destroyed were buildings.The world saw it was not so.Question???In the Warsaw,did the germans only do ''collateral damage''??many buildings were destroyed and they have paid for the ''collateral damage'' ever since..this is the reality we have given to the nations!!!!Our wise men fail to see that we only received what we had given....A question that keeps plagueing me,,,''Were J.F.Kennedy,R.F.Kennedy,Martin Luther King,Ghandi even J.Lennon 9-11 may be even Jessie Jackson to be sacrifices to spread sympathy,Mizvah of Mishloah HaChen???'' When will we ever learn?????Please read earlier articles.These locusts can not restore the years they have wasted,But!!! HaShem can.
A battle that is local is between the Supreme Court v. the rabidical court.I have experienced the mercy of The Supreme Court as I had to stand before Mr Barak.Why???The moronacan rabies had put out an arrest warrant on me,Why ???They had perjured,falsified information and justified someone that had lied to them,and in front of them within a few minutes giving conflicting stories,and by their own words they did not uphold halachah,and I verbalised my thoughts,the protocol of the proceedings were also altered,''If the judges justify falsehood,all their servants shall be wicked''Shlomo HaMelech''how True!!!.These false servants cannot restore the health of someone,they have helped to destroy.The Supreme Court listened to the lawyer that spoke for me,then,he advised the religious court to reconsider their stand.The lawyer had advised me not to pursue in taking action against these rabies,as the rabies will make life extremely hard.If these moroncans are the fruits of rambam,then rambam got it wrong,for he has taught his cult followers to lie,and to justify it..orr how they have interpreted him..I viewed Mr Barak and he did not make his discision lightly..If I am to go by truth and integrity Mr Barak stands as a beacon to the Israeli society.
As we see the clouds of war rise against us,the camps are set awaiting their tourists,the media has stirred up so much anarchy,distrust,violence and hatred in the world,that it will be hard to turn back the tide.The media has taken the innocence out of the human race.Those that trust in HaShem and follow His Tanach may pass through this time,as the blind chase digits on a computer,it used to be gold,silver brass,copper,nickel,paper,cheques and credit cards.This is the media I have woken up to after 25 years....and the reality is that HaShem has warned us all through the generations through His Prophets.
The nations will be humbled as will the israeli,and the people of the Lion and King will enter The Land of the King of all kings.Today I am proud to be from the people of the Lion and King and to stand firm in the Torah of HaShem....I may not be around to see the day,but I know that I shall see the face of my Creator,and he shall wipe away all the tears that have been shed.And!!! He shall mete out justice on the wicked, those from the Covenant and the gentile....Our society is permeated with every midot ,from idolatry ,murder, theft and adultery and deceit,without regard,to the things that are Holy.Having seen as a Sofer Stum the corrupt side of the business.
''For I shall bring them to The Land that I swore to their forfathers,which flows with milk and honey.But!it will eat and grow fat and turn to other gods and serve them.It shall be when many distresses come upon him,then shall this song speak up before him as a witness.For it shall not be forgotten from the mouth of his offspring.For I know its inclination,what it does today.Before I bring them to The Land that I have sworn'' HaShem to Moshe to the people .....From Torah......
The most comforting words are in the Tanach.It is better to trust in HaShem than to put ones trust in man.The light is getting brighter for the servants of HaShem...To all that have put their trust in the Creator..If you love Israel there is a price,and that is the Ten Commandments.When the people of the Lion and King come upon the land and the days of the Machiach begin it will be too late for many....In the words of every prophet of the Tanach,''Return to the ways of HaShem'',He is our only hope...
Shabbat Shalom

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